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My family is a real sucker for themed parties, especially during Christmas. For the past nine years, my sister, cousins and I unleash our creativity by converting what we already have into DIY costumes, making our own props and brainstorming on games that will fit the theme. My grandmother and aunt also tend to go overboard with the food preparation and the decor, making sure every little detail will go with the theme. If you’re looking for themed party ideas for your next bash, here are some party peg suggestions based on what we’ve already tried.


A Black & White Affair is a classy theme that’s easy enough to pull-off since everyone has something black and white in their closet. For our 2004 Christmas party, we went for a vintage feel with classics as our background music and a mafia touch to the games, program and food. We came up with a customized murder mystery game based on Cluedo and had a Christmas Exchange Gift (anything vintage).


We don’t normally get to wear the traditional costumes we buy from trips abroad, so in 2005, we decided to do an Asian themed party. The result was an interesting mix of geishas, a Thai boxer, a Cambodian Guerilla, a Vietnamese peasant, a Japanese Chef and more. Asian dishes like Pad Thai, Chicken Pandan and Green Curry were served and we tried our hand at some activities like Origami folding and Mahjong.


Masquerade! Paper faces on parade! Our 2006 Christmas party was an excuse to get decked out in finery and wear ball gowns and Venetian masks. We played our usual games like Charades and Poker. Cool costumes included Juliet from Romeo + Juliet and the Phantom of the Opera.


For our 2007 party, we celebrated Movie Magic by dressing up as iconic characters from the Silver Screen. Aside from the normal party food, there was popcorn, cotton candy, soda and a candy buffet for the kids. We played some trivia and acting games like Hollywood Stars, Charades and Guesstures and this cellphone raffle game (everyone writes their cellphone number on a piece of paper and drops it in a hat: the number that gets called last gets all the money under the phone).


Our 2008 Christmas celebration was a fun and colorful Mexican fiesta, complete with all our favorite Mexican dishes – Quesadillas, Burritos, Chicken Enchiladas, Nachos and salsa. We had loads of fun taking telenovela-style pictorials. Some of our games included Pin the tail on the Donkey (with tequila shots beforehand for the adults) and a Candle Game (a game for pairs; partners have to blow out the candles of other teams while protecting their own candles), which has become one of our favorites for parties.


In 2009, we did a Native American Indian themed party with home-cooked dishes like Baby Back Ribs, Sweet Corn, Muffins, Hashbrowns, Carrot Cake and Roasted Marshmallows. For the games, we had a Tribal Treasure Hunt, Indian Name Game and Balloon Squash (each participant has a balloon tied to one foot and they have to stomp on other people’s balloons while protecting their own). Fun game.


We celebrated 2010 with a SEA-son’s Greetings Nautical-inspired party. Notable food for the party included Kani Sandwiches, Fish fillet, Seafood pasta, Blueberry cheesecake and  cupcakes & cookies with red, white and blue sprinkles and icing that we got to decorate ourselves. Decoding our place cards and gifts was a game in itself since our names were spelled out using the Nautical Alphabet. We played some fishing related games (fishing relay race and magnetic fishing game for the kids). My cousin made a life-sized Ropes and Ladders board game, while I made a Scene It trivia game with scenes from TV shows and movies that had anything to do with boats.


The charming country theme we did in 2011 was another easy theme to pull off. Decor included streamers in red, white, blue while tables were decorated in gingham cloth. Everyone sported denim and checkered clothes, with bandanas, cowboy hats and boots as accessories. Food included country-style food like Corn on the Cob, Baked Chicken, Baked Ribs, Carrot Cupcakes, Baked Apples, Vanilla Ice Cream, Pecan Pie and Candied Apples. We played BINGO and a few country fair type games like Balloon Darts, Coin Toss, and tried Line Dancing.


For our 2012 Christmas party, we celebrated with a whimsical party where we all dressed up as fairy tale icons, characters from classic children’s books and nursery rhymes. Food included Roast Turkey with stuffing, Sweet potato salad, Black Forest, Butter Cake and a Gingerbread House that we had to assemble ourselves. We also played a couple of games like Pinoy Henyo (Fairy Tale Edition), and Naming of the most Christmas Carols adn Disney Songs.

Christmas just ended, but we’ve already started planning what to do for the 10th Anniversary Xmas party next year. Yes, that’s how crazy we are.

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