Bisikleta Iglesia Batangas 2017

Combining Visita Iglesia, the Holy Week tradition of visiting seven churches, and the sport of biking is a unique way to mix faith and fitness. While most tourists would prefer to visit churches by motorized transport, there’s something about pedaling your way around under the heat of the sun that makes visiting churches feel like an actual sacrifice or penance rather than just sightseeing by car.

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Royal Enfield Rides Into Manila

Royal Enfield kicked off the launch of its first exclusive store in Manila with a night of bikes, blues and beer.

royal enfield manila store launch band

Biker clubs and bike builders came in full support last June 25 as the world’s oldest motorcycle brand opened its first concept store and showroom in the Philippines. The Royal Enfield brand has been under the distribution for a few years now under Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles, Inc. Continue reading

Cebu Pacific’s #JuanforFun Backpacking Challenge 2016

If you had seven days, P35,000 and access to free flights anywhere in the Philippines, where would you go? Five lucky teams of university students found out as they embarked on a trip of a lifetime. Cebu Pacific’s Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge recently concluded its fifth and biggest year as it gave thrill-seeking university students an opportunity to explore top Philippine destinations for free!

JFF 2016 Awarding (1)

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Change Everything with Freewaters

“Water is the source of life and connects us all. Water flows and carves its own path. Water is the purifier. Without fail, a dip in the ocean will wash away negative vibes from a stressful day. The bottom line is that WATER SETS US FREE.”

freewaters philippines aurora launch beach wide

This is concept behind Freewaters, a progressive footwear brand dedicated to those who chart their own path in life. The company designs casual footwear for active and travel lifestyles. Their line of sandals and shoes are suitable for those who like to do board sports, spend time outdoors and travel. Continue reading

Fresh Dining Destination in Tagaytay: Sisterfields

When it comes to quick weekend or day trip getaways from Metro Manila, Tagaytay City is the top destination for many families. The refreshing view and number of restaurants make this a favorite among foodies who want the closest “out of town” experience to the metro. For those looking for a new dining destination with a unique concept, Sisterfields located in Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay is a good option. Sisterfields serves a modern take on home-cooked Tagaytay favorites using locally produced ingredients and fresh garden herbs.

sisterfields by cravings tagaytay pineapple tawilis tinapa roll

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Moto Builds Pilipinas 2015

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my scooter for a while now. It hasn’t been running as smoothly as it used to no matter how many times we’ve taken it to the mechanic. Visiting Moto Builds Pilipinas was like entering a candy store when you’re sugar deprived. There were just so many awesome custom-built bikes under one roof.

01. motobuilds pilipinas 2015 cafe racer yamaha surf bike by kratos

It seems like Cafe Racer and Tracker style bikes are making a comeback in the Philippines and seeing the vintage and classic machines firsthand just reinforced my desire to switch to one. I especially liked this Yamaha Surf Bike by Kratos Customs Cycles.

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Nissan GT Academy turns Gamers into Pro Racers

Are you a Filipino gamer who wants a taste of life in the fast lane for real? You’ll want to join this!

Nissan Philippines Inc. finally launches its international virtual-to-reality competition known as the GT Academy here in the Philippines! Gran Turismo (or GT) is a series of popular and critically-acclaimed racing video games developed by Polyphony Digital exclusively for PlayStation systems. The GT Academy takes the country’s best Gran Turismo players and turns them into professional race car drivers.

nissan playstation gt academy philippines launch 01

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Berghaus Urban Adventure Games set on Nov. 15

As a fan of scavenger hunts and video games, the invitation to the media launch of Berghaus Urban Adventure Games had me intrigued.

“Experience the 1st app based Urban Adventure Game,” said the invitation from Berghaus, a premier British brand for outdoor gear. “Please wear rubber shoes,” was the only follow-up when I confirmed my attendance.

Berghaus Postcard

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Race to Boracay with City Kart Racing

Want to channel your road rage into something positive? How about trying Kart Racing? You might even get a chance to win a trip to Boracay! I’ve had the chance to try Kart Racing in Tarlac, and I think it offers a similar same adrenaline rush to motorcycling on open roads but in a safe, controlled environment. If you want to live your inner action star dreams in a crazy car chase scene minus the explosions, then you have to try karting.

City Kart Racing 01

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Lakan Extra Premium Philippine Lambanog

Most Pinoys are familiar with Lambanog, a Filipino alcoholic beverage, described as coconut arrack. It’s neither wine, nor gin, nor vodka, but is something uniquely Filipino. I have fond (and not so fond) memories involving lambanog drinking sessions in college, when this was the most cost-effective alcoholic option for students. It’s a staple inuman drink in many provinces, available even in small sari-sari stores in sleepy towns in Quezon and other parts of Southern Luzon. I’ve also shared more than a few rounds of lambanog with friends and strangers during trips around the country.

Lambanog has long been considered a drink of the masses. But Lakan Extra Premium Philippine Lambanog aims to change all that.

lakan extra premium philippine lambanog bottle

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