The Importance of Travel Insurance

NOTE: This is a guest post

You’ve booked your holiday, arranged car hire, stocked up on sun cream and arranged airport parking. But what about organising travel insurance? Although it’s not a legal requirement like having a valid passport, it’s right up there in the list of travel essentials. Even if you’re just planning a short hop over the Channel, it’s always worth having a good level of travel insurance in place because you never know when you might need it.

Why is travel insurance so important?

It can provide financial protection against various unsavoury scenarios, such as illness, accidents, lost possessions and damage to your property. For instance, if you have an accident or fall ill and need medical attention while you’re abroad, you’ll need to pay for any medical services and supplies you use. Your EHIC cover might provide some protection, but it’s far from watertight.

And if you’re planning a holiday with extreme sports, such as off-piste snowboarding or skiing, you’ll need specific cover.

Imagine if you had an accident and needed to be air-lifted from the mountain, and had to undergo surgery. This could cost tens of thousands of pounds, so unless you’re sitting on a small fortune for this very purpose, it’s essential to get yourself covered with the right level of holiday insurance.

There are now plenty of travel insurance policies to choose from and various levels of cover, so you can tailor the policy to suit your needs. For instance, those booking a one-off journey can book single trip insurance, while those who go abroad frequently would benefit from an annual or multi-trip policy to protect them each time they go away.

Whatever you do and wherever you go on your next holiday, don’t leave it to chance. Make sure you select a good level of travel insurance cover and protect yourself on holiday – after all, it’s a small price to pay for complete peace of mind.

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