Surf Spots in the Philippines

Originally posted March 2013; updated August 2014

Aside from just swimming and getting a good tan, the beach is great for all sorts of water sports, including surfing. If you want to learn how to ride the waves, here are some surf spots around the Philippines that I’ve personally been to.


The nearest surfing spot to Manila in terms of land travel, the laid-back town of Real, Quezon also offers a decent place for beginners who want to try out surfing during a quick weekend trip. The coastal town, which is located on the eastern shores of Luzon facing the Philippine Sea, is known for having rural beach resorts with grayish sand. Despite its proximity to Manila, there are only few resorts here that rent out surfboards.

surfing real quezon the park

You can rent surfboards and hire surfing instructors at The PaRK (Pacific Recreation Kamp) which is located by Tignoan Beach. The sea was pretty flat with just a few beginner-friendly waves when we visited in early August. Check wave conditions before heading there to avoid disappointment. During monsoon months, the waves supposedly rise to heights which make the place ideal for longer surfing sessions.

surfing real quezon 02

Tignoan Beach has a wide beach break with brownish gray sand and scattered rocks, and is rockier than some other beaches with fine, sandy bottoms. The current was quite strong even if the waves were fickle, so paddling back to shore was a real workout. Unlike other more developed surfing spots with hotels nearby, Real is ideal for backpackers and weekend warriors who want to camp out, cook fresh seafood from the market and grill it at the resort during their surf trip.

surfing real quezon travelup


  • Travel time: Real, Quezon is about 2.5 – 3 hours away by land from Manila via Marilaque Highway or East Manila Highway
  • Recommended resort: The PARK Pacific Recreation Kamp
  • Rates: Board rental: P200/hour; P500/half day; 1,000/whole day; P300/hour for instructor
  • Surfing season: Surfing season starts from August and lasts until March but best chance of good waves are from October to February


Baler is one of the more popular surfing spots in the Philippines. This quaint coastal town in the province of Aurora is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the East and draws in tourists especially during the ber months.

Baler photos by Mitch Quimsiam courtesy of JourneyingJamestours

Sabang Beach in Baler has a long stretch of sandy shoreline and a soft and shallow oceanbed, making it an ideal place for those who want to learn to surf for the first time. If you want bigger waves, locals say you’ll need to rent a motorized banca to reach different surfing spots. Other spots like Cemento Reef, Charlie’s Point and Lindy’s point are not recommended for beginners, though.

What’s great is that the surf shops in Sabang beach are conveniently located right next to the camping grounds in tent city and many beachfront hotels and inns. The sea was pretty flat during our visit, but we were still able to catch some baby waves and everyone in the group was able to successfully ride the waves.


  • Travel time: Baler is about 6-7 hours away from Manila. For maximum comfort, it’s best to join with a large group and hire a chartered van. You can also commute via Genesis Transport’s Joy Bus (Manila-Baler route).
  • Recommended surf shop: Michael’s Surf Shop and Surf Lesson
  • Rates: P400/hour (board rental + instructor), P200/hour, P400/half-day, P800-P1000/whole day(board rentals only)
  • Surfing season: According to locals, the best time to surf in Baler is from September to February.


In recent years, Bagasbas Beach in Daet, Camarines Norte has risen in popularity as a surfing and kiteboarding spot. Several summer surfing festivals and clinics have been held here and local surfers recommend Bagasbas beach for beginners who want to learn how to surf.

Bagasbas Beach has fine gray sand with a long coastline that stretches over two kilometers, making it a popular hangout for locals during weekends. The waves are consistent near the coast throughout the whole year, and the sea-bed is shallow and sandy so it doesn’t hurt when you wipeout, making it ideal for surfing newbies. Intermediate and expert surfers can head a little further away from the shore where the waves pose a bit more of a challenge.

Its accessibility by land travel from Manila makes Bagasbas an affordable option for local tourists who don’t want to travel by air or who want to bring their own boards. There are also lots of establishments right in front of the promenade of Bagasbas Beach that offer surfing lessons and surfboards for rent. I had loads of fun surfing on Bagasbas Beach after camping out on Calaguas and Kayak-Surfing in Mercedes during my trip to Camarines Norte last year.


  • Travel time: Daet is 8 hours away by land from Manila. By air, it’s a 1 hour flight from Manila-Naga, then 2-hour drive to Daet, Camarines Norte.
  • Recommended resort: Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel Resort
  • Rates: P200/hour for board rental + P200/hour of surfing lessons.
  • Surfing season: Bagasbas has generally consistent waves throughout the year, but waves are best from October to December


San Juan in La Union is considered the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines, and is known for its consistent quality surf. Its beaches have waves suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. There are lots of established resorts and restaurants in the area to fit any budget from family-style type establishments ideal for big groups like Sebay Surf Resort to more upscale hotels with their own infinity pool, like Kahuna Beach Resort. A good budget option for surfers is to stay at The Circle Hostel.

Local and international surfers flock here to enjoy the waves and various surfing tournaments and competitions are held here throughout the year. The La Union Surfing Break launched in 2006 to expose surfing to the general public, is held annually during the semestral break (October), attracting lots of students from Manila, Baguio and other Northern Luzon cities.

Among the popular surf sites in the Philippines, La Union is one of the most accessible coming from Manila. You might want to time your visit during non peak-season to get the most of the surf though. There were lots of visitors during the La Union Surfing Break taking lessons and I almost crashed into other surfers more than once. The accessibility from Manila, party vibe and atmosphere, and number of establishments and restaurants in the area make La Union a good option for families and as a weekend barkada getaway.


  • Travel time: La Union is 4-5 hours away by land from Manila.
  • Recommended resort: Sebay Surf Resort
  • Rates: P400/hour (P200 for the board rental + P200 for the instructor). Surfboard/Longboard Rentals: Half Day – P500, Whole Day – P800
  • Surfing season: San Juan has two major surfing seasons from July to October and November to March.


With its powdery white sand coast, turquoise water and good swells, Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is easily one of the most picturesque surfing spots I’ve been to in the Philippines. The raw, rugged beauty of the place and the general lack of people crowding the beach makes this a great surfing destination.

According to local surfers, the swells bring waves almost all-year around in some areas including Blue Lagoon, Maira-ira point and Saud Beach. Pro surfers may want to time their trip during the southeast monsoon from July-September, when the waves are more spectacular.

Pagudpud is on the the northernmost tip of Luzon and because of its distance from Manila, it remains practically a virgin surf destination, with just a few beach resorts nearby. I hope it remains that way. My surf session here during our Lakbay Norte 3 tour was mostly marked by multiple wipeouts and muscle cramps from dehydration, but I have it on good authority that surfing here is  one “amazing, exciting, enticing, challenging and awesome” experience.

Screenshot from Living Asia Channel’s Lakbay Norte 3 episode


  • Travel time: Pagudpud is 13-14 hrs land trip by car or 15-16 hours by bus. Laoag is a 1 hr. plus plane ride & getting from Laoag to Pagudpud takes less than an hour.
  • Recommended resort: Kapuluan Vista Resort
  • Rates: P400/hour (P200 for board rentals + P200 for the surfing instructor)
  • Surfing season: almost all-year around, but the best waves can be seen during the southeast monsoon from July-September.


Known as the home of “Majestic Waves” or simply majestics, idyllic Puraran Beach Resort in Baras, Catanduanes is a surfing spot for those who want to ride the waves in a laid-back setting. The secluded area in Catanduanes facing the Pacific Ocean has creamy golden sand, clear waves, and colorful coral reefs. The long barrel waves in Puraran are said to be comparable in power and quality of those in Hawaii. Therefore, this spot is recommended only for pro-surfers.

Catanduanes celebrates a provincial festival every October centered on the international and national Governor’s Surfing Cup, which attracts surfers around the globe to test their water skills on these powerful waves. First-time surfers can instead head to the tamer Tilod Beach for their initiation to the board sport. It’s best to contact the local tourism office for your surf lessons here. The seabed here was a bit rocky compared to some of the other surfing spots I’ve tried though.


  • Travel time: Virac, Catanduanes is a 1 hour 10 minute ride by plane from Manila. Air Con & ordinary buses from Cubao, Quezon City travel daily to Virac, Catanduanes via Tabaco port which takes 9 to 12 hours depending on the bus’ itinerary. RORO ferries depart daily from Tabaco, Albay to Catanduanes via San Andres Port or Virac Port. Baras is about about 1.5 hours away by land from Virac by jeepney or tricycle.
  • Recommended resort: Purararan Surf Beach Resort
  • Rates: P350/hour (P200 for board rental and P150 for the surfing instructor)
  • Surfing season: March-June: Surf season for beginners is from March to June. Surf season for experts is from July to December.


According to Surfing in the Philippines, Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales has good surf action since it is bordered to the west by the South China Sea and thus receives swells from the west and north quadrants. They add that the coastline offers surfers many possible surfing breaks and is renowned for year-round consistent swell and diversity of breaks. The beach has waves that can cater to all surf abilities, from “first-time surfers to the experienced and hardcore big wave riders.”

I didn’t actually get to try surfing here as the sea was really flat during the FLOW Surf Yoga Samba weekend retreat I covered for TRAVEL Magazine last December. However, I did learn some great basic ground training and surf safety skills from the Surfasana team. In one session, we had to balance on the board in the water, while our companions holding the surfboards tried to topple us off to simulate the waves. We also got to practice our safety skills by “rescuing” drowning teammates with the use of the surfboards.


  • Travel time: Pundaquit, Zambales is roughly 4-5 hours away by land from Manila.
  • Recommended resort: Pundaquit Sun & Surf
  • Rates: P400/hour (P200 for surfboard rental + P200 for the instructor)
  • Surfing season: Waves consistent year-round. The surf is probably at its most consistent during the months of May to early December.


Liw-liwa, a sitio in San Felipe, Zambales is another popular surfing destination. Zambales is relatively near Manila, but does not get as crowded as other surf spots, which makes this an ideal place for day or weekend trips if you want to get some quality surfing lessons.

liwliwa zambales beach surfing

The surf area in Liw-liwa is called “High 5 Lahar” or simply “Lahar” which probably explains why there seems to be a lot of sand mining operations still going on at the shore. The beach itself is not that developed, though there are some small surf resorts & backpacker haunts a short walk away.

liwliwa zambales surfing

Locals say that the waves in San Felipe are pretty consistent compared to other spots in Zambales (others: Crystal Beach in San Narciso & Magic Left in San Antonio). I got to try surfing here during a weekend at The Circle Hostel Zambales and the waves were stronger than those I’ve tried in previous spots, but still possible for newbies to learn to surf.

liwliwa zambales surfing travelup


  • Travel time: Liwliwa, Zambales is about 3-4 hours away from Manila. Check this detailed guide on options how to get there.
  • Recommended surf shop: Kilabot Sir Ping
  • Rates: P400/hour (board rental + instructor), P400/whole day, P800/half-day
  • Surfing season: The best time to surf in Liw-Liwa is from September to February. Can get clean glassy waves that go up to 6 feet high. Skimboarding is also popular when the waves are weak.


No surfing list in the Philippines would be complete without including Siargao in Surigao del Norte. Siargao is synonymous with surfing and is well-known as “The Surfing Capital of the Philippines” drawing attention from local and international surfers. “Cloud 9”, a right-breaking reef wave with a thick, hollow tube is one of the best known surfing waves in the country. This is where domestic and international surfing competitions are held every September by the provincial government of Surigao del Norte.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try surfing in Siargao during my solo trip there last year as I spent my day motorcycling around the island before heading to Sohoton Cove the next day. I saw a few paddleboarders on General Luna Beach in the morning, but that’s it. Siargao definitely warrants another much longer visit.


  • Travel time: Siargao is accessible by plane ride from Manila via Cebu. Direct flights are also available from Manila to Surigao City. From Surigao, you will need to take another 2-3 hour ferry ride to Siargao. From Dapa, the main port of Siargao, Cloud Nine is roughly 45 minutes by public jeepney, motorbike, tricycle or private van.
  • Recommended resorts: Pesangan Lodge, Driftwood Watersports
  • Rates: Daily rates for surfboard rentals at Driftwood = Shortboard – P350, Fun board – P400, Long Board – P500, SUP – P700 (P400 1/2 day)
  • Surfing season: The surfing season normally kicks off in September and continues until around March. However, you can catch a decent wave at any time of the year. The biggest and best months for surfing are November and December.

There are lots of other great surfing destinations that I haven’t been to yet including Dahican Beach in Mati City and Calicoan in Eastern Samar. Hopefully, I can visit these places and get stoked there soon. For some great surfing resources, check out Surfing Philippines and My Life on Board.

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  1. I’ve been to Bagasbas Beach in Camarines Norte but I wasn’t able to try surfing. I just skim board there. On my next visit, I’ll make sure that I’ll ride the waves of Bagasbas.

    Surfing was one of the sports I’ve been dying to try until I did last year in Baler Aurora. Too bad, I don’t have so much energy to really stand up on the board and balance. One thing is for sure, I’ll do this sport again and won’t give up until I can stand on the board on my next try. I enjoyed reading this blog post. Thanks for the helpful tips you have here.

    • Hi Grace. Glad you enjoyed the post. Bagasbas is a great place for beginners to learn. They should be holding another surfing festival end of April. I’d like to try out the waves in Baler this summer too.

      • Hello,

        We got a 50% discount on surf lessons this coming April 28-30, 2014. It’s at San Jose Beach (beside Bagasbas Beach), Talisay, Camarines Norte. Pay only PHP200.00 instead of PHP400.00 for an hour of surf lesson and board rental. This is organized in cooperation with Bagasbas Unified Surfers Associatin (BUSA) and the Provincial Tourism Office.

        Please check out the website link for further info. Thank you!

  2. Hi there Kara !
    Just wanted to let you know that there are not actually any direct flights to Siargao Island from Manila at this present time, though we now have 5 flights per week from Cebu .

    Happy Travels
    Bamboo Garden Pacifico Siargao

  3. Hi, I want to go to Baras in July.

    But I’m beginner, I have only one experience in Bali.

    Can I go and learn surfing in there??

    If I can’t, recommend me other place for surfing please.

    And can I do other activity like diving in there?

    Thank you for your posting.

  4. Hi Kara !
    Thanks for the great work you are doing showing us all these beautiful places , it must be hard work !
    Anyway latest updates on flights into Siargao is that there are daily flights 7 days a week now , and reportedly direct flights from Manila coming soon , I’ll keep you updated if that’s ok !

    Take care and keep having Fun !!!

  5. Interesting and informative post, including photos. :) I was expecting to see Baler though, because that’s only surfing spot I’ve visited in the Philippines hehehe! ahh I’ve read it’s still on your to-visit-list :). I’m ooking forward to go surfing in Siargao this Sept!! 😀

  6. I am visiting the philippines in early september and am looking to score some good waves. Planning on siaragao, and staying are general luna but am open to suggestions. I am an experienced surfer and would like to do some diving as well. thanks, cheers!

    • Hi Brian !
      Good Choice Siargao in September , there should be plenty of good waves ,though General Luna and Cloud Nine, sometimes called (Crowd 9) at this time of year because of how busy it will be may limit your Surfing ! .

      Be prepared to move around the Island to find less crowded waves , such as at Pilar , Pacifico and Burgos and some more good breaks even further North .

      As for the Diving I think it would be best to arrange this while you are in GL as this is where most of it is arranged from .

      You can find more info on Siargao here :

      Have a good trip !

  7. i have a property ( a piece of land along a beach before TIlod,Baras,Catanduanes)and am planning to develop it as a resort so for those beginners who want practice surfing in Tilod beach has a place to stay overnight instead of going back to Virac or Puraran. is that possible maam?


    • Hi lito !
      I am located in the North of Siargao Island , far away from the famous Cloud 9 but in an area with many surf breaks ! I realized about 3 years ago that there was a need for accommodation , food and drinks in this area for the Surfers that are touring the Island looking for the ‘Wave’ .

      So I decided to build ‘Bamboo Garden’ and 3 years later we are pretty well established and on the whole quite busy !

      So the Moral of my story is ‘build and they will come’ it may take a little time but with the internet ,marketing is made a lot easier .
      these days there are so many travelers looking for something different I’m sure you can find a market for what you are offering .

      Good luck with your venture

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  9. Hi Kara! (Namesake :P)
    Which area would you recommend for December? Zambales seems a lot more reachable from Manila. We’re traveling from the UK to join family in Manila, and some of us want to learn how to surf. We’re planning a road trip down to Bicol (and possibly further) – do you think Bagasbas is appropriate for December & learners?


    • Hi there namesake :) Zambales & La Union are both nearer from Manila, but if you’re planning a road trip to Bicol, then yes, Bagasbas is a good spot for beginner’s to learn to surf. Surfing season there is October to December so you should get some waves. Another surfing spot in Bicol is Gubat, Sorsogon. Haven’t tried it out, but you can check out this post: Have fun!

  10. Hello po, meron ba talagang tent city sa Baler? pupunta sana kami doon this weekend kaso we’re worried sa gastos for the stay. Kaya we were wondering kung pwede lng ba mag tent. Then i’ve read this blog, and I felt relieved noong nabasa ko na may tent city. Saan po ba ang exact location for us to pitch our tent? :) is there a fee for the space? and how much? hope to hear from you. thanks! :)

  11. Hi thanks for your post! I’m staying now at Subic Bay Freeport for 6 months studying at at the International School and I hear a lot of great surf in Zambales. I really want to learn to surf and I was told at the ayala mall in subic that there is a Quiksilver Surf School in San Narciso, Zambales. Is that the same as the one in San Antonio or that’s another surf spot? My parents are very strict and wants a really professional instructor. Again, thanks!

  12. Thank you Kara for a great write up. I travel every year to the Philippines but mainly to the Visayas region. Had a great time surfing at Siargao on my last visit. I have decided to visit La union in a weeks time. I will be landing at Clark and was wondering if you have any advice on how to get to San Juan, La union from there. Are there any one way comfortable buses that make the journey there. Any advice will be helpful.
    Thank you

    • Hello Luciano. You can catch a bus (Philippine Rabbit, Dominion, Partas) heading to Northern provinces (Vigan, Laoag) which will pass through La Union from the Dau bus terminal near Clark. Here’s a detailed guide to get to the Dau bus terminal from the DMIA airport in Clark including rates. If you want a comfortable ride, be sure to ride an air-con bus. Just tell the bus conductor that you are getting down at the surfing resorts. If you’re looking for nice budget/backpacker type accommodations, check into The Circle Hostel right across the surf spots. Enjoy your trip :)

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  15. Thank you for the informative and inspiring post about surf spots in the Philippines! I’m looking to take a surfing trip in early February (I will already be in Manila), and am trying to decide between Zambales, La Union, and Baler. I’m beginner level (barely pop up) and am looking for a relaxed place that’s not too crowded but not to hard-to-get-to-from Manila to try to get through the starting learning curve. What would you suggest? Thanks!

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  17. Kara, I just wanna ask a question. My birthday is on April and I`m planning to bring my friends with me to surf but I don`t know where to go. I went to Liwliwa, Zambales last week but the waves are not that good. I`m planning to go to La Union but it’s too far for me. What would you suggest? 😀 I want my birthday to be fun. LOL

    • Hi Don, sadly I can not predict the weather and wave conditions for your birthday. Aside from Zambales, La Union and Baler are the nearest to Manila that don’t require long land travel or flights. Check this post for surf forecasts. Alternatively, if you want a beach party with lots of people and music, you might be interested in the Summer Siren Festival happening in Crystal Beach, Zambales on April 4-6. Kahit saan naman sa Pinas fun, as long as you are with good friends :)

    • Hi Don !
      Not sure how far you are prepared to travel for your B’day but Siargao Island usually sees some good waves in April .
      You can rent the ‘Beach house’ at Bamboo Garden and have a B’day BBQ right by the Beach !

      Whatever you do have a good one !
      You can find more info on Siargao here :

  18. Hi there Kara! it’s great that this is the first site i’ve opened while googling for surf spots in the Philippines. i found you reviews interesting. :) hopefully i’ll be coming home this April or May and Zambales or La Union po ung gusto kong puntahan. Are the waves on this months good for beginners? San po ako mkaka sakay ng bus coming from Manila? and i’ll be a first time traveler :) . alone. any tips or suggestions? thnx :)

    • Hi Kenneth. The website Surfing Philippines has detailed guides on how to get to Zambales and La Union. According to their site, the best season for La Union is October to April (North Swell) and for Zambales it’s from April to September, so your trip should coincide with that. TIP: If you want budget accommodations since you’re a solo traveler, check into The Circle Hostel. They have branches in both La Union and Zambales. Enjoy your trip.

  19. Hello we are family of 4 traveling from Guam to PI end of June early July. No destination just looking for good waves and fishing. The 2 kids are late teens and experienced surfers, are short/fun boards available for rent? Any suggestions for our trip may be San Felipe? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  20. Are 11 year olds allowed to surf? Do you need to learn to swim before you can be taught how to surf? Because I can swim a little bit.

  21. Hi!

    Your article is really nice and I though of having a project with you. If interested, please email me so we can further discuss. Promise, this is not spam.

    Looking forward,


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  23. Hi Kara – This posting is really informative, especially about the season for particular location. I am wondering if you happen to know a van company I can hire from Manila to San Juan, La Union. Thank you.

  24. Nice post. I was just at Baler last weekend. Although the surf is great, the drive is not. Hahaha. I’m a regular at Baler (and Bagasbas) and it’s nice to know that there are more places, closer to manila with waves for surfing. The San Felipe site is most attractive considering the travel time and the wave quality. I wonder if the waves are good come June? Keep it up, really cool and informative article. :)

  25. Thanks Kara for your good travel notes. I am an ex surfer in Florida USA who is looking into traveling to the Philippines to maybe scout out a place to spend 1-2 months a year in semi retirement. I will probably scout out Luzon at somepoint because it is big and most international flights land in Manila. Cost of living seems a lot lower than US and seems to be pretty friendly to Americans. Lots of pretty girls and pretty countryside too. Thanks again, p

  26. Hi Kara, P again. I just read where they are picking up some radioactivity in California waters from the Japan nuke disaster. What does this mean for surfing Philippines? When I think of pollution I do not think of radioactivity! but have to consider. Any ideas?

    Thanks, p

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  28. Hi Kara,
    I’m reading with interest your blog cause I was looking for some information for surfing in Philippines..
    I’m a intermediate level surfer… I’m planning to go surfing in Philippines in october and I’m looking for some beaches where to go… I need a location that is suggestive, easy to reach and can offer a bit of life and suitable waves for my level…
    Do you have any suggestion to help me please…???
    Carlo \ooo/

  29. We are visiting Philippines Feb 26th to March 3rd. My friend is from Hawaii and is an experienced pro surfer. Where would you recommend he go for good surf? I was thinking either Baler, Zambales or La Union since those are closest to Manila. I want him to have a day of good surf with some consistent waves.


  30. Hi. I am planning on taking my wife and kids to philipinnes for 3 months. I will move around a little but was hoping you could suggest a place for a longer time (1month) that is a good budget for intermediate surfer and non surfers.
    Thank you

    • Hi Bob, for long term stays I’d suggest Zambales or Baler, as these two aren’t as touristy as the other surfing destinations and have beginner-friendly waves (depending on the season).

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    Pls see link for more info:

  33. hi kara, this is very useful :)

    though you didn’t mention the bottom in SAN JUAN, LA UNION or did i miss it? haha how is it? on this site it says that it has rocks etc. is that true? it says

    where is it better (safer) to go with foreigners? 😉 my bf and i are beginners, but would like to go to the “all type of surfer” spot or just not only beginners. just incase we would learn faster.

    thanks in advance

    • Hi Jocelyn, the shore was shallow and wasn’t rocky at least in the beginner’s surfing area. Not sure how it is in the further areas since I haven’t personally tried it. La Union is probably a good place to start since they have a lot of establishments there and are very tourist-friendly. :) Enjoy your trip.

  34. I am not a surfer and yesterday I was able to ride a wave after my second attempt to stand on a big surf board for beginners. Php300 an hr for the board at Sabang, Baler. For first timers one should find a beach with no stones ashore for one has to fall a lot at first. My friends had abrasion at fine sands, what more if it were not?

  35. For foreigners visiting the Philippines surf spots and do not want too much crowd, its easy, not on weekends, just pick Monday to Thursday schedule and enjoy.

  36. hello Kara,

    Im coming to ph for 2 months and have surfed for 20 years and like to surf bigger waves are there big waves – im asking to see if I should bring my 7’2 – Ill bring my 5’8 but its a little short for some of the bigger waves – but dont want to lug around an extra board if Im not going to use it – Ill be surfing mainly in january


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