Things to Do in Lake Sebu

With its rough, steep terrain and narrow mountain roads, Lake Sebu is best explored by habal-habal (motorcycle). Located at the southwestern of the province of South Cotabato, this idyllic town is home to a host of natural attractions and points of cultural interest. However, there aren’t a lot of paved roads, so getting around is a thrilling experience in itself. Aboard a motorcycle, you can reach remote areas that can’t be navigated by jeepneys and tricycles.

lake sebu 7 falls rainbow

You need to be a pretty good motorcycle driver to drive one of these over the terrain, so I was content to just hop on the back of one to do field work for a writing assignment there. Here’s a photo post of of five things you can do in Lake Sebu.

1) Visit the Seven Falls & Zipline

lake sebu 7 falls zipline


Hikong Bente, the highest and most beautiful among the seven falls, with a height of 70 feet. Ziplining over this was just amazing.

Hikong Alu, the first falls, with a height of 35 feet.

2) Go Boating in Lake Sebu

A typical rural scene of fishpens in Lake Sebu. Boats are available for rent at Punta Isla Resort.

Waterlilies in Lake Sebu

3) Visit the T’boli Museum

For an entrance fee of P5, you can visit the T’boli museum, which contains a collection of antiques and artifacts on the T’boli culture

The charming T’boli museum is set in a building patterned after a traditional T’boli house

4) Indulge in a Tilapia fest

Numerous tilapia farms can be found in Lake Sebu, so tilapia is served in various ways, including Tilapia Fuyong, Kilawin, Daing na Tilapia and Tilapia Chicharon

5) Immerse in the T’boli culture

Visit the School of Indigenous Knowledge and Tradition (SIKAT), which imparts various cultures, arts, values and traditions of the T’boli tribe to the next generation. 

The Cooperative of Women for Health and Development (COWHED) sells a range of traditional handicrafts made by T’boli women.The ladies at COWHED made me try on an authentic T’boli costume.

For more details on activities in Lake Sebu, check out my previously published article in Sunday Inquirer Magazine.

8 thoughts on “Things to Do in Lake Sebu

  1. Hi there, I’m ken Yu. I was searching some write-ups re the T’boli Tribe when I came across your site. Just want to ask if there’s an immersion programs with the T’boli Tribes. I’ve been always fascinated with their way of living and traditions. In addition, how do I get to Lake Sebu. Thanks and warm regards.

  2. Dear Kara Santos, I came across your blog while searching for possible venues for my T’boli-themed destination wedding. It’s my birthplace and I spent the first three years of my childhood there when my parents were mission workers. I’ve visited several times over the years. I live in Thailand now with my family but I still dream of seeing Lake Sebu again. Nice post and great website too! I like your personality a lot. Motorcycle-riding, RPG-playing, headgear-wearing, adventure-seeking hot photographer and writer. You’ve got spunk. I’m already engaged but I believe you’re the dream girlfriend 🙂

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