Animal Bread in Antipolo

Ever wanted to eat a crocodile for breakfast?

I was looking through my files when I found some old photos I took of very cute animal-shaped bread  from a bakery in Antipolo that some colleagues and I came across on our way to a video shoot at Crescent Moon Cafe.

The animal art bread has been sold in the Domalaon Bakery in Antipolo for years now and has been featured in various newspapers and blogs as well. The bread is popular during Christmas and New Year, when people buy them as edible centerpieces.

At the time of our visit, the bakery was selling loaves of bread shaped like lobsters, lechon (pig), crocodiles, crabs and turtles. The lechon bread, which seems to be the most popular, can be ordered in bigger sizes for special occasions. Since I didn’t have a camera with me at the time, I bought one of each to take home. At the time, they cost something like P10 each. I felt a little guilty eating all of them afterwards, though the crocodile was fun to eat because of its crispy texture outside.

For those interested, the Domalaon Bakery can be found at 257 Circumferential Road, Barangay San Isidro, Antipolo City.

6 thoughts on “Animal Bread in Antipolo

  1. The bread in the middle photo looks like a dinosaur. A Euoplocephalus (yes, Google is our friend). If they have a bunch of those I want to create my own Jurassic bread menagerie at my dining table.

    Then I’ll make them fight.

  2. is this bakery open? i want to visit this place but dont know where? i want to order some of this animal breads for this coming occassions. may i know their land lines and the price list too. thank you

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