Biker’s Guide to Corregidor


Updated July 2015

Corregidor, an island at the entrance of Manila Bay, mostly attracts history buffs. Known as “The Rock” because of its rocky landscape and the heavy fortifications, this historic island is a great destination for bikers as well. Traversing the island’s well-paved roads and jungle trails on board a bicycle and getting to visit the different ruins and landmarks offers a totally different experience from the usual day trip tour on board a tranvia.

corregidor island philippines biking ruins near cine corregidor

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Travel Guide: Corregidor

Corregidor is one of the most important historic and tourist sites in the Philippines. This island located at the entrance of Manila Bay in the southwestern part of Luzon played an important role during the invasion and liberation of the Philippines from Japanese forces during World War II. Because of its historic value and close proximity to Metro Manila, visiting Corregidor is a good option for foreign or local tourists who want to go on a day trip or stay overnight.

corregidor island philippines ruins

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How to Choose Better Options When You Travel

One common misconception about travel is that it’s too expensive.

It can be if you’re the type of traveler who brings around a huge suitcase for an overnight stay, requires 5-star hotel accommodations wherever you go, and whose preferred mode of transport is an air-conditioned shuttle.

Travel is something that is really worth investing in, but it need not break the bank. It’s not something that should leave you impoverished. As the popular saying goes, travel is only thing you buy that makes you richer.

biking in batanes road bike

It’s always a matter of priorities. You can choose to drink overpriced coffee or tea everyday or choose to save the money instead towards your travel fund. Here are a few tips and tricks used by backpackers and budget travelers to save costs while on the road.

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10 Things To Do in Nuvali

Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is a master-planned residential, commercial and recreational development complex that has something for everyone. Whether you’re a foodie, adrenaline-junkie or leisure traveler, you can find something fun to do here. Located in Sta. Rosa, Calamba, and the municipality of Cabuyao, Laguna, the 2,290 hectare development is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly space that allows people and nature to thrive harmoniously. Here’s a look at some of the fun activities you can do here:

nuvali dirt weekend biker on trail

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Microtel South Forbes near Nuvali, Sta. Rosa

Nuvali is a residential / commercial complex and eco-destination in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. About an hour’s drive or so from the metro (depending on the traffic), Nuvali is a huge playground for various outdoor activities, including running, biking and wakeboarding. It’s also a family-friendly destination with restaurants, retail outlet stores and parks spread around the complex. While visitors can go around during day trips, Nuvali has become a popular destination for weekend staycations. If you’re participating in sports event in the area or want to maximize your weekend, it may be better to stay overnight in the area. One option for a relaxing hotel stay nearby is Microtel by Wyndham South Forbes, which is just minutes away from Nuvali.

microtel south forbes near nuvali sta. rosa facade

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Moto Builds Pilipinas 2015

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my scooter for a while now. It hasn’t been running as smoothly as it used to no matter how many times we’ve taken it to the mechanic. Visiting Moto Builds Pilipinas was like entering a candy store when you’re sugar deprived. There were just so many awesome custom-built bikes under one roof.

01. motobuilds pilipinas 2015 cafe racer yamaha surf bike by kratos

It seems like Cafe Racer and Tracker style bikes are making a comeback in the Philippines and seeing the vintage and classic machines firsthand just reinforced my desire to switch to one. I especially liked this Yamaha Surf Bike by Kratos Customs Cycles.

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Bungy Jumping in Macau

Bungy jumping has always been on my bucket list. The thought of just leaping off a ledge and free-falling from hundreds of feet in the air into the unknown has always been something I’ve wanted to try. However, I always imagined the setting to be a bright sunny day, with friends and family cheering when I finally took the plunge. Jumping solo at night, after a long day of rain, amidst fog and right after a freak lightning storm was not exactly what I had in mind.

01. aj hackett macau tower china bungy jumping travelup

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A Feast on Caringo Island, Camarines Norte

You know your trip is off to a good start, when the first words you are greeted with are: “Kain na po!” (Let’s eat!). We had just set foot ashore Caringo Island in the coastal town in Camarines Norte in the Bicol region. Home to a small community of fishing families, Caringo is the furthest of the seven islands of Mercedes, yet it is well worth getting to. The invitation to eat — and the sight of the island itself — was very welcome.

caringo island mercedes camarines norte bicol beach

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Art in Island: Interactive Art Museum

Typical museums in the country only appeal to history buffs and art enthusiasts. Visitors are expected to just look at artwork hanging on walls or stare at artifacts behind glass cases, learn historical facts, and that’s it. In most museums, photography isn’t even allowed, leaving visitors with no visual proof of their visit.

03. microtel acropolis art in island painting

Art in Island is not your typical museum. As the biggest 3D Interactive Art Museum in Asia, it allows visitors not just to look, but to also interact with the museum pieces and become “part of the art.” With our fondness for taking photos and love for humorous pics, this place seems to have been made for Pinoys. Continue reading

Adventure in Aglipay Caves, Quirino

The jeepney’s wheels spewed out chunks of mud as the driver floored the engine, determined to get the jeep out of the rut. We sat at a distance, drenched in the rain, our feet caked in mud, but still in high spirits. A little rain never hurt anybody.

aglipay caves quirino 01

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10 Useful Apps for Travel

Technology has really changed the way people travel. Traveling these days no longer means going off the grid. In fact, for many tech-savvy travelers, staying connected while traveling abroad is essential. How else can we navigate around unfamiliar streets, find out the best places to eat, and keep our Instagram and Facebook social media accounts updated, right?

smartphone googlemaps and map

If you’re a frequent traveler, here are a few useful applications and online resources that you might want to load on your smartphone or tablet with before traveling abroad.

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