Deuter SL Backpacks for Women

One of my frustrations when shopping is that most top-performing outdoor gear (ex. convertible dri-fit pants, trekking shoes, or backpacks) seem to have been designed for men. Tall men at that. Unless I shop in the kid’s section or luck out with (frequently out of stock) S or XS items, my height makes it difficult to find good gear that fits properly.

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Another thing that annoys me about travel gear is that most items for women almost always come in extremely girly designs of bright pink and purple (just look at the running shoe section of most stores. No offense, but not all girls like pink and purple, although Hit-Girl looks really cool and badass in violet.

Anyway, it’s great to know that some brands like Deuter have gone the extra mile and have designed women-specific backpacks that are just as tough as those made for men, and don’t look like they came from a Mattel catalogue.

Deuter is a German brand, which was founded in 1898. The company has been making premium outdoor equipment for over 115 years. They have a wide selection of products from bags to sleeping bags to bike accessories and hydration systems.

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During a Meet & Greet Event organized by Deuter Philippines, I got to see firsthand and test out their SL or Slim Line packs, which were developed by a female team including professional athletes and designers. The SL packs were designed to fit the average athletic female build.

Here are a few of the highlights as presented by International Area Sales Manager Christian Lechelmayr, who flew all the way from Germany to talk about the latest developments with the brand.

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1) Shorter Back Length

On average, a woman’s torso is not as long as a man’s, so the SL carry system is slightly shorter than that of Deuter’s standard rucksacks. The SL back system is designed with a lower shoulder strap anchor point, which contributes to the comfort factor since only the right back length can guarantee the optimum fit of the shoulder straps and waist belt.

2) Conical Hip Belt

Women have a more conical and round waist compared to men, so the SL waist belt anchor points are set closer together and are slightly curved angling diagonally upward. The fins are also preshaped so that the fastened hip belt has a conical shape delivering a customized fit. Hugging the waist, it leaves no space between wearer and backpack.

3) Shorter and narrower straps

To take account of the narrower shoulder width of the female anatomy, and thus prevent slippage around the upper body, the SL shoulder straps are both narrower and shorter in length, have narrow tapered ends and smaller buckles. They avoid chafing in the armpits and eliminate pressure pints in the chest area. Further, the SL shoulder straps are set closer together. Thus, they stay in place and do not slip
off the shoulders.

4) S-Shaped straps with soft edges

Since women have a more sensitive chest area, the SL shoulder straps are S-shaped and feature softly lined edges on both sides. The SL construction curves around sensitive areas and stays in place.


Deuter’s SL products are not just smaller men’s models in feminine colors. I really appreciate that the bags designed for women come in neutral colors like blue, green, red and yellow. To be specific, they come in vibrant shades shades like Black Anthracite, Cranberry Fire, Ocean Midnight, Emerald Kiwi and Turquoise Arctic. The color combinations and overall aesthetic of the backpacks all appeal to me.

04. deuter backpacks concept store MOA SL line

What distinguishes them as a women’s backpack is a subtle yellow flower connected to a hair elastic, which can be used as a separate accessory or removed completely. Thank you Deuter for not plastering flowers all over the bags 🙂 Check out some of the awesome designs.


If I ever decide to go on a long trip, I’ll definitely consider investing in Deuter’s SL backpack because of the better fit, comfort & value-added features for female travelers.

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In the meantime, I’d like to thank Deuter for the cool sporty 22L daypack, which will come in handy for future motorcycling & biking trips. Perfect for weekend warriors!


Check out the Deuter Concept Store, 2nd Level SM Mall of Asia a the North Entertainment Mall. For more Information: Call 9251578 or 9252391 or Email Facebook Page: Deuter

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