It’s Really More Fun in the Philippines!

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If you are looking for a holiday break that offers beauty, relaxation, adventure and most of all fun, then you will do well to visit the Philippines. This Southeast Asian nation has some of the most varied landscapes around, as you would expect from the unique way it is made up from many different islands. When you visit this beautiful country, you will be enthralled by the idyllic rice fields, the towering volcanoes and the bustling large cities where you can find endless attractions.

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Another key part of Philippines’ appeal is the very friendly people you will find here. Countless visitors have noticed that Filipinos are among the most upbeat people in the world, so when you visit you are sure to be made very welcome indeed. Wherever you go on the many islands you will find people who are happy to help – this makes a big difference in how fun your holiday is!

The local culture is a reflection of both the general upbeat mentality of the Philippines, and the influence of the varied history of the nation. In the past the Philippines have had a period of Spanish rule, and it is easy to see that this has helped build a unique combination of Eastern and Western culture. If you are a fan of Spanish style architecture, you will be delighted to spot various old Spanish era buildings dotted about, nestling in the stunning vistas you can find in locations scattered all over the Philippines. From time to time you will have the chance to experience various colorful festivals, another remnant of the Spanish age – try visiting the Ati-Atihan if you find yourself near Kalibo, Aklan and the very popular Sinulog Festival in Cebu held in honor of their patron saint Sto. Nino (the local version of the child Jesus).

The Philippines also has plenty of more recent western influences from the American period so you will be able to find many home comforts and not feel out of place in the many towns.

Once you find flights allows you to quickly book them to get the cheapest deals for your flight to the Philippines. Your point of arrival in Manila will be close to many enticing attractions, not least of which are the many cruises and beach activities that you will find on the country’s vast coastal areas. A boat ride or a cruise is a great way to experience the breadth of the Philippines islands, as it is the only way to reach some of them (others may be reached via road, bus or train).

If you are especially interested in exploring the natural beauty of the top tourist areas, try heading over to the Visayas group of islands where you will have access to countless perfect white beaches surrounded by idyllic palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze. And of course, no trip to the Philippines can be complete without a visit to the Bohol area. Here you will find one of the most interesting parts of the island scenery – the ‘Chocolate Hills’, curious hill formations that resemble giant chocolate delicacies! Truly everything, including a visit to these picturesque hills, is indeed more fun in the Philippines.

More Fun in the Philippines meme photos sourced from the internet. Commuting & Getting Upstairs photos by George Tapan. Late Bloomers and Cosplay by Roland Benzon, with Pahiyas Festival photo by Sidney Snoeck of My Sari-Sari Store and Ati-Atihan Festival in Kalibo, Aklan by Mon Corpuz.

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