Travel Guide: Tanay, Rizal

The town of Tanay in Rizal province is one of my favorite destinations near the metro for motorcycling road trips. Its proximity to Manila, refreshing mountain scenery, cooler climate and generally uncrowded destinations makes it a good alternative to Tagaytay on any given weekend. Parts of Tanay pass through portions of the Sierra Madre mountain range, making it a great motorcycling and biking destination.

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For weekend warriors and families, Tanay has lots to offer in terms of natural attractions. The resorts and leisure camps in the area also make it a popular destination for team-building activities as well.


Tanay is located 57 kilometers east of Manila in the Philippines. Tanay is bordered by Antipolo City in the northwest and the towns of Baras, Morong and Teresa in in the west, General Nakar (Quezon Province) in the east, and Pililla, Santa Maria (in the Laguna province) as well as the lake Laguna de Bay in the south.


Traveling by public transportation between Manila and Tanay can take between one to three hours depending on traffic conditions. There are vans and jeepneys plying from Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong, or in Sta. Lucia in Cainta and Antipolo that go through Tanay. Here’s a Commuting Guide to Tanay, Rizal.

motorcycle marilaque road

Since a lot of the destinations are spread apart, the easiest way to get around is if you have your own private transportation. It’s especially great for motorcycle riders, who can avoid the traffic and choke point areas in the busier towns. By private car or motorcycle, you can reach Tanay via the scenic Marilaque highway that starts in Cogeo and passes through the Sierra madre mountains, or the shorter but less scenic route through Antipolo, Teresa and then the Manila East Road. Travel time by motorcycle is an hour or so. It’s also a great place to explore by mountain bike.

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Masungi Georeserve (in Baras)

A conservation area and hiking trail set amidst a karst rock formation. The discovery trail contains various obstacles including hanging bridges, caves, viewing decks and a giant hammock. Technically the Georeserve is part of Baras and not Tanay, but it’s near enough  Tanay by proximity.

masungi georeserve tanay rizal giant hammock duyan travelup

RATES: The conservation fee for a full trail visit is at Php 1,500.00 per person on weekdays and 1,800 per person during weekends, for a group of 7-13 persons. For inquiries, contact: or visit:

Daranak Falls

Tanay’s most famous tourist spot is Daranak Falls, a 14-meter high refreshing cascade with a deep basin for swimming. The place is quite popular with locals and tourists, so expect a lot of people sightseeing, swimming and having picnics during the weekend. To maximize your visit, go on a weekday (except for summer, when the place really gets crowded).daranak falls tanay rizal

RATES: Daranak is open from 8am to 5pm every day. Entrance fee is P50 per person. Kids below 3ft are free of charge. Picnic shed is P300 (can accommodate 8 persons). Overnight camping & bringing alcoholic drinks are not allowed. 

Batlag Falls

Just a short hike from Daranak is Batlag Falls, a more secluded spot with flowing strams and a large tree picturesque tree. Since it’s located in private property, there’s a separate (more expensive) entrance fee to go in, which means there are less people swimming. batlag falls tanay rizal

RATES: Entrance fee: P100 per head (day trip), P50 for kids, P200 for overnight stay (camping; bring your own tents)

Calinawan Cave

Just a 20-minute drive from Daranak Falls, Calinawan (or Kalinawan) Cave is a cave said to have been the strongholds of Filipino Resistance fighters against the colonizers.

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RATES: Locals charge visitors to Calinawan Cave P20 entrance fee per head. There’s a guide fee of P200 pesos per group.

Daraitan River 

Daraitan River is a river hidden in the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. It’s been named the cleanest inland body of water in Region IV and is an ideal site for mountaineers, backpackers and trekkers.

daraitan river tanay rizal hut

Tinipak River & Rocks

Beautiful naturally carved marble rock formations can be found along Tinipak River. There’s also a cave with a subterranean pool that you can trek to and swim in.daraitan river tanay rizal

01. tinipak rocks rizal

RATES: P20 for environmental fee, P500 for tour guide for day hike, P1,250 for tour guide for overnight stays. All visitors need to register at the Barangay Hall to get a permit to visit Tinipak Springs and Cave or climb Mt. Daraitan. For inquiries, please contact the Municipality of Tanay, Province of Rizal Tourism Information Center. Contact info: 0906-2436298/ 0908-4579509 / 0998-9881590 / 0923-6810969

15. balete tree tinipak cave

Kinabuan Falls

Located in Brgy. Sta. Ines, Kinabuan Falls is an ideal destination for mountaineers & mountain bikers looking for an off-the-beaten path adventure. There are several shallow rivers and streams you have to cross to get to the falls.

kinabuan falls sta ines tanay rizal travelup

RATES: There’s no entrance fee, but you will need to register at the Sta. Ines Barangay Hall. It’s customary to donate something in kind to the chieftain of the Dumagat village.

Sangab Cave

Another cave in Tanay is Sangab Cave near Sta. Ines road, whose entrance is under water.

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Tanay Lakeshore & Parola

The Tanay Lakeshore and its lighthouse known as parola provides a grand view of the lake and mountains. Locals usually visit the area in the early morning for the cool breeze and warm morning sun. The lighthouse isn’t that high, but it’s a major landmark in the town, with lots of fishing boats parked near the pier. There’s a restaurant here called Kainan sa Tabing-Lawa.

tanay parola lighthouse sky

Kalingang Pilipino at Paseo Rizal

At the ground floor of the restaurant Paseo Rizal Mayagay in Sampaloc is a small art gallery and gift shop called “Kalingang Pilipino” which showcases a good collection of folkloric artwork, paintings, sculptures and mixed media pieces by local artists.paseo rizal mayagay museum paintings

RATES: There’s no entrance fee to visit Kalingang Pilipino, but it would be good if you eat in the main restaurant.

Regina RICA

Regina Rica (Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia) is a 14-hectare sanctuary for Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii and popular pilgrimage site that contains a 71-foot high statue of Queen of the Holy Rosary. The sanctuary also has a church situated amidst the hills, three waterfalls, a creek and over 10,000 trees. regina rica tanay rizal trail

RATES: There is no entrance fee to visit Regina RICA, though donations are accepted. Website:

Tanay Church

One of the 26 churches nationwide chosen by the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts as national heritage sites. It is one of the oldest churches in Rizal and holds many centuries old religious artifacts.

tanay church rizal

Other religious points of interest in Tanay include the Holy Cross Chapel in Bukal and the Grotto, where visitors climb 300 steps up to visit the shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Check out this list of Road Trip Restaurants along Marilaque, which includes several restaurants in Tanay.

Paseo Rizal Mayagay

Paseo Rizal Mayagay is a large restaurant and events venue catering to road trippers, serving Filipino food and native specialties like bulalo, suman and tablea. They have a couple of rooms for overnight stays.

paseo rizal mayagay facade

Ten Cents to Heaven

Ten Cents to Heave in a leisure camp with a large rustic restaurant, wooden cabanas, obstacle courses, wall-climbing facility, long zipline & hanging bridge, and swimming pools. Good for families team-building and weekend getaways.

02. ten cents to heaven venue

Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

A popular getaway resort for families, Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort offers homey accommodations. They also have a swimming pool, hanging bridge and zipline and their own waterfall in the premises.

sierra madre hotel & resort rooms

Pranjetto Hills Resort

One of the older establishments in area, located in the scenic foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Pranjetto Hills is a resort and events venue for weekend stays, corporate planning, and even garden weddings.

Momarco Resort & Hotel

A secluded resort with a newly built hotel and casita suites, villas, and dorm or barracks type rooms. The resort is ideal for family out-of-town trips, school excursions, company team buildings and youth camps. Momarco has a huge swimming pool, man-made lagoon, sports center, mini-zoo and also contains the Bathala Bike Park within its premises.

momarco resort tanay rizal manmade lagoon

For inquiries, get in touch with the TANAY TOURISM. Ground Floor, New Tanay Municipal Hall, M. H. del Pilar St., Tanay, Rizal 1980

  • Contact numbers: (02) 7361059 / (02) 6552195 loc 212-213 / 09989881590
  • Facebook: Tanay Tourism
  • Twitter:

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  2. I was overwhelmed of these things Tanay has to offer. It will be hard to cross all of them! Thanks for this information! 🙂

  3. Hi Kara,
    Your post oriented me a lot! I just have some more inquiry on going to Daranak falls via motorcycle. Are there safe parking areas provided? May I know specifically how to get there, please?

  4. Hi DJ. Here’s Daranak Falls on Googlemaps. You can get there via the Tanay-Sampaloc Road coming from either the Manila East Road or the longer Marilaque Highway. Turn into Daranak Falls road and take the left fork. Yes, there’s a parking area near the entrance of the falls. P20 yata bayad for motorcycles. May portions na rough road lang. Hope this helps.

  5. Hi, a couple of friends and I want to go to the Grotto, Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls, Calinawan Cave and the lighthouse…

    How do we get to Tanay from Santolan LRT station?

    We would want to rent a tricycle to take us to these places if possible. Where is the terminal or the contact person? What’s a reasonable fee for the rent going to all these places and back to the Terminal taking us back to the LRT station?

    Do we need to book a tour guide to these places? Are there guides available on-the-spot near the venues? Or could we go without any tour guide?

    What’s the minimum number of person in a group for the tour guide? Can it be just for one? or two?

    What’s a good amount of money to bring? Are there places to buy food in these places or do we have to pack our own?

    Lastly, what are the essential things to bring?
    Sorry for asking so many questions… It’s my first time travelling outside the metro without any family members joining… Please be kind. 🙂

  6. 1) I have never tried commuting because I usually motorcycle/bike to these destinations, but check this commuting guide. It says there’s an FX (P70) near Santolan LRT station going to Tanay.
    2) Tricycles can be hired at the Tanay Public Market, when you get down from the van or jeep. Most charge P150-P250 per group (4 pax) to take you to the falls. Negotiate if you will rent it for the whole day since you’re visiting multiple sites.
    3) You don’t need a tour guide to visit the Grotto, Daranak and Batlag. Just go in and enjoy the place but be warned that Daranak gets very crowded during weekends. To enjoy the experience fully, I’d suggest you go on a weekday. Guides are required for Calinawan Cave. Yes, they’re available before you go in. No reservation required.
    4) For caving, there were just 2 of us when we went. The cost is lower if your group is bigger since you’re going to split the guide fee per group.
    5) Budget 1k per person each to be safe (P200 – caving guide, P20 – Calinawan entrance fee cave, P50 – Daranak entrance fee, P100 – Batlag entrance fee) + food + transpo and miscellaneous expenses.
    6) There are small sari-sari stores near these places but most people who go there bring their own food for picnics. There are no eateries or restaurants in the area that I know of.
    7) Essentials: Camera, swimwear/change of clothes (if you’re planning to swim), insect repellent, flashlight for cave visit, and a sense of adventure. :p

  7. Thank you very much! Your input is very much appreciated! I feel I’m more ready and well suited now for Friday when we go there 🙂

  8. Although I’m wondering how much is an appropriate cost if we are to rent the tricycle for the day?

  9. napaka ganda naman ng view dyan sa tanay….gusto ko din ma experience at makita ang magagandang kabundukan at malasap ang sariwang hangin
    and to see all their natural attraction…
    i want to see also the beauty of sierra madre mountain…
    Thanks for the information..
    i wish someday i can go there…

  10. Hello Goodmorning,

    Can i ask if possible ba mag tourist visit lang sa Masungi Georeserved as single payment? How much? Hoping that i’ll get response asap! Thank you.

  11. I want to feel free the summer season through our nature!

    *Philippines is the best!

  12. Hi Regine. The conservation fee for a full trail visit at Masungi Georeserve is P1,000 per person, for a group of 7-10 persons. Prices for smaller groups may be accommodated, but you’ll still have to pay the full fee for at least 7 people, so that would be P7,000 total. I suggest you get friends or family members to join you. Please inquire directly at or visit their website for other details. You can book your preferred date of visit directly from their website.

  13. Hi

    I just want to ask if how much is the entrance fee for masungi georeserve rock formation? how much will be the cost if you were just couple to go there? your infomation will much appreciated:)) god bless you.

  14. Hi Jezel, like I wrote in the post, the fee is P1,000 per person, for a minimum of 7 people. Even if there are just 2 people, you have to pay the fee for min. 7 people. However, they’ve been having some problems with the Tanay LGU. Check out their Facebook page for the latest details.

  15. Hi open po ba ngaun sa masungi georeseerve?
    Gusto ko po sana magpareserve, pero nakahide mga dates nila ngayong march. pwede po ba mag walk in dun? and then, nag a-acommodate po sila kahit 2 persons lang? lahat po ba ng destination sa masungi is closed? thank you

  16. Hi Diuna. Please contact them directly through their Facebook page or email address: Parang may problema sila ngayon because of a controversy with Tanay LGU and I’m not sure if they are operating normally. Maraming nag-cocomplain dun na di sinasagot yung inquiries nila regarding reservations. From what I know, ok lang 2 persons pero babayaran niyo yung full fee of 7k (kasi minimum 7 pax per group) so di sulit.

  17. Hi, we’ll be going to Tanay via private van. Could you provide us the route we could use going to the different spots you mentioned? This is our first time to travel to Tanay, so we’re not really familiar with the roads there. Thanks!

  18. Very informative blog. I just want to ask if it is possible to commute going to masungi georeserve? or through private vehicles lang dapat?

    thanks. more power to your blog.

  19. Hi.

    Is There any contact number for Masungi Georeserve? Thanks in advance for the reply.. 🙂

  20. Hi!

    Just want to ask if we can commute going to Masungi Georeserve? I been trying to look for a guide but I can’t seem to find one. I know we should hire a private van but the members of our group are coming from different places so we decided to meet at Tanay instead.

    Hope you could help us. Many thanks!

  21. Hi, i just want to ask if magkano ang trike going to sierra madre resort? Kelangan ba siya irent for the whole day talaga? Mag-shuttle kase kame from starmall shaw to tanay public market. Thank youuuu 🙂

  22. Hello! We have plans of going there around September. Is it advisable? Would it be better if we bring a car?

  23. Hi Shiela, it depends if the weather is rainy at the time. Yes, it’s better if you have your own form of transpo since the destinations are spread apart and jeeps don’t pass that often.

  24. Hello! I will be accompanying a japanese tourist for a day. Could you kindly suggest a whole day itinerary for us? Thank you!

  25. Hi Ester, do you have your own transportation? I would recommend Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo and some dining destinations there since travel time to Tanay might take too long. It really depends on what type of trip you want to do. Please message me on Facebook for further inquiries.

  26. Hi! May I ask the exact directions on how to commute to Masungi Georeserve from Robinsons Metro East?

  27. Hi.. What hotel that is near to Masungi Georeserve? Our problem is if we will be commuting to Masungi and from Masungi to resort.


  28. Hi kara!

    Just wanna ask few.

    1. Ung groto po ba na sabi nyo sa isang comment ay ung regina rica?

    2. Ung sa batlag cave, if 2 lang kame, need ba namin bayadan ung 200 fee for guide each? Tsaka how much ung magagastos if 2 lang kayo if you want to go to batlag? Estimated lang po hehe.

    3. Is there any hotel or place to stay if umulan? Ung affordable lang po hehe thanks!

    Your reply will be much appreciated :)thanks!

    Anyways thanks for the ideas.

  29. Hi Sir/ Ma’am,

    We got an event coming in this Sept. 17- 18.
    We are planning to have night trek to Kinabuan Falls and an optional climb to Irid or Tukduan Banoi for the Joiners.

    I heard on the last event that I joined that we need to get a permit ahead of time. Problem is that I was told that there is no reception in the area. So, I need to get it reserved via email. Can I have the email address?

  30. Can you suggest which will be our first destination for 2 days in tanay we are staying in bakasyunan resort since check in time is still 1pm and we will leave at 7am in quezon to visit the regina rica,grotto,daranak or batlag,lighthouse,san ildefonso church,pililia windmill and black madonna church.(with 3kids age is 3,4 and 6 yrs.old

  31. Hello. Maybe take a road trip through Marilaque to go to Regina Rica in the morning, then go back to Paseo Rizal for lunch before checking in at Bakasyunan. In the afternoon, visit Daranak, Batlag and Calinawan Cave, grotto plus stay in resort. Day 2, drive to Manila East Road to go to Pililla Windmills. Lunch can be either in Bulawan Floating Restaurant or Kawayan Farm before driving back to Manila via Antipolo. You can pass by the lighthouse and Laguna Lake going back. Check Googlemaps to plan your route better.

  32. We are have our team building this coming Monday in one of the resort in Tanay and we are planning to do side trip on our way to the resort ( Bakasyunan) can you suggest what are those place we can drop by. We are coming from manila.

  33. Hi Cyril, the most accessible along the highway going to Bakasyunan (if you’re passing Sierra Madre) would be resorts/restos like Ten Cents to Heaven and Paseo Rizal.

  34. Hello po ask ko pang po dalawa lamg kame pupunta sa calinawan cave bukas 20 po entrance di ba tapos 200 guide kailangan po ba namen bayaran ung 200 each?

  35. May alam po laying pwede masamahan ng group kasi ako lang ang pupunta. .any contact numbers na pwede matawagan?

  36. Hi Justine. It depends on what destinations you plan to go to. From the Tanay Public market, a trike can bring you to Regina Rica, Daranak and Batlag Falls, Calinawan Cave, Tanay Church and Parola for P400 for 6 hours, maximum of 4 passengers. But a lot of the places are far apart from each other and require special trips. Getting to Tinipak Rocks in Daraitan can cost P500 one way by tricycle.

  37. Hi, Kara!

    We’re planning to go on a day swimming this weekend.. which resort do you suggest we go to?
    Gusto sana namin yung di masyadong matao..yung medyo private ang ambiance..
    pero sana rin may view 🙂
    Will very much appreciate your answer..
    thanks! 🙂

  38. Hi Paulo, Ten Cents to Heaven is usually very quiet with a great view but the pool is small. Palo Alto has a huge pool, and wasn’t so crowded when we visited but it’s getting more popular, so I can’t guarantee that there won’t be other people. It really depends if there’s an event being held in the places.

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