Fun Runs: More Fun with Zombies

I’m not a runner and normally hate jogging or joining marathons since I find running boring in general. But throw in zombies and obstacle courses and you’ve got me hooked. On the first week that registration for Outbreak Manila opened, I trooped to Toby’s to make sure we got slots and obsessively checked updates on their Facebook page on the days leading up to the run.

Results: Finished my first 5k race in under an hour. You don’t really run most of the race. It was more like hiking (in the intense heat) mixed in with multiple games of patintero with zombies. Anyway, I survived the run with one health flag left at the end! A lone zombie sneaked up behind me and got a flag as I was attempting to cross a horde. I lost another flag at a choke point somewhere along the “Horde Way” (as opposed to the Easy Way). There was also one area where you could put on zombie guts (brown strips of cloth) and shamble your way and act like zombies so they wouldn’t harm you. At any rate, the whole race was a blast. Since I didn’t want to be weighed down by an SLR, Art took our handy GoPro and just shot video of the whole thing which I edited. Here’s our video diary of our experience of running for our lives:

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22 thoughts on “Fun Runs: More Fun with Zombies

  1. Nic vid! Ganda pa ng clouds. The Outbreak… panalo! Hahaha! It was fun! In fairness mababait yung mga zombies pag mabait ka din 🙂

    Natatawa ako sa part that we had to wear a ribbon and disguise as zombie to escape a block of zombies! Hahaha!

    I didn’t know that you were there! Sayang 🙂

    • Hi Angel! Too bad I didn’t see you there but we were in one of the later waves. I agree the zombies were very nice. Some of the other runners were even negotiating with them not to take their flags since they only had 1 life left. Great run!

    • There was a zombie near the starting line who was limbering up every time a new wave would be released and gleefully grabbing as many flags as he could. It was pretty cool. They should have awarded zombies for capturing the most health flags :p

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  3. Oh. This has been trending topic with my friends… I had one fun run, but if ever, this could be really fun! Wanna try. Tatakbo ka talaga kasi may zombies at para di ka makuhanan ng flag. Any perk at the end of the race with one flag left?

    • The first 40 runners of each wave got a medal and the top male and female finishers also received prizes. There were special prizes for best dressed runner and zombies as well. Perk for surviving with one flag left = the satisfaction of knowing you can survive a zombie apocalypse. 🙂

    • Thanks Gelaikuting. Read your post on Outbreak BGC! 🙂 Ang saya, no? Ang hirap ng wall of zombies outside the first obstacle course with the white garters. I think I lost 2 lives there. :p Congrats on surviving!

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