Rizal Wind Farm Loop Ride

Since I blogged about my previous rides to the Wind Farm in Pililla, Rizal, I’ve been getting inquiries from riders and bikers on the best route to take. Over the past few months, I’ve visited the Rizal Wind Farm a total of five times, usually on solo weekend rides. On previous rides, I was always stopped at either the Pillilla or Sampaloc entrance and told that that I couldn’t go in because of ongoing construction, so I usually ended up taking photos just near the entrance.

01. rizal wind farm philippines travelup motorcycles

Finally, last weekend during a ride with Outside Slacker and his beautiful new Royal Enfield, we were told that construction on the generator was done and people can now make a loop! Woohoo!

02. rizal wind farm philippines windmills

Because of its proximity to Manila and the unique scenery, I think that this Wind Farm Loop is a great route for riders and mountain bikers based in the metro. With a new access road connecting the Marcos Highway and the Manila East Road, riders can enter through either Pilillla or Sampaloc to make a whole loop.

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Coming from Quezon City, we went through Marikina and passed through Antipolo to reach the Manila East Road leading to Bugarin. Even though it was a Saturday, the traffic in Antipolo town proper really sucked, but once we got to Morong, the roads were much better for riding. For bikers from Manila who want a more flat terrain, they can pass via Ortigas, Teresa Rizal, C6 or Floodway and start their ride from Morong or Tanay. If you’re taking bikes on a car, you can park in any of the restaurants along Manila East Road in Morong or Pililla.

04. rizal wind farm philippines windmills souvenir

You can tell that the place is becoming a tourist attraction, because there are now windmill souvenirs for sale similar to those sold near the windmills of Bangui in Ilocos Norte right near the entrance and a few vendor’s kiosks, with kids hawking softdrinks and snacks. We were also asked for a “voluntary donation” (bahala na daw kami), when we got to the three main windmills near the Pililla entrance, though when I asked a security guard later in the area, there’s really no entrance fee to visit the wind farm.

05. rizal wind farm philippines pililla windmills

The access road here is still unpaved and is mostly gravel and rough roads, but bikers shouldn’t have a problem with that. There are several vantage points now where you can get a great view of the windmills all in a row. The weather was a bit weird, shifting from sudden rainshowers to bright blue skies, but overall, it was a great ride. Here are some photos of our ride below:

06. rizal wind farm philippines road

07. rizal wind farm philippines motorcycles08. rizal wind farm philippines motorcycles09. rizal wind farm philippines royal enfield

There are lots of places here for photo ops! I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a popular site for pre-nup photos or other photo shoots. Because of the unpredictable weather, I didn’t bring the SLR for this trip. All these photos were just taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 (thanks Sun Cellular!) smartphone, which has an awesome camera.

10. rizal wind farm philippines road 11. rizal wind farm philippines royal enfield outsideslacker

12. rizal wind farm philippines view

We emerged at the small store and another cluster of wind turbines, where you can get a great view of the Laguna Lake. The dirt road here connects to a back access to Marcos Highway in Sampaloc, Tanay. Follow it and turn right and you’ll eventually reach the main highway that leads to Infanta on the right, or back to Tanay on the left. Bikers who parked in Manila East Road can just go straight to emerge at the Tanay-Sampaloc road, where you can pass by Daranak Falls and Calinawan Cave on the way back.

It’s also possible for mountain bikers to take the reverse route. Just go up through Sierra Madre and towards the wind farm via Sampaloc (turn right on the small road with an Ynares Waiting shed right after Sampaloc Inn), than go down through Pillilla and Bugarin so it’s all downhill.

13. rizal wind farm philippines sampaloc entrance

Since we didn’t want to slog through Antipolo traffic again and wanted a more scenic ride, we took the longer Marcos Highway passing Sierra Madre going back.

14. rizal wind farm philippines sampaloc road

Before heading home, we stopped at the popular rider’s pitstop Cafe Katerina in Tanay, Rizal for early lunch. This is one of the restaurants along the highway. It was nice to see that they put a roof over the tables in the outdoor area so you can dine with an overlooking view.

15. cafe katerina rizal motorcycles 16. cafe katerina rizal lechon kawali garlic rice 17. mountain view from cafe katerina rizal chocobo falcor royal enfield

It would have been a perfect weekend ride except for the horrible traffic once we got back to Marikina and Katipunan. Apparently, there were college entrance exams going on in Ateneo which caused heavy traffic in the area. Oh well.

For those who want to make a loop of the Rizal Wind Farm: here’s a map with the suggested route (open link above in Googlemaps to adjust your route depending on where you’re coming from.)

pililla wind farm loop map biking route

For instructions on how to get there by commuting, check out my previous post.

NOTE: All photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S6 powered by Sun Cellular. For Sun promos and postpaid plans, visit http://suncellular.com.ph. #ChooseBetter

29 thoughts on “Rizal Wind Farm Loop Ride

  1. Just did a bike ride there last Sunday, nag start ako from Tanay town center. Enjoy na enjoy ang experience, maganda yung mga views. Along the way din pala yung Padre Pio chapel tsaka yung Daranak Falls malapit na din kaya dinaanan ko na. Sayang at hindi ko nakita yung Cafe Katerina mukhang masarap mga pagkain.

      • Dun din pala yung Calinawan cave, sayang hindi ko nadaanan, mukhang maganda, baka matagalan pa balik ko, solo ride lang kasi ako lagi. sabay na lang ako kapag bumalik si outside slacker. hehe

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  3. This is why Manila East Road is my preferred route of choice when going to Metro Manila (I also travel mostly by motorcycle from Legazpi City in Albay). Traffic only starts in Antipolo, but it’s better than having to face traffic already in Laguna. I’ve been to these windmills myself a coupe of times, and I never get tired of it.

  4. Ms. Kara I’m very much amazed from your trip and would like to get there hopefully soon. I would like to ask what’s the best route to travel? I would be using a car and I am not familiar of the traffic conditions in the area.

    • Hi Jason, I have detailed driving instructions & route options in my previous post about the windmills. I personally hate the traffic in Manila East Road & Antipolo, so I prefer passing Marilaque instead. The traffic is only at the start of the route (Cogeo), but once you get to the mountains and twisties, it’s smooth driving all the way.

  5. Hi Ms. Kara, you never failed to amused me whenever i got to check your new posts. Though i am not that brave to ride a motorcycle, i began to admire your guts. Last time na nagpunta kami sa windmill with my family was in July. So, since you mentioned all the turbines were completed should we expect na me entrance fee na if ever we visit it again? Continue to share with us your stories and keep promoting Rizal province. Kudos to you!

    • Hi Oyette. So far, during recent visits (we passed there again 2 weekends ago), we’ve only been asked for a voluntary donation. However, someone commented that they were asked for a “community fee” of P20 when they visited. Sulit naman sa photo ops yung bayad. Thanks for visiting the blog.

  6. Thanks for this post Ms. Kara! Super helpful. Actually, I’ve been wanting to see this windmill closely after I saw it on blogs and nung nagpunta kame sa bakasyunan resort last weekend. I’ll be using your guide, mukang matutuloy ulit kame ng hubby ko sa motorcycle ride this coming weekend.

  7. Hi Ms. Kara, we went there April 2015 via from Taytay via Manila East road, had a quick lunch at Bulawan restaurant and turned left going up to Quezon Laguna road and saw the entrance at our left side but we were refused entry by the guards and we were only able to take a few pictures but not really near the turbines, let me know if this is different route (this Loop) from what we took last time? I really want to get near the turbines, will a sedan make it to the top?

    • Hi Gab. That’s the same route. They really weren’t letting people in earlier this year because construction was still ongoing, but since September 2015, pwede na pumasok and get closer to the turbines 🙂 There’s even a Tourist Information Center there now. Kaya ng sedan from the route you’re taking, but it might have a hard time exiting to Sampaloc and Tanay so you might have to double back to Manila East Road again.

      • this is a good news kasi medyo disappointed ako the last time we went there, challenged pa on our way back kasi I accidentally took the steep route going to Antipolo.

        thanks for the prompt response Ms Kara 🙂

  8. Hi Ms. Kara, tanong ko lang po kung kaya po ng MPV(Toyota Innova) yung road po from MARILAQUE through Sampaloc, kaya po ba or masikip po syang daan?

    • Hi Noel, the last time I went medyo narrow pa rin yung access road coming from Sampaloc. Ok for motorcycles, trikes and bikes, pero parang malapad masyado yung Innova. Pero under construction yung ibang parts, so baka na-widen na yung the road. To be safe, I suggest you pass through the Manila East Road entrance. Tapos kain na rin kayo sa Bulawan or Kawayan Farm 🙂

  9. Hi kara, me and my friends will check out the place this Saturday March 5. This is our first time.. Should we start from Bugarin or near camp Capinpin? Thanks

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