Thunderbird Resorts & Casino, Rizal

Most tourists are probably familiar with the Mediterranean-style Thunderbird Resorts & Casino in Poro Point, La Union. But did you know that there’s another resort under the same management just an hour away from Metro Manila?

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Hike to Mt. Tagapo, Talim Island

Sometimes, we tend to take places in our backyard for granted. The nearer a destination is from where we live, the less it is on our tourist radar. For instance, Art’s hometown is Binangonan, but for some reason, we’ve both never been to Mt. Tagapo, a mountain that falls under the jurisdiction of the towns of Binangonan and Cardona in Rizal province (though it’s only accessible from the Binangonan side). Mt. Tagapo, referred to by locals as Susong Dalaga, is located in the middle of Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines. The first weekend of the year seemed like a good time as any to scale a mountain, so we we decided to finally head there.

mt tagapo talim island rizal 01
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Ride to Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs

Angono in Rizal is probably not on the top of rider’s list of places to head to on a weekend, being relatively near Manila. Often, you’ll find yourself at a standstill or crawling through mind-numbing traffic rather than revving your engine as you would on the twisty mountain roads of Marilaque or on your way to Tagaytay.

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