Craft Beer in Bohol: Coco Loco at Anda Beach

The Cebruery is a Cebu-based craft brewery that launched in 2014. I read that their brewery in Mandaue, Cebu is open for site visits on a reservation basis only and didn’t have a chance to visit because of limited time during a recent trip. Luckily, I found out that Coco Loco, a new bar and restaurant in Anda Beach in Bohol carried their craft beers, so I made it a point to visit the restaurant to check it out.

cebruery craft beer coco loco anda bohol

I was looking for a good bar in Panglao on my first night but found only San Miguel and the usual American beers. I was actually staying in Baclayon when I decided to go here (about 2 hours away), but I’d say the food, beer and beach are worth the drive. I love the laid-back vibe in Anda compared to Panglao because it seems less commercialized.

Anyway, Coco Loco is an alternative, friendly café and store in Anda that opened just last October 2015. It’s located near the municipal city hall right in front of the beach. According to the staff on duty, at present Coco Loco is the only place that serves craft beer in Bohol.
coco loco anda bohol philippines

Aside from carrying craft beers by The Cebruery, they serve pretty good food including breakfast meals, crepes, fast food, tapas, vegetarian fare and burgers. They have a lot of interesting dishes on their menu including hummus, coconut burger, water buffalo (carabao) curry and organic homemade ice cream. I was interested in the coconut burger, but since I was hungry, I ordered the beef burger with cheese (P200) instead. The burger has a good blend of spices and was served in a potato bread bun. Very filling and delicious. Food prices range from P129 – P379, while the beer costs P170 each.coco loco anda bohol burger craft beer

Coco Loco also doubles as an eco-tourism provider through Anda Adventures, which offers a range of activities like kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, snorkeling, caves & waterfalls and motorbike rental. Basically everything I like! There’s a minimum of 2 people per trip for mountain biking, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking and other tours. Unfortunately, I was traveling solo, so no chance to try these out. Anyway, next time I go here, I plan to stay a few days in Anda and bring a companion.

coco loco bohol ecotourism anda adventures

They also support local community projects by selling handicrafts and organic products like Tilapia Chips (available in hot chilli, chocolate, ginger and garlic flavor) made by the Talisay Fishermen’s Association (

coco loco anda bohol craft beer tilapia chips

Anyway, I visited the restaurant primarily because they of the craft beer. What attracted me most about Cebruery’s flagship beers is the distinctly Filipino branding. The minimalist beer labels remind me a bit of those Bioshock style vintage movie vacation posters. The four core beers have iconic Filipino destinations, landmarks and events in their names. There’s Boracay Blonde Ale, Dumaguete Dubbel, Chocolate Hills (a major landmark of Bohol) Porter and People Power Pale Ale, named after a historic event in the Philippines. The four beers offer something for everyone, with stylistic examples from every country with a significant beer tradition.


Chocolate Hills Porter (ABV: 5.8%)

Since I was in Bohol, I had to try the Chocolate Hills Porter, which is named after the mounds of cone-shaped or dome-shaped grass-covered limestone hills that are Bohol’s most famous attraction.

chocolate hills porter cebruery craft beer coco loco anda bohol

According to the beer label, porter was popular with transportation workers in Central London in the 1700s – hence the name. Chocolate Hills Porter contains over 20% speciality malts (including over 10% chocolate malt), making for a roasty, dark beer that’s definitely filling. The beer pairs well with barbecue and other smoked and grilled meats, buttery cheeses, and chocolates and other desserts.

Boracay Blonde Ale (ABV: 4.5%)

Boracay Island in Aklan is known around the world for its white sand beaches and has become one of the world’s top leisure beach destinations.

boracay blonde ale cebruery craft beer coco loco anda bohol

Boracay Blonde Ale is a light, refreshing, and balanced blonde ale made with imported German malts and hops. Deep golden in hue, lightly malty, slightly bitter, and extraordinarily balanced and drinkable. The beer is subtle and delicate, light in both body and appearance, with a subdued, soft maltiness and unobtrusive hoppiness. Perfect for family gatherings, sporting events, or to cool off after mowing the lawn on a warm summer’s day at the beach. Boracay Blonde Ale is best paired well with fish, soft cheese, and lighter fare or any time of the day.

Dumaguete Dubbel (7.5%)

Dumaguete, dubbed the “City of Gentle People” in Negros Oriental, is known for as a university town because of the number of educational institutions.

dumaguete dubbel cebruery craft beer coco loco anda bohol

Dumaguete Dubbel is a rich, biscuity, malty Belgian table beer made with locally produced muscovado sugar and specially imported aromatic Belgian grains. The end result is a beer with hints of dried cherries and dates, toffee, and rum raisin. Dumaguete Dubbel is best paired with buttery and pungent cheeses, chocolate, and heavier meats like beef.

People Power Pale Ale (5.4%)

The People Power Revolution was a historic series of nonviolent demonstrations that led to the departure of President Ferdinand Marcos and the restoration of the country’s democracy in 1986. Majority of the demonstrations took place on a long stretch of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, more commonly known as EDSA in Manila.

people power ale cebruery craft beer coco loco anda bohol

This Pale Ale, named after the revolt, is a caramel-hued American Pale Ale which offers a rich, crisp and clean bitter and hoppy flavor with tropical fruits, citrus, and herbal and spicy notes. The beer pairs well with poultry, earthier and nuttier cheeses, and tangier, spicier cuisines. cebruery craft beer coco loco anda bohol witchy woman goldust

Aside from the four core beers, Coco Loco also has other brews from The Cebruery, including Witchy Woman Pumpkin Amber and Gold Dust Woman Woman Witbier.travelup craft beer bohol cebruery anda beach

Overall, a very good and unique restaurant to check out in Bohol. Maybe, they can also serve Tarsier Wheat Beer from Crazy Carabao Brewing Co. in the future, because of its association to Bohol. It would be cool to have both Chocolate Hills Porter and Tarsier Wheat Beer in Bohol, right?


Coco Loco is located near the Anda Municipal Plaza in Poblacion, Anda, Bohol, Central Visayas, Philippines. Business hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays.

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