Alamat Craft Brew: Beer Inspired by Philippine Folklore

I was really excited when I started seeing photos of Alamat Craft Brew’s beer on Instagram and the Philippine Craft Beer Community‘s page. I have a fascination for stories about Philippine mythology and think it’s really cool that brewers aim to popularize our folklore and promote local artists through beer.

Alamat Craft Brew is a limited batch craft brewery, currently working in a homebrew setup in Quezon City. The name of the brewery is inspired by the founders’ “nationalistic, yet playful, spirit.” In support of the local craft beer industry, they decided to adopt a local but very distinct name. The name Alamat is the Filipino word or legend or myth and the beers are inspired by Filipino Folklore and Mythological Characters and creatures. They currently have 3 bottled beers: Balete Pale Ale, Ansisit Session IPA and Kapre Roasted IPA (Limited Edition).

alamat craft brew ansisit kapre balete beer trese comics

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Crazy Carabao Brewing Company

Crazy Carabao Brewing Co. (CCB) is one of the newer microbreweries in the Philippines. Launched in late 2015, this Laguna-based brewery aims to deliver the freshest and finest locally made boutique beers to quality establishments throughout Metro Manila and beyond.

crazy carabao brewing company laguna philippines beer

I first got to taste their beers last October 2015 during Brewfest PH in Circuit Makati and absolutely loved everything about it. Last week, I ordered cases for a party at home, so I got a chance to take better photos of the different beers and savor it. Aside from the amazing taste, the design and packaging of the beers are distinctly Filipino, which I like.

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Khmer Booze: Must-Try Beers in Cambodia

Aside from temple-hopping by bike and sampling crispy bugs and spiders, we ended up trying a lot of different local beers in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh during our week-long trip to Cambodia earlier this year.

cambodia beer travelup

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A Taste of Germany: Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

Here’s a cool restaurant for those looking for a different place to get inebriated. Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant in Shangri-La offers authentic Bavarian cuisine and excellent German beers on tap.

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Collectible Items IRL (In Real Life) Travel

Updated February 2016

In the latest edition of video game Tomb Raider, Lara Croft can choose to deviate from the main quest and search for relics and GPS caches hidden off the beaten path. In Arkham Asylum, Batman can opt to track down the Riddler’s trophies while trying to foil the Joker’s plot.

Many video games, especially the role-playing/adventure types, usually have sidequests where the goal is to collect certain items. Usually these items are not really essential to finishing the overall game. Most of the time it’s just for bragging rights. Among the memorable collectible items in games I have played are those rare cards from the Triple Triad card mini-game in Final Fantasy VIII, the insanely hard to complete 100 stray beads from the game Okami, and memories and bottles in Alice: The Madness Returns.

Credit: The Last of Us meme

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99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

After searching through photo archives of previous trips where I know I drank beers abroad, checking out several places that serve imported and craft beer in Manila, and raiding the alcohol section of a LOT of grocery stores, I finally completed my 99 Bottles of Beer on the (Facebook) Wall collection! I thought about seriously doing this sometime in October 2011 after thinking to myself “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” would make a cool post, and am happy to say that I have completed it as Oktoberfest 2012 is coming to an end.

  • MISSION: “99 Bottles of Beer”
  • GOAL: Try 99 different brands of beer from as many countries as possible
  • STATUS: 99 / 99 collected (as of 10.20.12)

Here are the beers in alphabetical order:
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Beer Memories around Southeast Asia

For many beer-loving Pinoys, the month of October is often associated with Oktoberfest – a very good excuse to get together with friends over a bucket (or more) of beer. Though we like to brag that our home brew, San Miguel Beer, is one of the best beers in the world, many Southeast Asian countries have their own flagship brands worth trying. Below is a map of some beer brands around Southeast Asia, which I’ve been lucky enough to try during various trips.

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