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Did you know that the best way to dry wet gadgets is to dunk them in a bag of uncooked rice? I learned this the hard way a couple of years ago, when my SLR camera and mobile phones fell in a river (along with me) on the way to visit a waterfall. While my ancient Nokia survived, my other smartphone’s touchscreen was irreparable, and I had to pay a visit to Hidalgo in Quiapo to get my SLR and lens serviced.

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Nowadays, I usually have a couple of garbage bags in my all-around convertible belt bag during weekend trips in case it rains. But it really makes sense to have a dedicated waterproof bag since a lot of the activities I like to do – like island hopping, snorkeling, kayaking, chasing waterfalls and canyoning – involve bodies of water.

Plus there’s always the unexpected downpours that usually come while motorcycling or biking during the weekend. Accidents are bound to happen. And while I don’t mind getting drenched in the rain or dunked in the ocean, it’s another thing altogether when it comes to gadgets. “Mabasa na ang lahat, wag lang ang camera!”

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A couple of weeks ago, I received a 10L Dry Bag from Hull & Stern, a Philippine-based outdoor gear start-up founded by an adventurer who likewise experienced mobile devices getting sea-logged during travel. The Hull & Stern Dry Bag offers protection from dust and water so you can feel more secure about your essentials and gadgets and focus on adventures instead.


Right now, the dry bag currently comes in a 10L size and is available in 2 bright colors: Sail Away Blue and Sea Foam Green. They are currently crowd sourcing at The Spark Project to help scale up and launch other colors, including Sea Salt Pink and Baywatch Red. They are also planning to offer the bag in a 5L size. The design is very clean and minimalist, with just the words Hull & Stern printed in white lettering. It’s as stylish as it is sturdy and waterproof.

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Hull & Stern Motto: “Embark bravely unto new shores, Daring rocky terrain or turbulent waters, Sight boldly set on the horizon.” #steertrue


1) It is durable and waterproof 

  • The dry bag is made of strong water-resistant IPx5 500D tarpaulin.
  • This heavy duty durable material is perfect for outdoor and water activities.
  • The material is made to resist and repel water and other harsh elements.
  • While the product shouldn’t be submerged under water, the bag floats if dropped in water, which is essential in keeping items dry.
  • To close, fold 3 times at the top and seal the buckle.

hull & stern dry bag beach camiguin

2) Easy to pack and carry

  • The bag folds flat so you can take it with you anywhere.
  • It’s easy to pack when not in use.
  • It includes an adjustable shoulder strap and D-ring for attachment.
  • It can be worn at the back like a body bag.

3) Multi-purpose & easy to clean

  • It can be used to store essentials during an adventure and to store wet clothes on the way back.
  • It is easy to maintain. Just wipe with a cloth to clean.


hull & stern dry bag butanding cebu

I recently got to test out the dry bag during a trip to Cebu, Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro, which involved a lot of water-activities.

  • One of our first stops was whale shark watching in Oslob in Cebu on a small rocky boat. While we were near the shore, the waves were pretty strong, but the bag kept all my gadgets including my SLR safe and secure.
  • I used this to carry all my essentials during island-hopping around Bluewater Sumilon Cebu, Crimson Hotel Mactan, snorkeling around Cebu and a visit to Pandanon Island in Bohol. I left it on the sandy beach with no problem.
  • We stayed in 3 hotels over 4 nights without much time in between activities. I ended up using the dry bag to store clothes that were still wet or damp from previous water activities. Unlike plastic bags which tend to leak, the bag kept wet clothes secure until I had a chance to dry them out.

hull & stern dry bag snorkeling gear

  • We visited a waterfall and a lot of springs in Camiguin, and the bag was useful for keeping clothes and gadgets dry while swimming. I also had a smaller bag inside to transfer stuff when in transit so it wouldn’t mix with wet clothes.
  • The dry bag also doubled as a seat liner after an island-hopping trip when we didn’t have a chance to change into dry clothes yet going back to the hotel.
  • It was rainy and overcast when we visited a sandbar in Camiguin without any trees or shade. We also had to transfer to a smaller boat to get there, but I didn’t feel paranoid about my stuff getting wet.
  • The bag provided a sturdier and more stylish alternative to carrying around wet clothes in a plastic bag or laundry bag.
  • There were several points on the trip when it suddenly rained or when the waves became rocky when companions who had only kept their items in plastic bags asked to keep some of their gadgets in the dry bag.


The Hull & Stern Dry Bag is a sturdy, stylish and affordable product ideal for adventurers and travelers who enjoy outdoor activities and water sports.

hull & stern dry bag travelup cebu bluewater

“I’m waterproof, nothing to lose. Sail away, sail away.”


The Hull & Stern Waterproof 10 L Dry Bags cost P750 each, with delivery charges of P60 for Metro Manila and P100 for other provinces in the Philippines.


Hull & Stern Dry Bags can be ordered online. To order, go to: Use the  Discount Code: TRAVELUP to get a 10% discount.

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