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Crazy Carabao Brewing Co. (CCB) is one of the newer microbreweries in the Philippines. Launched in late 2015, this Laguna-based brewery aims to deliver the freshest and finest locally made boutique beers to quality establishments throughout Metro Manila and beyond.

crazy carabao brewing company laguna philippines beer

I first got to taste their beers last October 2015 during Brewfest PH in Circuit Makati and absolutely loved everything about it. Last week, I ordered cases for a party at home, so I got a chance to take better photos of the different beers and savor it. Aside from the amazing taste, the design and packaging of the beers are distinctly Filipino, which I like.

They currently have four flagship beers: Tarsier Wheat Beer, Tuff Tuko Pale Ale, Kalinga Kolsch and Exit Wounds IPA. The labels offer a lot of interesting trivia about Philippine culture and icons. My personal favorites are the Tarsier Wheat Beer and Exit Wounds, but all of the beers are worth trying.


Tarsier Wheat Beer (ABV: 4.6%)

This wheat beer, named after the cute wide-eyed little creatures found in Bohol and other areas of Southeast Asia, is considered an entry level drink into the craft beers. The Weizen, is light, refreshing and easy to drink. The beer has subtle hints of banana and clove, and can be paired with seafood, BBQ, or just on its own. This is one of my favorites of the four since it feels drinkable any time of the day. I can imagine having this while lounging on beach in Bohol.

crazy carabao brewing tarsier wheat beer

Kalinga Kolsch (ABV: 4.5%)

This beer pays tribute to the rich traditions and craft of the Kalinga culture, which has remained preserved despite lowlands being occupied by Spaniards, Americans and the Japanese. At 91, Whang Od is considered to be the last mambabatok, who practices the art of traditional tattoos using a mixture of charcoal and water tapped into the skin through a thorn. In the same spirit, it is the dedication, tradition and craft that makes Kalinga Kolsch so special.

crazy carabao brewing company kalinga kolsch

Kalinga Kolsch is a refreshing and cleansing ale brewed with a great balance of pale malt and New Zealand hops. Light and fruity, Kalinga Kolsch is the ideal way to wind down and chill mountain side.

Tuff Tuko Pale Ale (ABV: 5%)

Known as a Tuko in the Philippines, the Tokay Gecko is famous for its loud mating croak, the sound of which is so unique that it gained the tuko its slang name among US soldiers in Vietnam as the “F**k you lizard.”

crazy carabao brewing tuff tuko pale ale

Tuff Tuko Pale Ale is a modern version of the classic American pale ale style. The CCB Pale Ale, with its firm bitterness matched with its citrus and pine hops blend perfectly with crystal malt to provide the drinker with just enough punch. Brewers give a disclaimer that it’s: “not as strong as Manny’s punch, maybe more like Mayweather’s.”

Exit Wounds IPA (ABV: 6.6%)

“Needing maximum impact against charging tribesmen during the Philippine-American War, the Americans introduced the .45 caliber handgun for its sheer stopping power against the fighting guerrillas. High on battle morale and often using jungle drugs to inhibit the sensation of pain, the .38 caliber colt was inferior against these jungle warriors.

Likewise, Exit Wounds IPA is all about big impact, big malt meets big hops. Intense tropical fruit notes from simcoe,  citra and chinook hops and big British malt sweetness up front followed by a cleansing bitter finish. Take a hit.”

crazy carabao brewing company exit wounds IPA

Of the four beers, this is definitely the strongest in terms of flavor, and my second favorite. Exit Wounds IPA is packed with a generous amount of North American hops and loaded with British malts. If you like beers bitter, you’ll love this one.

Where to try Crazy Carabao Beers:

The beers are available in Global Beer Exchange’s The Bottle Shop in The Fort and Magallanes, Coral Beach Club, Matabungkay, The Bar at Peninsula Manila and a few other bars. Paraso Trading, a beer distribution company, also delivers this around Metro Manila. Minimum 2 cases per order. Great alternative to a beer keg for events and small parties!

crazy carabao brewing company beers

For inquiries, contact Crazy Carabao through:

  • Facebook: Crazy Carabao Brewing Co.
  • For more information on how to order, please contact Brad Hannam – 0917-8420969 or Odell Lim – 0917-5207350

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  2. Kara, many thanks for the great write up. The photos you took are excellent. If you want to do a visit to the brewery and take some shots let me and I’ll schedule it.. Will be nice fresh beers there waiting for you 🙂

    Cheers and beers

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  4. Hi Brad,
    Is there any shop in manado north sulawesi that I can buy your tarsier beer???
    Your response is highly appreciated.
    Thanks & Cheers,

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