Travel Guide: Isabela (Mainland)

The province of Isabela in the Cagayan Valley is usually overlooked as a tourist destination. While it’s second largest province of the Philippines and the largest in Luzon in terms of land area, not many tourists would go out of their way to spend a vacation here.

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Visita Iglesia around the Philippines

It’s Holy Week once again, and no doubt many Filipinos will be visiting seven (or 14) churches to pray the Stations of the Cross and reflect. Visita Iglesia or church visits are customarily done during Maundy Thursday, though they are commonly practiced during any day of the Holy Week.

Over the years, I’ve visited a lot of churches and sites of religious significance in different provinces around the Philippines. Though I’m not really an expert on heritage sites and churches, I thought it would be timely to come up with a virtual tour of seven churches and pilgrimage sites popular during Holy Week around the Philippines based on recent trips.

1) Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte

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