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  1. Hi,

We are Interdisciplinary Business Studies students from De La Salle University. I was just wondering if you could help me and my thesismates in our research entitled “Product Innovation Intensity in MSMEs: A Study on Selected Restaurants along Maginhawa Street, Quezon City”.

    The group believes that identifying the indicators to product innovation in MSMEs is a critical factor in determining its performance. The study’s objective is to know more about innovation by selected MSMEs along Maginhawa Street, including the three (villages): Sikatuna, UP and Teachers Villages. We would like to hear your insights and opinions regarding this concern.

    This discussion will definitely help the group to better understand the conditions of MSMEs along Maginhawa Street which could contribute to better analysis and understanding of different MSMEs involved in the food service industry.

    We could schedule a personal interview, or if the time does not allow us po, we could just send you our questions and maybe you could send us back the answers po? For convenience and so we won’t take much of your time.

    Thank you and hoping for your favorable response.

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