Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls, Cebu

Canyoneering seems to be one of the most popular activities to do in South Cebu these days. While the naturally beautiful Kawasan Falls has been drawing tourists for years, the whole area has become even more popular ever since canyoneering tours were introduced. The extreme sport also known as canyoning involves walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming through a river either upstream or downstream. It’s one of the most fun and unique outdoor activities you can do in Cebu.

kawasan canyoneering cebu group shot travelup
Group photo with Angela, Ivy, Pax, Apple and Heizel. Thanks for the photos and for letting me join your group! 🙂

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Malinamon Falls in Capiz

The smell of gunpowder was thick in the air as the soldiers fired off their guns one at a time. The rapid succession of shots from the Armalite rifles felt disconcerting as we stood meters away from what felt like a firing line. We faced the soldiers dressed in full battle gear as they introduced themselves – rattling off their names, where they came from and their position in the battalion. They listed all the gear they carried with them – maps, GPS, grenades and the main weapon they carried before firing it into the air in a grand display.

Not exactly how I pictured our hiking trip to a waterfall would start.malinamon falls jamindan capiz travelup

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Rappelling Down a Waterfall in CamSur

Rappelling down the waterfall felt like a scene straight out of a video game. Lara Croft and Nathan Drake make it look too easy and they don’t even have ropes, I thought to myself as I scrambled to navigate the environmental puzzle. The scenery even looked reminiscent of CGI.

nalalata waterfalls rappelling camarines sur 01

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Red Rock Waterfalls near Dumaguete City

Steam hissed out from the side of the hill as the scooter made its way up a small winding road. To the left of the road was a serene river. To the right was a cliff wall emitting sulfuric fumes. I was on my way to a waterfall with red rocks located in the town of Valencia, near Dumaguete City, and I was finding the scenery very surprising.

pulangbato falls valencia dumaguete 04

Dumaguete, the capital city of Negros Oriental is known mainly for being a quaint University Town with all the modern conveniences. But it’s also a good jump-off point to different beaches, dive spots and eco-adventures. Continue reading

Chasing Waterfalls in Pili, Camarines Sur

I grew up in Naga City, but I never knew that there was a very nice waterfall circuit just in my own backyard. Most Naguenos are probably familiar with Malabsay and Nabontolan Falls accessible via Panicuason in Naga City, located on the East slope of Mt. Isarog.

mt isarog shower falls curry pili camarines sur

But apparently there are also eight pristine waterfalls shrouded by a triple-canopy forest in the Pili section of Mt. Isarog National Park (MINP). The site, surrounded by farming communities and some historical points of interest (including a Japanese memorial and wartime tunnels) is currently being eyed as a potential eco-tourism trail. And boy, does it have potential! Continue reading

Zamboanga: Merloquet Falls

From afar, Merloquet Falls looked like a white curtain pinned to a lush forest wall just flowing in the wind. Up close, the waterfalls was even more dramatic and grander than it looked. I kept the photo-taking short, as I wanted to join the locals who were relaxing under the cascades.

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Mt. Isarog Park: Trekking to Malabsay and Nabontolan Falls

NOTE 4/18/13: I recently got to visit Malabsay Falls again. Check out the updated post here.

Even though I grew up in Naga City, Bicol and often spend Christmas vacations and summer there, I’m sorry to say that I haven’t really been able to explore a lot of places. This is something I plan to resolve soon, little by little.

About a month ago, I decided to spend the weekend there to visit my folks. Lo, one of my childhood friends who works overseas, was also in Naga for a vacation, so I asked if he wanted to check out some of the tourist spots I’ve never been to. Because of the short notice, the quickest thing to arrange was a trek to falls in the Mt. Isarog National Park. The last time he went there was back in high school and he wasn’t familiar with the trail anymore, so he got two other friends of his to help guide us. Continue reading