Experience New Zealand Fair in Glorietta from June 20-22

Earlier this summer, my sister Lorie got to visit Middle-Earth.

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Her trip to New Zealand took her to some of the locations where The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies were filmed. She got to visit Hobbiton, drank ale at the Green Dragon Inn, hiked up to Mt. Doom, walked by Rivendell, and got up close and personal with Orcs at the WETA workshop. Her photos and stories about how great New Zealand is in general and the different adventure activities you can do there has propelled it to the top of my bucket list.

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Those who also have New Zealand on their bucket list might be interested in checking out the Experience NZ Trade Fair happening on June 20-22 at the Glorietta. Activity Center, Palm Drive.

Singapore Airlines, Destinations Unlimited and participating travel agencies will be offering promo packages including visits to the Hobbiton movie set and the Lord of the Rings Edoras location. Some 27 hobbit holes, the mill, double arch bridge, Bilbo’s party tree, Bag End and the Green Dragon Inn are included in the Hobbiton tour.

Experience New Zealand Trade Fair MiddleEarth

From Christchurch, fans can also journey to Edoras via a 4WD. The trips bring visitors to the beautiful Mt. Potts high country station to see the set of Edoras, home of the Riders of Rohan. Tours range from four-day, three-night packages to seven-day, six night packages including roundtrip airfares via Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines tickets to Auckland and Christchurch start at $990 while tour packages start at $1,071 upwards.

The Experience New Zealand Trade Fair also features almost 20 exhibitors of various New Zealand products including manuka honey, New Zealand Wines, world class dairy products, fresh fruits and packaged meat and seafood products. Here are just a few of the items you can buy or sample there:

new zealand natural ice cream hoeky pokey

experience nz trade fair monteith beer experience nz trade fair products manuka honey cheese drinks whittakers chocolate new zealand palm corned beef ExperienceNZ trade fair

The Experience New Zealand Fair runs from June 20-22 at the Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive.


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