99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

After searching through photo archives of previous trips where I know I drank beers abroad, checking out several places that serve imported and craft beer in Manila, and raiding the alcohol section of a LOT of grocery stores, I finally completed my 99 Bottles of Beer on the (Facebook) Wall collection! I thought about seriously doing this sometime in October 2011 after thinking to myself “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” would make a cool post, and am happy to say that I have completed it as Oktoberfest 2012 is coming to an end.

  • MISSION: “99 Bottles of Beer”
  • GOAL: Try 99 different brands of beer from as many countries as possible
  • STATUS: 99 / 99 collected (as of 10.20.12)

Here are the beers in alphabetical order:

  1. 333 Export
  2. Amstel Beer
  3. Arrogant Bastard Ale
  4. Asahi
  5. Bali Hai
  6. Ballast Point
  7. Becks
  8. Beerlao
  9. Beer na Beer
  10. BGI Beer
  11. Bia Hoi
  12. Biere du Corsaire
  13. Bintang
  14. Bitburger
  15. Bogsbrew
  16. Breda
  17. Brigand
  18. Budweiser
  19. Bundaberg – Apple Ale
  20. Bundaberg – Ginger Beer
  21. Can Tho
  22. Cass Fresh
  23. Cerveza Negra
  24. Chang Light
  25. Chimay Blue
  26. Colt 45
  27. Colt 45 Triple Hops
  28. Coors Light
  29. Corona Extra
  30. Crown Lager
  31. Desperados Tequila Beer
  32. Diebels
  33. Dos Equis
  34. Duvel
  35. Erdinger
  36. ESB
  37. Estrella Galicia
  38. Foster’s
  39. Franzishaner
  40. Gold Eagle Beer
  41. Gordon Biersch
  42. Grimbergen
  43. Grolsch
  44. Guinness
  45. Heineken
  46. Hitachino Nest
  47. Hite
  48. Hoegaarden
  49. James Boag’s
  50. John Smith’s Extra Smooth
  51. Kirin Beer
  52. Kwak
  53. Leffe
  54. Leo
  55. Liq
  56. Manila Green (Light)
  57. Manila Red (All-Malt)
  58. Mongozo (Coconut Beer)
  59. Max
  60. Miller Genuine Draft
  61. Murphy’s
  62. Pearl River
  63. OB Blue
  64. Oettinger Pils
  65. Oranjeboom
  66. Orval
  67. Pabst Blue Ribbon
  68. Paulaner Salvator
  69. Petrus
  70. Pilsner Urquell
  71. Pink Killer
  72. Pivo Praha – Classic
  73. Pivo Praha – Dark
  74. Pivo Praha – Weizen
  75. Primo Bogs
  76. Red Horse Beer
  77. Rogue Dead Guy Ale
  78. Rogue Mocha Porter
  79. Saigon Beer
  80. San Mig Light
  81. San Miguel Pale Pilsen
  82. San Miguel Premium (All-Malt)
  83. San Miguel Super Dry
  84. Satan Gold
  85. Silly Saison
  86. Singha
  87. Skol
  88. Sol
  89. Stella Artois
  90. Stockholm
  91. Strongbow
  92. Tecate
  93. Tiger
  94. Tripel Karmeliet
  95. Tsingtao
  96. Victoria Bitter
  97. Warsteiner
  98. Yanjing
  99. Zorok

BONUS BOTTLE #100: Katipunan Craft Indio Pale Ale

A special shout-out to all my relatives and friends who:

  • Recommended good places to get imported beer here
  • Brought home beers from their trips abroad
  • Gave me unique beers as gifts for special occasions and Christmas last year
  • Raided their friends’ ref and stole beers to give to me
  • Bought beers but failed to give them to me because someone else drank them (true story)
  • Joined me in this beer-hunting quest, which has been described by my most frequent beer-hunting buddy as “bordering on obsession”

Some of the places to can get imported and craft beer here in Manila include Pivo Resto Bar in Ortigas, The Distillery in Eastwood, Burgers & Chix in Pioneer, Bravo Bar in Makati and Penpen’s in Cubao X. In case you’re interested, my favorite beer was the the 99th beer I tried – Pivo Praha Weizen from Bravo Sport Bar (the last bottle of which I am drinking right now as I write). Will be writing about the most interesting and cool Pinoy beers (including the elusive Gold Eagle Beer which I finally found in Guimaras & Bogsbrew and Primo, craft beer from Bacolod, Negros Island) in a separate post.

With this quest, I have proven to myself that I can finish what I started! Now if only I could channel my creative energies into something more productive :p Cheers!

For notes on the individual beers including country of origin and alcohol content, check out the gallery of photos on Facebook.

16 thoughts on “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

  1. Wow! Great post.
    I’ll keep an eye out on those beers you mentioned.

    BTW, talagang well stocked ang Gold Eagle beer sa Guimaras. We only knew about it when our supply ran out and it was the only beer available at the stores.

    • A fellow beer-hunter! Cool. There’s this new Pinoy beer that I’ve been trying to get a hold of – Katipunan Craft Ale, but it’s always out of stock. Your friend might have more luck finding it. Best of luck to your friend. This was an expensive undertaking.

    • Hi Aleah! Will look out for Gambrinus, sounds great. Hopefully it’s available here in Manila. Honestly, I find the taste of Beer na Beer worse than Manila beer. Haha. Ang layo ng local beers sa Belgian and microbrewed beer!

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  4. Good to hear that your also in your quest to find craftbeers… I’m on my 300+ already… Keep it up and stay drunk…

  5. WOW! What I intended to do but have not done yet!
    Supposed to be my 100 Beers Before I Die syndrome
    parallel with my 100 Places to See Before I Die !
    Great post, indeed!
    I salute you and bow to your dedicated resolve and
    focused on things you really wanted to do !

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