Gear Review: 2-in-1 Travel Pillow + Hammock

UPDATED November 2016

I love anything multi-purpose: swissknives, cargo pants that transform into shorts, multi-functional headwear, malongs & basically anything that serves double duty on the road.

So when I saw the new line of hammocks called Duo-yan from Hammock Republic by Journeying James, I had to have one. Just like Transformers, this nifty travel accessory is more than meets the eye. The Duo-yan is a travel pillow that transforms into a hammock! This is just perfect for long road and boat trips and beach camping.

hammock and pouch beach


The hammock is a great alternative if you don’t want to bring a tent to beach camping events. When folded up, it weighs about 1-1.5 lbs. The standard size is for adults. It can actually carry up to 2 adults or up to 150 kgs. The hammock makes use of a breathable “tafeta” cloth which is similar to polyester. It is water-resistant though not completely waterproof. There’s a full zipper on the center and you can zip yourself inside comfortably when you sleep. It also comes with heavy duty rope that you can use it to tie around posts or trees. According to James, if you remove the ties, the cloth part can also be used as a malong!

hammock beach


The hammock comes in bright, cheerful designs fit for the beach and outdoors. I got the model Stripes, which is a cheerful, red, blue, white and black color. I was actually torn between the Bumblebee (yellow/black) and Captain America design for the geek element, although Steve Rogers is not my favorite Avengers character. They’ve come out with some other new designs since I ordered. The Black Kayak is really nice and classy looking.

Photos from Hammock Republic FB Page

Some of the cool designs. Screenshot from Hammock Republic’s FB Page


1) As a travel pillow

I’ve lost too many inflatable travel neck pillows because they are often left behind in vans or buses. A few low-quality ones deflated after a while and there didn’t seem to be a way to fix them. I like this because it’s pretty solid and comfortable at the same time.

travel pillow beach

  • As a travel pillow, it’s a bit bulkier and heavier to bring because of the solid material compared to inflatable pillows that don’t take up much space in your bag. However, it’s more comfortable to use.
  • I usually have no trouble sleeping during long road trips, but the travel pillow made a long van ride even more comfortable because I was seated in a middle row with no sandalan on the side. It prevented me from falling asleep on my seatmate’s shoulder.
  • It’s useful as a stand-alone pillow propped on top of a backpack during a 6-hour long boat ride, where there was nothing much to do but sleep.
  • I’ve also used it on 8-hour long bus rides on regular (upright seat) and sleeper (reclined seat) buses. It provides good neck support and I slept really soundly.

travel pillow bag bus

  • The cloth can also be used as a blanket if you happen to ride a really cold bus when you can’t adjust the air-conditioning. I did this during a surfing trip to Baler.

hammock-travelup-baler-bus-beach2) As a hammock

hammock beach sleeping

  • The hammock is very comfortable to sleep in. Unlike the string type hammocks, this is solid cloth, so it offers better back support and you don’t end up with all those line marks all over your skin.
  • You can cocoon yourself with the zipper to keep out insects when you’re sleeping.
  • The pouch of the pillow is useful for hanging stuff and keeping things handy near the hammock. You can hang it on a branch to keep your water bottle and cellphone.
  • You need to take your time to fold it properly to put it back in the travel pillow case. Having another person zip the bag shut helps.


Chilling out in Costa Pacifica, Baler

11. real quezon hammock

Room for the night in Real, Quezon


This is a great product to have if you’re a frequent traveler & backpacker who goes on a lot of long road trips. It’s great for the beach and outdoor events. Since it costs just a little bit more than the regular hammocks, I’d recommend this.

hammock travel pillow beach camp

Beach camp trip in Jomalig Island, Quezon


The hammock/travel pillow costs Php1,100 each with free shipping anywhere in the Philippines. The neck pillow/hammock with built-in mosquito net costs Php 1,400 each. New designs are now available!



  • Travel organizers (one set has Small, Medium and Large pouches) for Php200
  • INAY Waterproof Hammock Tarp (9ft long, UPF50+, Lightweight and cords included for Php 600 (shipping included)


You can order all of these online from Hammock Republic. For product updates, visit the following:

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