Extreme Explorer: Riderman Manila

In this new section of Travel Up – Extreme Explorers, I’ll be featuring interviews of people who get to travel the country in a different manner.

I’m currently watching the documentary series “Long Way Round” (starring Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman) and am getting really getting inspired to ride all over the Philippines by motorcycle. Associate Editor of Motorcycle Magazine Karlo de Guzman, a.k.a Riderman Manila shares in this interview some of the best places to ride around the country and gives great insights about traveling by motorcycle.

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Motorcycle Magazine: TWIST

A photo I took of ducks on a motorcycle in Saigon, which I originally posted here, is featured in Motorcycle Magazine‘s Fifth Anniversary Issue, with no less than Paris Hilton on the cover. I’m supposed to get a complimentary copy of the magazine when I pass by their office,  but I couldn’t help buying one  when I saw it on the stands. The latest issue of Motorcycle Magazine is available in Booksale and Filbars.

For my account of Motorcycling in Saigon, read this previous post.