INFOGRAPHIC: Motorcycle Gear Upgraded!

I often like to think of myself as a character in a video game when I travel. In fact, this blog was inspired by the whole video game concept of “Leveling Up” and I consider every trip as a way to earn EXP points. Last year, I was fortunate to get upgrades for some of the motorcycling gear I’ve been using for road trips. So in the tradition of upgrading equipment in video games, here’s a look at the main features of the motorcycle safety gear by Spyder and what makes them so cool:

motorcycle gear infographic TravelUp


Proper motorcycle gear is important for safety and to ensure more comfortable rides. A proper-fitting motorcycle helmet can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury or death resulting from a head impact during an accident. Like I wrote in a previous gear review, helmets from Spyder promise safety above all, but they don’t scrimp on convenience, functionality and style either. Reboot is a sleek helmet that can be used for errands around town, casual city rides, and leisurely day trips out of town. Here’s a look at some of its main features.

spyder reboot helmet specs


Gloves are another very important motorcycle accessory since hands are in direct contact with handlebars when riding a motorcycle. The tight grip and twists against the rough surface of handlebars can damage hands’ skin. Gloves also protect riders from the elements including sun, wind, rain and dirt on the road. Ever driven a motorcycle at high noon? The sunburn is terrible. In the unfortunate event that you (knock on wood) crash, gloves will also protect your hands from scraped and bruises.

spyder rev gloves specs


Another item that I always bring during motorcycle rides are shades or sunglasses. Eyewear with polarized lenses cut off the reflected glare from bodies of water and rain on roads and highways. Aside from reducing glare, apparently brown lenses also block blue light to brighten vision on cloudy days and enhance contrast in hazy conditions.

spyder dime sunglasses specs


Last but not least, I always make sure to bring along several pieces of multifunctional headgear whenever I travel. For motorcycling, I use these as a helmet liner/bandana and dustmask when I pass through dusty and polluted roads. Spyder’s headgear, which is made of special fabric is light, quick dry and comes in really cool graphic designs, making it a nice accessory. You can also use this like a handkerchief to wipe off your motorcycle seat or helmet if it suddenly rains while you’re on your trip.

spyder headgear specs


Other gear you can consider investing in are armored jackets, elbows and knee pads, proper riding boots, and a GV box to store all your items safely. Since my motorcycle rides are mostly leisurely day trip rides out of town, I haven’t invested yet in these, but these are very important especially if you plan to go on long rides.

Thanks to Robbie Bautista of The Creative Dork for the cool illustration that I used in the infographic! All items courtesy of Spyder Philippines. Like them on Facebook : Team Spyder and follow them on Twitter: @TeamSpyder.  🙂

For more details on the motorcycling gear, check out the resources below.


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  1. also consider levelling-up ur helmet to a full-faced one that protects the jaw portion.. marami akong kilala na naka-half face that ended up pretty badly kahit sa isang simpleng slide.. also consider a knee/shin guard for the next level-up! 🙂

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