5 Places to Mountain Bike near Manila

I haven’t quite been bitten by the biking bug as much as the travel bug. Though I enjoy taking leisurely rides around UP, biking for 5 hours uphill, in the rain, or through muddy trails is really not my thing. I (conveniently) haven’t been able to join a lot of rides which are scheduled during weekends due to other trips. However, I do see the need to get more into fitness activities like biking, and it can be a great way to travel and explore different places as well.

Earlier this year, I got to try trail biking for the first time in La Mesa Nature Reserve. It was a brutal yet fun experience that took us through 22 km of rocky and root-lined dirt trails, crazy downhill descents and steep uphill trails. And that was the easy route.

For those looking for places to mountain bike, here’s a guest post by my husband Art of Outside Slacker, on places you can check out relatively near Manila:



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The dry season is over, and the beach crowds are beginning to thin out. For a lot of people, the onset of the rainy season is like a light switch, which signals that the trips to the great outdoors ought to be shelved for the dry comforts of the indoors. While planning a trip does become more problematic when you need to take the weather into account, this does not mean that the months from June to October, which mark the height of the rainy season, should be spent just playing Diablo, vegging out in front of the TV, or malling. I’ve found out that some outdoor activities are actually improved with a bit of rain. Mountain biking is one of them.

As kids, we all loved our bikes. I remember growing up with a BMX which I would ride whenever I got the chance. The bicycle was the most exhilarating toy I’d ever had as it allowed a seven year old kid like me back then, to venture out into places that were supposed to be out of reach. Against my mother’s advice, admonitions, and even threats, I would ride out my bike for hours and get to areas of our town which were several kilometers away from what my parents clearly demarcated as a safe zone for someone my age. I knew I was breaking the rules, but I was exploring and it was just too much fun.

As I got older and bigger, the BMX started to seem to small for me. I would still ride it all the way to high school, but when I reached college, something had to give. When I got my first look at a mountain bike, I was immediately hooked. It looked badass and nothing like any bike I’d seen before–not the Schwinn ”butterfly'”bikes, road “racer” bikes, or even the beloved BMX “pang-exhibition” bikes. It looked high tech. This was back in the early 90s, before hydraulic disc brakes, air-oil suspension forks, hydroformed aluminum frames, and indexed shifters. But even then, the mountain bike with its steel frame, and (in hindsight) clunky friction shifters looked aggressive, looked impressive, looked like… it could take on a mountain. Thus came my second love affair with bikes.

Binangonan, Rizal does not have a lot of mountains, but it does have a lot of hills, which were just perfect for anyone with a mountain bike. And so I would spend weekends exploring those hills, sometimes stumbling upon a foot trail or two, and generally having a great time outdoors. While most of my friends then would be playing basketball, I would be riding my bike. Even in the rain. I found out that sometimes, a drizzle actually improves the quality of the ride, by taking out the heat and making it more comfortable.

Years later, that is still the case–a little rain is no obstacle to having a good time riding my bike. I’ve since moved out of Binangonan and into Diliman, traded my hometown’s hills for the tree-lined streets of UP, but the biking bug has stayed with me. Travelers who live in QC and want to try out mountain biking are in luck because there are a lot of places nearby that are great for mountain biking.

1) Topping the list is La Mesa Nature Reserve. By far this mountain bike mecca offers the best trails in Metro Manila. It has lots of well-kept single track, challenging ascents and downhills, plus the views of the man-made lake are postcard-worthy. You should not confuse it though with La Mesa Ecopark, which is a smaller and more family-oriented park.    [MAP] [NOTE: There’s a biking fee of P200.00 per rider]

2) Next on the list is Timberland in San Mateo Rizal, the site of the infamous “The Wall” and “Shotgun.” Mountain bikers spoiling for a challenge should definitely try scaling The Wall–a very brutal climb up 2 or so kilometers of pavement ending at the gates of the Timberland estates. If that is not challenging enough, you can ramp up the punishment by taking on Shotgun, which is just as tough a climb but stretches even longer. Timberland is not all about climbs though, the place is one of the most famous biking spots in Metro Manila as it offers several fire roads and singletracks, for those who are more into “technical” riding. [MAP]

3) Bikers who want to put on the miles and enjoy beautiful scenery along the way, can try Marilaque–that long stretch of road that starts at grimy, polluted, congested Cogeo, winds through the Sierra Madre and ends in either Tanay Rizal or Real Quezon, whichever you prefer. While Cogeo may seem like Divisoria on a hillside, the view improves dramatically a few kilometers away. Just tough it out and you’ll be in for a treat. [MAP]

4) Tanay Rizal meanwhile offers a variety of spots for the more adventurous biker. One such place I’ve visited there with is Sta. Ines. The ride is as challenging as it is scenic. At the end of the trail is a waterfall that few people know about. I biked there in January 2011 with Broomba, a group of 4×4 enthusiasts and mountain bikers from my hometown. It takes half a day to ride the 20 or so kilometers to the falls. You need to cross streams more than a dozen times to get there. This is definitely not for the beginner as the ride back is even more punishing than The Wall. And watch out for flashfloods when it rains. Fun! [MAP]

5) Though I wouldn’t recommend it to newbie bikers, another interesting place to mountain bike is Talim Island. Its the nearest island to Metro Manila, and the view from Mt. Susong Dalaga is pretty cool. Be prepared to carry your bike on your shoulders for about 40 percent of the way though as even mountain goats can have problems with some of the rocks and non-existent trails. Binangonan, Cardona and Angono offer some great interconnected trails. [MAP]

Of course, if a bit of rain daunts you, you can always just fire up your computer and take vicarious pleasure in reading Travel Up.

Guest post and photos by Art Fuentes of Outside Slacker. Additional photos by JC Gonzales, Trixx Ramos & BROOMBA (Binangonan Rizal Offroaders, Outdoors and Mountain Bikers Association, Inc.)

39 thoughts on “5 Places to Mountain Bike near Manila

  1. it’s great reading your experience of biking for a newbie like me. i’m particularly looking for some tracks nearby and perhaps a group to go with, preferably on uphill-downhill track because i’ve recently moved in the caloocan city area where my bike seem nowhere to roll…any other recommended spots? salamat po!

  2. Hi, unfortunately I am not familiar with bikeable trails in Caloocan. But if you’re a newbie, you may want to put in a few miles in your bike by practicing around the UP Diliman campus. From there you can maybe tackle Antipolo, Timberland or even Sierra Madre. Camp Aguinaldo also has a nice track for honing your technical skills. A lot of bikers looking for ride buddies also visit http://www.pinoymtbiker.org for events and rides. Some other MTB trails/maps are listed here: http://gloriousride.multiply.com/photos/album/64/MTB_Trails

  3. Nice Art! Will be a fan of your blogsite. But we have to ride again! It’s been a while. I’m pretty sure I can bring you to more places 🙂

  4. Hi Bong. Actually this is a guest post of Art’s in my blog. 🙂 Thanks for visiting. Will let him know about your comment here! — Kara

  5. Nice article Art! Thanks for featuring and recommending Rizal specially the good trails in Binangonan.

  6. @Don Garcia.. You might wanna Meycauayan Business Circle…Its a rising haven for racers. not so good sight though but perfect if you just wanna lose those carbs.

  7. Very useful information and beautiful locations. Been looking for such and wish i can try them out soon. Thank you very much.

  8. Hi! What bike do you use? I’m a female with no knowledge about bikes. I’m planning to buy my first Mountain Bike for sporting use. What brand/model would you recommend? Could I get a pretty decent mtb with around 15K budget? Thanks!

  9. Hi Lace,

    Yes you can get a good enough bike for 15k. I bought my first bike for roughly that amount and I think there are Canondales that sell for that amount. Check out if there’s a good local bike shop in your area. We live in UP Village where Glorious Ride Bikeshop supplies almost all of our gear. You may also want to check out pinoymtb.org for tips from fellow female bikers. Happy riding 🙂

  10. Nice trails! :)) I’ve always wanted to try any one of these but time is not allowing me to do it :(( I’m a weekend warrior so I’m looking for groups that conduct biking sessions during weekends around Metro Manila :)) Btw,I’m just 15 so take it easy haha

  11. Hi Bryan, you can find a group to ride with by logging on to pinoymtbiker.org. There’s lots of friendly bikers there who would gladly welcome you to their rides. Cheers! 🙂

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  13. As much as I wanted to join pinoymtbiker.org, their registration process is ridiculous. Mods playing Gods. I can’t even see a forum created by members which has public information inside.

    *ps I’m one of those guys who simply do not want to give my real name and cellphone # just to register on a public site. I value privacy.

  14. I registered to pinoymtbiker.org 2 weeks ago, until now I’m still waiting for Mods to activate my account. 🙁

  15. Can you feature a trail in Cavinti Underground River and Cave at Cavinti, Laguna?

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  17. Hello Sir, Madamme,

    If you happen to visit Angono and Binangonan again, we invite you to stopover at Kinamat Resto-bar for good food at reasonable prices. Our place is convenient for bikers since bikes can be brought inside the resto-bar. We have nipa huts where you can rest and eat. You’ll pass our place on your way to Thunderbird hotel and resort. Our address is 1342 Col. Guido St. Binangonan Rizal. Hope to see you there 🙂


  18. Kara, i just learned to bike recently and I believe I’m gonna be hooked forever. i still need to find the right bike for me. Anyone you know who’s an expert in that department? 🙂

  19. I love biking, I use to do biking when I am in home, from my outside duty from IRAQ….Timberland is my best place, next is Tumana road going to UP Diliman Circle..so.interesting… my next target is Antipolo…

  20. Hi,
    I’m planning a trip to the Philippines next month Jan 2016 and will be bringing a MTB. Any and all suggestions of places to ride and stay or anything really would be appreciated.


  21. Hi Jonathan. Check out my husband’s biking blog Outside Slacker. He has lots of articles there on different biking destinations in the Philippines.

    If you have the time and cash to spare, I suggest you bring your bike to Batanes: http://www.outsideslacker.com/mountain-biking-batanes/. It’s the best place we’ve biked in the country.
    Corregidor is a good scenic day trip/overnight bike destination too: http://www.traveling-up.com/travel-guide-biking-in-corregidor/
    Plus, here are some trails near Metro Manila: http://www.outsideslacker.com/mountain-bike-trails-metro-manila/

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  22. Reading on this blog & Outside Slacker blog it making me more excited to buy the bike of my dream. Im saving it for almost 2 month now just to get that MTB.

    Keep it up and the blog have a big help to us newbies!

    Hope i can ride with you guys soon

  23. Is this still active?
    Been searching for a group of bikers in Manila.
    I wanna join! 🙂

  24. Hi is there a bike for rent just for one day? we’ll be biking at La Mesa Dam on Saturday, May 28, 2016 . Pls. advise. My contact number is 0917-889-5169. Thanks.

  25. Hi Victor. Unfortunately, there are no bike rentals that I know of near La Mesa Dam. Everyone I know brings their own bikes. You can read more about the place here. Some tour operators like Travel Factor have packages to La Mesa where bike & helmet rental is included for those who don’t have their own bikes.

  26. Thank you sir. I am planning to rent a bike, if there is any, here in Ortigas. I am from Dumaguete and I am staying at the BSA Twin Tower Hotel. My president has a scheduled biking in La Mesa Dam come this Saturday. Until now, I am still looking for a bike for rent. Hope somebody can help. Thank you.

  27. Try Bike Republic in Pasig. They list bike rental under their services, but their page looks more like a store. Maybe you can inquire. I’ve seen mountain bike rentals in Timberland, but none in La Mesa. You could also try posting in the PinoyMTBikers FB Page, maybe other bikers have suggestions. It’s maam, btw, not sir 🙂 — Kara

  28. Ay am sorry ma’am Kara 🙂 Ok I will try to contact Bike Republic or in the Pinoy MTBikers at FB Page. Thanks so much.

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