Top 10 On Screen Geeky Concept Cars

If you dream of owning a car that can take you back in time or has the looks of a spaceship, this is the article for you. It’s a land where anything is possible, and Hollywood has produced some of the most futuristic vehicles out there. Here we take a look at some of the craziest concept cars from the movies. Are they a glimpse into our future, or just the unattainable dream of over-excited directors?

The Herkimer Battle Jitney

From the 90’s movie, Mystery Men, the Hermiker Battle Jitney has been dubbed the finest non-lethal fighting vehicle ever built. You wouldn’t want to get in the way of this huge military tank, with its armored, windowless body. There are a number of stories regarding the Herkimer’s origin and its whereabouts now. Whilst some insist it was custom-built for the film, others claim it was a real vehicle built for, and used by, either the British or US armed forces. Wherever it came from, it’s certainly cooler than any car we’ve seen at the traffic lights.

Mutt Cutts Van

This one is probably the only vehicle you’ll ever see disguised as a sheepdog. Dumb and Dumbers’ Mutts Cutts van is not only covered in fur but it even has a tongue, a tail and ears. There is, perhaps, not a more suitable car for the Dumb and Dumber boys than this mutt-mobile. We’re not sure that we’d like to drive around in it – (surely it gets very hot in there?) – but it scores top marks for creativity.

The Homer

Homer Simpson is a man who can turn his hand to anything, but who knew he’d be so good at car design? Every man’s dream, The Homer features drink holders, a hood-mounted bowling mascot, horns which play La Cucaracha at the press of a button and a sound-proof bubble for the kids! It comes in a rather dashing shade of green, and is “powerful like a gorilla”. Of course, this car is completely fictional – existing only in the world of animation – but there is definitely something to be learnt from Homer’s approach to personalized car design.

Potter’s Flying Ford Anglia

There is nothing special about the Ford Anglia. Unless, that is, Arthur Weasley gets his hands on it. The flying Anglia from Harry Potter can fit eight people, six trunks, two owls and a rat in it, and has become iconic in Potter land. Not only will it never run out of petrol, but it can also turn invisible! You can take some wizard style driving lessons in a model of Potter’s Ford Anglia at Potter World in the UK. What more could us muggles ask for?

The TurtleVan

From the 1987 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the TurtleVan – AKA the Party Wagon – began life as an ordinary van, but is transformed by the turtles with technology found in an abandoned factory. The TurtleVan catapults the turtles into the air to give them a perfect ninja fighting position. The van also appears in the film, Turtles Forever, and is the turtles main form of transport, driven by all of them.


Bumblebee is an alien robot who can turn into a bright yellow Chevrolet Camero. Sounds cool, right? He first appeared in the hit 1980s cartoon, Transformers. Since the 1980s, Transformers has evolved from saturday morning cartoon into a multi-million dollar movie franchise with Bumblebee representing one of the most popular characters.

Mach Five

From Speed Racer, the Mach Five is a racing car unlike any other. With cutting blades, frogger mode for underwater travel, a ‘go home’ device and much more, this car is equipped for every eventuality. Unlike most of the other cars on the list, the Mach Five – complete with cutting blades – was actually produced, as a concept car, in 2000.

Lawmaster Bike

Our only bike on the list, the Lawmaster from Dredd is used by street judges, and is complete with artificial intelligence, twin machine guns, a laser and a turbo boost function allowing it to jump. As if that’s not enough, this bike can drive itself and respond to verbal commands. Although the idea of driving itself and responding to voice commands is not, in the 21st Century, that far-fetched, the twin machine guns and lasers probably won’t feature on our roads any time soon.

The Tumbler

Batman wouldn’t be Batman without his Batmobile. The Tumbler comes complete with all the weapons and gadgets you could ask for. Originally a military vehicle, Bruce Wayne had the camouflaged vehicle painted black by Lucius Fox. It can be remotely controlled, so Batman can intimidate his enemies from a distance.

Flying Taxi

These truly futuristic vehicles from the movie, The Fifth Element, are part of Luc Besson’s vision of the world in the 23rd century. Inspired by New York’s yellow cabs, Bruce Willis’ taxi is chased through the sky by similarly futuristic police cars. It looks a little dated now, but the idea that cars will fly in the 23rd century doesn’t seem too unrealistic, does it?

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