Sidequest: Show Me the Money

I like to do self-imposed quests and collect certain items when I travel. One of the personal challenges or sidequests I’ve been trying to complete is to visit all the destinations featured on the back of our Philippine currency. The current set of banknotes issued by the Central Bank of the Philippines features Philippine landmarks and tourist destinations, which are considered the most valuable treasures of our nation. As of November 2017, I’ve collected photos of the landmarks in five out of the six possible locations.

GOAL: Take photos of Philippine banknotes at the landmarks featured on the bill STATUS: 5/6 collected

NEXT MISSION: Dive with a 1000 bill at Tubbataha Reef  Continue reading

Motorcycling Sagada-Bontoc-Banaue and Back

The narrow road seemed to snake on endlessly. Before me were several towering mountains thickly covered with pine trees. Thin clouds that seemed like wandering spirits shifted in and out of the scenery.

Some sections of the road apparently had just been been cleared of landslides, but there were still boulders and rocks strewn all over. At every blind turn, I was terrified of crashing head on with a jeepney full of toploaders or a speeding truck on its way up to Sagada. More than once, I had visions of my motorbike careening off a cliff, tragically with me still on it. Continue reading