Stay connected abroad with Smart’s RoamFree app

Before smartphones and travel apps, part of the adventure of exploring new places abroad was getting lost. Relying on paper maps or directions from locals, trying to decipher foreign public transport systems, and miscommunication with taxi drivers due to language barriers were just everyday occurrences.

These days, travel apps like Uber, Google Maps and Booking have made traveling around so much easier. With the proper apps, you can easily check in your flights, find the best places to eat, book your hotel accommodations, find transport to get around, meet up with locals, get discounts and coupons, reserve tickets to attractions without lining up. You basically have all the travel tools you need right at your fingertips for a hassle-free getaway.

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Crazy Jump Day 2017 with AirAsia and AJ Hackett Macau

Participants dressed up as a Thai boxer, a crocodile hunter & a “sumo wrestler from Mexico” emerged as the grand winners for the seventh Crazy Jump Day, an annual costumed bungy jumping competition organised by the world’s top adventure tourism company AJ Hackett and powered by the world’s best low-cost airline AirAsia.

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Bungy Jumping in Macau: Night Jump

Bungy jumping has always been on my bucket list. The thought of just leaping off a ledge and free-falling from hundreds of feet in the air into the unknown has always been something I’ve wanted to try. However, I always imagined the setting to be a bright sunny day, with friends and family cheering when I finally took the plunge. Jumping solo at night, after a long day of rain, amidst fog and right after a freak lightning storm was not exactly what I had in mind.

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