Craft Beers in the Philippines

A revolution is definitely brewing in the craft beer scene here in the Philippines. It seems that in the past few years, there’s been a boom in local microbreweries. According to the Philippine Craft Beer Community as of 2017, there are at least 36 local breweries: 12 Craft Brewpubs and 24 Nano / Microbreweries with over 250+ Craft Beer Styles in the Philippines.


If you’re a craft beer enthusiast or you want to try something new, here are some homegrown microbreweries and beers that you should look out for when you travel around the Philippines. Here’s where you can find them by geographical location or where they originated (NOTE: List updated as of December 1, 2017 with new beers sold during the MNL Craft Beer Festival):

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Czech Microbrewery in Manila: Pivo Praha

If you’re looking for a unique watering hole to try this October, a great place to check out is Bravo Sports Bar in Makati. The restaurant doubles as a microbrewery for Pivo Praha, a Czech-style beer brewed right here in Manila. Apparently, some craft beer experts in the country don’t really consider Pivo Praha a craft beer, because it’s more commercial compared to the smaller microbreweries like those producing Philippine craft beers, but the beers are definitely worth trying out. In fact, since the most popular mainstream beer in the country now tastes like water to me, this remains one of my favorite drinking spots because of the affordable and great tasting beer, good food and generally quiet and uncrowded atmosphere.

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