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To be honest, I don’t really like shopping. I find department stores overwhelming and tend to go there only if there’s something I really need to buy. My closet is filled mostly with multipurpose cargo pants, dry-fit sports jerseys and souvenir shirts from different provinces. Not exactly your typical fashionista fare. But there are times when I do head to the mall to buy travel gear and accessories. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the travel gear I frequently use. Click here to see my previous posts on travel gear.


This is the only travel accessory I really tend to splurge on. I’ve been a fan of multi-functional headwear ever since the early days of reality show Survivor. I use these mostly as a bandanna, motorcycle dustmask and a blindfold for sleeping on buses and planes. It’s also pretty useful as a wristband for trekking (and wiping off sweat), headband & tube top for swimming.

I really love the Marvel limited edition series from Headware and currently own 5 out of 21 designs. The Spiderman mask (which is pretty hard to find in stores) is a favorite. Including the Buffs from Buffwear & cheaper variety multi-purpose headwear that you can get in department stores, I own about 20 pieces of this and counting (couldn’t find the other pieces for the photo) :p


  • Headware Marvel Comics Limited Edition. Cost: P490/piece. Normal HeadWare designs: P350
  • Headware is made of 100% polyester microfiber, which is more breathable compared to normal handerkchief-bandana types
  • Wicksorb technology keeps people cool and dry by wicking away sweat from the skin, makes hot days a little more bearable
  • Makes a cool fashion statement (if you’re the outdoor type)


Swimsuits are a must for anyone who loves the beach. Local brand Sassa  Activewear has a range of unique designs and cool sporty rash guards. I like the fact that the color options for girls aren’t always pink and purple, which seem to be the case for a lot of other brands. While they have a lot of basic blacks and dark blue designs (the most useful since you can wear them repeatedly without it being too obvious in photos), the active wear also comes in unique and bright colors that don’t look like all the other swimsuits available in the market.

Sassa’s jogging pants and capri cutoffs are useful for biking, wall-climbing and other outdoor activities. Their line of tank tops and shirt/long-sleeved rashguards are great for outdoor activities like surfing and spelunking which requires more coverage than the usual swimsuits or bikini tops.


  • Sassa active wear. Price range: P300-700
  • Rash guards now come with Ultra Violet Protection (UPF) 50+
  • Value for money – excellent quality at an affordable price
  • Sporty and unique designs


I’ve been using MOJO Sandals and slippers ever since they first came out. The old designs that came with straps were durable and really useful of outdoor trekking or water activities. Now, I wear the flip-flops all the time at home and have gone through several pairs on trips, mostly to beach destinations. I like the basic design and comfort of their latest MOJO Swell series.

Another thing I like about MOJO is that their products are Filipino-made. The rubber used for the products is sourced from rubber trees grown in Bukidnon and are processed locally in shoe factories in Antipolo and Marikina. MOJO also actively promotes local travel and tourism by sponsoring outdoor events including surfing and kayaking activities I’ve attended around the country.


  • MOJO Swell W061 (red / grey). Price: P403.00
  • Versatile MOJO Swell series features different color options
  • Rubber straps and quick dry rubber soles


Aside from having eye-catching and sporty designs, Spyder eyewear is functional as well. I ‘ve been using the Spyder Dime (8B010 Polarized Lens: Brown/Brown Lens) I got during a biking event for most of my latest trips. The eyewear has polarized lenses that cut off the reflected glare from bodies of water and rain on roads and highways, making this useful for motorcycling, biking and other outdoor activities. Plus, it has a retro yet sporty look. My old pair of Spyder shades (Model: Antivirus) has a semi-rimless frame and interchangeable lenses, so you can easily change the look of the shades.

Other Spyder eyewear models are made from a type of material that is resistant to chemicals and sweat, as well as damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Still others have moisture-repellent lens treatment that makes the lens surface so slick that water forms into droplets and slides off easily, so wearers get distortion-free views, even in the pouring rain.


  • Spyder Dime (8B010 Polarized Lens: Brown/Brown Lens)/Spyder Antivirus
  • Polartech: polarized lenses eliminates glare  (Dime)
  • Grilamid, Resillens and Quickchange (Antivirus)
  • Comes with an Eyesbox and Micropouch


I don’t own a lot of shoes that would be considered “girly” (mostly gifts or hand-me-downs from my sister), but I have spent a lot on running/trekking/sporty/casual shoes including brands like Columbia & Converse. I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of all-around shoes that look decent enough for casual wear, but you can immerse fully in water for river trekking activities and outdoor sports so that I only need to bring one pair when I travel. I settled on a pair of minimalist running shoes from Merrell, an outdoor sporting goods brand known for their line of outdoor footwear.

I had to go around several different shops to look for the right size and a color I liked until I found Merrell’s Barefoot Pace Glove during a recent shoe sale in Trinoma. I got the shoes in Chili Pepper (red) but it also comes in other bright and modern colors. What’s great is that the shoes can also go with jeans, workout clothes, and shorts. I’ve yet to test it on the trails, but I’ve been using it a lot for biking around.


  • Model: Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove (Chili Pepper)
  • Cost: P3,195 (sale price down from P3,995)
  • Has a sporty, yet distinct look
  • Made of lightweight microfiber material with breathable air mesh fabric
  • The soles are durable, flexible, thin and very bendable

I just recently found out that most of the travel gear I use are available on Zalora. Knowing that would have probably saved me numerous trips to the mall. If you’re on the lookout for any of the items here and just want hassle-free shopping, just check out their site. 🙂

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  1. eeek! nice collection of gears here! teka, where’s the nearest bank and where’s my gun 😛

    kidding aside, i love having headware, shades, and a good pair of merrell shoes. they’re best for outdoor and travel 😛

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