Siama Hotel in Sorsogon

If you’re on a road trip in the Bicol region and looking for a place to stay in Sorsogon City, Siama Hotel, a charming nature-inspired boutique hotel, is a great option. This hidden gem celebrates the beauty of Bicol’s natural materials in a contemporary artistic setting. Prior to my visit, I had already seen various photos of Siama Hotel online and was intrigued by the place. During a summer visit to Naga City, I convinced my parents to take a road trip to Sorsogon for a quick family vacation. 


Siama Hotel is located in the middle of a coconut plantation in Sitio Lorenzo, in the outskirts of Sorsogon City. We drove in the morning from Naga, stopping for some good eats in the province of Albay before we got to Sorsogon by mid-afternoon. Getting to the hotel is a bit of a drive from the city proper. Good thing we had our own form of transport and GPS to navigate to the place, though our GPS couldn’t find the exact coordinates of the resort on the map.

Getting here requires driving through an unassuming dirt road with a few residential houses. It’s hard to believe that you’ll find a place as beautiful as this as you drive, because the place seems so remote. Eventually, we reached a gate surrounded by lush plants and decorated with a large sphere made of dried whole coconut shells, pointing us in the right direction. The interesting green art installation was a sign of things to come in the resort.


Siama Hotel is owned by award-winning architect and furniture designer Milo Naval. The Filipino Designer started out as an interior designer before he established Evolve Designs, a company that designs contemporary and modern furniture and accessories. His high-level Filipino-made furniture has been showcased everywhere from Milan, Spain, Paris and New York.

The hotel immediately captivated us with its elegant, well-designed and eco-friendly interiors and beautiful pieces. Despite not being near the beach, it felt like a tropical paradise, mainly because the refreshing view and ambiance. The hotel has a distinctly “outdoor-meets-indoor” design, with airy lobby just flowing naturally into the communal dining space where breakfast is served, leading to the hallways and the rooms.

It’s evident that eco-friendly and indigenous materials are used in all its furniture and fixtures. The natural and organic textures used in the hotel’s interiors complement the garden plants adorning the walkways of the estate. Following a tropical theme, the hotel makes use of a combination of hardwood and bare concrete with traditional Filipino design elements given a modern twist.

One of the most striking pieces in the hotel are the padyaks or pedicabs made of rattan parked in front of the lobby. The cocoon-or nestlike design is also inspired by nature and its raw material. Guests can use these beautiful vehicles to get around the coconut plantations.


In Siama Hotel, it’s easy to disconnect from the fast-paced world. The rooms are comfortable and cozy with large beds, en suite bathroom and easy access to the pool from the sliding doors. The place is perfect for honeymoons, family getaways or just a place to relax and rejuvenate.

To ensure that guests relax and enjoy nature, there are no televisions in the room, though there is one in the lobby complete with gaming consoles for guests who can’t give up their gadgets. WiFi is also available in certain spots in the lobby.


The lobby and dining room showcase Naval’s furniture design, table tops made of natural wood, large bamboo poles, and rattan and fabric wrapped textured seating. The hotel has its own in-house restaurant serving dishes that represent the flavors of the local region. They serve complimentary breakfast from 7:00 am to 10:00 am with bar service up to 12 midnight. Prior reservations need to be made if you want to take lunch (12 nn to 2:00 pm) and dinner (7:00 pm – 10:00 pm) at the hotel though. 

The ambiance here is just lovely. Hanging lamps are made of capiz assembled in a floral form. The chafing dishes are made of organic material such as dried stems and vines and coils of pili nuts, to celebrate Sorsogon, the main producer of pili nuts in the region. The cutlery and glassware are also wrapped in organic material.


One of the best features in Siama Hotel is the swimming pool surrounded by coconut trees and eco-friendly chairs and umbrellas. The modern forest pool–a 25-meter oasis–sits quietly in the middle of the estate and is overlooked by the verandas of the premier rooms.

Flanked by the lush garden foliage, this beautifully-designed, child-friendly swimming pool is a delightful place for guests to lounge about. My family and I found ourselves spending most of the time in that beautiful pool. Guests can also stroll around, ride bikes around the plantation or just relax in the comfort of their rooms.


Siama Hotel is the kind of place that you’d visit if you want to leave the noise and rush of city living. This simple haven is truly breathtaking and world-class. It’s a good option for families, couples, leisure travelers and foreign tourists looking for a unique place to stay in Sorsogon.

Aside from being a great getaway in itself, Siama Hotel also offers an ideal starting point to explore the rest of Sorsogon’s lush natural attractions. After your stay, you can explore further and swim with the whalesharks – locally known as butanding – in Donsol, enjoy the crystal clear waters and pink sand beach of Subic in Matnog, catch the waves at the local surfing spot in Gubat, or visit the breathtaking sights of Bulusan Lake: all of these are within an hour or two by land from the hotel.


Siama Hotel is located in Sitio San Lorenzo, Bibincahan, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon.

NOTE: A version of this article was first published in Enrich Magazine May 2017.

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