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I am a reality show junkie. I’ve watched all seasons of Survivor since it started in 2001 and would chart leaderboards of all the contestants standings in the early seasons of The Amazing Race. To this day, I hate Flo for being such a lousy partner to Zach in TAR Season 3 and I still have all of the luxury items of the Pagong and Tagi tribe memorized.

What drives reality shows are the strong personalities and interesting characters. Once you’ve invested in the characters, you start rooting for those you like and you just can’t wait to see those you love to hate fail miserably. Shows like these tend to suffer when the characters are plain boring.

Thankfully, the cast that makes up PHL360º, a new locally produced reality TV / travel web series, are all very interesting. I’m familiar with the work and blogs of all of the cast members, and off the bat, I can say that there are some very polarizing personalities. The series is independently produced by dedicated travel advocates, bloggers, photographers and cinematographers including multi-awarded blogger Nina Fuentes of Just Wandering.

Thanks to Nina’s invitation, I got to watch the sneak peak of PHL360º’s first episode last June 16 at the Filipinas Heritage Library, along with other travel bloggers and media people. There was a great turnout at the launch, and it was nice to catch up with other bloggers and fellow travelers I’ve met on the road.

The launch program was hosted by Palanca and Cinemalaya Awardee, Lilit Reyes and fashion designer Santi Obcena of Project Runway Philippines fame. There was a Q& A with the cast members, then this awesome group called Sruvaleh played a fusion of traditional beats from different parts of the world using percussion instruments, setting a lively tone for the launch. Then, we all got to watch the drama unfold on the screen. Though I had already seen the teaser videos, I have to say I was blown-away by the overall look of the show.

The show focuses on the experience of traveling itself, and how different types of travelers get along. The cast members have no idea where they’re going, so that’s always fun to watch. The first episode was refreshing, really fun to watch, and captured the personalities of the cast pretty well. The quality of the video, pacing of the show, and editing was excellent.

Viewers don’t have to worry about missing episodes since you don’t have to wait to catch the show at a certain timeslot on television. Since PHL360º utilizes new media, the webisodes will be easily accessible to anyone in any part of the world. Their first episode will officially premiere on their website on June 28, 2012.

This is one cool travel show that you don’t want to miss. Get lost around the country with the cast of PHL360º!

All photos and videos courtesy of PHL360º. For the latest news, visit the PHL360° website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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    • Will do! Loved the whole traveler’s info cards with superpowers. Takes me back to my days of collecting X-Men character cards 🙂

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