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As a rider, one thing I try to find out when I travel is where and how much it will cost to rent motorcycles in different destinations around the Philippines. I recently discovered Mabuhay Motorcycle Tours Philippines, a company based in Alaminos, Pangasinan that offers big bikes and scooters for rent as well as guided motorcycle tours in Northern Luzon.

The group aims to show visitors the beauty of the Philippines through the eyes of a biker. Though I haven’t had the chance to try out their services yet, I’ve been to most of the destinations they ride to and thought this might be helpful to those who want to explore the places in North Luzon by motorbike.

Here’s a Q & A with Matthias Hasselbring, one of the group’s founders.

Q: Why tour the Philippines by motorcycle?

A: There are many ways to discover the Philippines, by bus, tricycle, jeepney or even by foot, but nothing makes you more free than to ride your bike to the exciting places. To discover the Philippines on a motorcycle makes you free to reach the hidden places beside the typical tourist ways. With a motorcycle you can spontaneously decide where you want to go. If a side road attracts you, go for it and find out where you end up. Mostly you will find hidden places, nice people and be sure to find a new adventure.

Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte, one of the destinations in their 10-day Northern Luzon tour

Q: What made you offer motorcycle tours in the Philippines?

A: We love to ride motorcycles. Before we started, we tried to find a tour operator who could make discovering the country on a motorcycle a possibility. What we found were limited offers, requests went unanswered, motorcycles were not in our price range, or the bikes we got offered were in bad condition. So we decided to make it better.

Q: Who are your target clients?

A: Our target is every biker, whether local or foreign. Every biker is welcome to join our tours. If you have your own bike, no problem, ride with us, we can guide you.

Q: Where is the best place you have been to in the Philippines by motorcycle?

A: There are so many places, roads and destinations to go to. Even if you drive through the same place, it will always offer new views, experiences and adventures. But one of the highlights is by sure the way up and down to Baguio.

Bontoc, the historical capital of the entire Cordillera region, in the Mountain Province

Q: How do the tours typically work?

A: We want to keep the tours small, so the maximum amount of bikes will be five per tour plus your guide. If the group makes the decision to go to other places as well, our tour guide will make it possible, so that every tour will be an individual experience.

Great road to ride on! Patapat Viaduct in Ilocos Norte

Our goal is for all to enjoy the locations we take you to, but also have the time to discover them. Most of the daily rides will be around 150 Km, or less. We get to ride in the morning and play in the afternoon. We currently offer package tours lasting one to ten days to different destinations in the Northern Luzon, which has some of the best road infrastructure in the Philippines and is not constrained by ferry schedules, allowing flexibility throughout the day.

Q: Can you share a bit about your different tours?

A: There’s a one-day trip to visit local hotspots around Alaminos City, Home of the Hundred Islands. We offer guided motorcycle tours to visit black and white sand beaches as well as old churches around Alaminos, Anda, Agno, Patar and Bolinao.

rocky coast bolinao

View from Solomon’s Paradise, Bolinao

We have tours to Subic for guests to enjoy the night life of the former American naval base and a Baguio round trip tour which promises a spectacular ride into the Cordillera Mountains and free time to explore the different markets and enjoy the cool weather in Baguio. There’s also a 3-day tour to Baguio and San Fernando, which gives visitors a tour of the country’s crisp mountain air and laid-back surf life.

La Union (capital: San Fernando) is known for its spectacular sunsets and surf

Q: What are your most popular tours so far?

A: Our most popular tours are the 6 and 10 days ride around Northern Luzon where we offer all – beaches at the North China Sea (West Philippine Sea), nature, mountains and history (Vigan), through the Cordillera mountains, through the Rice terraces and hanging coffins of Sagada, all the way to Baguio on one of the most scenic routes imaginable: the Halsema Mountain Highway.

I have to agree that the road up to Sagada is one of the most scenic routes ever!

Q: What can clients expect from the tours?

A: Our customers can expect a fun to ride exciting coast and mountain roads, to get the feeling of the Philippines, fun on the beach, selected hotels and resorts and the spirit to ride with friends. Mostly, after the tour the members found friends for life.

mabuhay motorcycle tours pangasinan poster

Advertisement near the wharf going to Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

Motorcycle Rental in Alaminos, Pangasinan:

  • If you want to explore on your own around Alaminos, you can rent a semi-automatic or automatic scooters for as low as Php 200 a day (for long term contract scooter + 30 days)
  • Regular daily rental rate for scooters cost Php 400 a day
  • Rentals for 150cc, 200 cc and 250 cc bikes range from Php 1000 to Php 1500 a day for daily rentals.

For inquiries and bookings, contact Mabuhay Motorcycle Tours Philippines Inc. directly.

First photo & screenshot of website courtesy of Mabuhay Motorcycle Tours, Inc.

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