10 Things to Do in Antipolo

For those who live in the metro looking for a quick day-trip getaway relatively near Manila, Antipolo is a popular choice. The city of Antipolo is approximately just 16 miles east of Manila, making it accessible especially for those who live in the North. Antipolo sits on a plateau at a higher elevation and offers a scenic overlooking view of the rest of Metro Manila.

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KRB Off-Road Track in Antipolo

After my Basic Off-Road 101 Training Session in MX Messiah Fairgrounds in Rizal, Coach Mel of Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Off-Road Training Camp (MAYOTC) offered to show the students that day the KRB Off-Road Track in Antipolo City. The 36-hectare natural park offers a more technical course and controlled environment for training. It’s usually reserved for advanced classes where students have to ride through rolling terrain, do jumps, clear logs and rocks.

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ATV Adventures Rizal

Rizal is an adventurer’s playground often frequented by mountain bikers and motorcycle riders. The Sierra Madre mountain range east of Manila offers numerous off-road trails where you can ride through forests, beside river trails, or visit scenic spots with overlooking views. I’ve written a lot about places to visit in Rizal since it’s my favorite weekend destination near the metro. It’s hard to believe that some of these places exist so near Manila.


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Cozy Cafe in Antipolo: Eggs for Breakfast

Antipolo is known primarily for its scenic overlooking views. Being relatively near Manila, it offers an easy weekend getaway. Lately, more people have been visiting because of artistic spaces like Pinto Art Museum and dining destinations like Crescent Moon Cafe. During a solo ride one weekend, I tried out Eggs for Breakfast, a relatively new cafe that opened about 3 months ago.

eggs for breakfast antipolo table

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Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo

Updated August 2016

A set of statues made alternatively of stone and candlewax dotted the gardens. In the middle of the green lawn was an antique four poster bed laid out with crisp white sheets. Several beautiful silver art pieces work showed women cradling babies beneath their steel spiral wombs. Everywhere I looked there seemed to be doorways and paths waiting to reveal more hidden treasures.


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Christmas Ride: Casa Santa, Antipolo

I haven’t really been feeling the Christmas spirit lately. Maybe it’s the over-commercialization of the whole season, the crowded malls and the horrifying traffic all over the metro. The threat of typhoon Hagupit slowly crawling its way across the country is enough to put a damper on everyone’s collective mood.

casa santa antipolo travelup

But there’s nothing like a good motorcycle ride somewhere new to lift the spirits. Taking advantage of the good weather before the storm hits, I took a solo ride to Antipolo yesterday and found myself visiting a few inspiring spots, including a cozy cafe hidden in a family estate and Casa Santa, a Christmas-themed museum.

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Animal Bread from Antipolo

Ever wanted to eat a crocodile for breakfast?


You can find this cute animal art bread in Domalaon Bakery, an unassuming roadside sari-sari store in Antipolo City. It’s been sold there for years now and has been featured in various newspapers and blogs. The bread is popular during Christmas and New Year, when people buy them as edible centerpieces. Continue reading