Gear Review: Maz Brasil Sneakers

Whenever I travel, I always pick comfort over style. For the airport, city tours and general travel, I usually opt for sneakers or comfortable shoes rather than more stylish high heels or sandals. It always helps to be wearing something easy to take on and off, won’t keep your feet cramped and are easy to walk around in the whole day. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort with the fun sneaker options available from Maz Brasil Philippines.

Maz Brasil is a unique line of sneakers 100% handmade in Brazil that are now available in the Philippines. Each pair carries that energetic Brazilian vibe expressed in vibrant color combinations inspired by Brazil’s famous beach destinations and surf culture. They offer a wide range of color combinations and hues to fit any mood. These shoes can easily take you from the airport to the beach and across the urban jungle. They’re casual enough for everyday wear and are ideal for urban activities like sightseeing, city tours or casual rides.


Maz Brasil sneaker designs are unisex and come in the same color options for both women’s and men’s sizes, which is great. I’ve always hated how outdoor gear like shoes usually come in very specific colors for guys and girls. Usually guys get the rugged blue, brown or black and red options, while shoes for girls are always in pastel or lighter shades of pink and purple.

Maz Brasil sneakers come three categories: cool, fresh and glamour. The cool collection features bright neon and contrasting color combinations that will appeal to younger sneakerheads. The fresh collection offers fun designs like Samba Orange or Bumble Bee along with more classic combinations like Shark Grey and Royal Navy with just a pop of color. Under the Glamour line, they have a gold pair or sneakers with glittery sequin details (for both men and women!)

Since I already have a lot of neutral colored shoes, I opted for the sneakers in the Red Hot Chili design. I have a lot of black, red and white shirts, so I think red sneakers add a bit of interest and will match a lot of my clothes. I also got attracted to the shoes since it matches my red and white scooter.

I actually had a hard time choosing which color to get because of all the color options available. The Amazon White, which was my second choice, seems to be popular with the guys. It looks very classic and can be mixed and matched with more wardrobe options. If I were to get a second pair, I’d definitely go with that.


Lightweight – The sneakers are very lightweight (as light as 200 grams). They’re very easy to pack and allow you to move with comfort and ease wherever you go. They feel like minimalist shoes. Unlike other shoes I’ve tried, there was no break in period. I didn’t get any blisters wearing this at first even without socks.

Flexible – The shoes are flexible and can be easily folded to fit your luggage or carry-on bags. Most of my outdoor shoes are bulky and take up a lot of space, so I usually just end up wearing the heaviest pair which I use for the whole trip. I prefer to handcarry bags instead of checking in stuff. This means I have to plan outfits to match the main shoes I’m wearing. Since Maz Brasil shoes are light, you can stash it in your bag, giving you more shoe/outfit options once you get to your destination.

Machine washable – The sneakers are machine washable and easily dries in 10 to 15 minutes. They’re very easy to clean.


I’ve worn the sneakers around  the city for events and just day-to-day chores. They’re casual enough for everyday wear and you can pair it easily with denim shorts, jeans or even dresses for a sporty look.

I used it to attend a craft beer festival held in an open air park setting. It rained during the night and the shoes got really muddy, but it was very easy to clean them after. I just had to run the soles of the shoes under water and left it out to dry and it looked good again in no time.

I also used the sneakers for city walking around Taipa Village and the Ruins of St. Paul area in Macau during an overseas trip. It was very comfortable to walk around even over cobblestone areas, though you can really feel the terrain more compared to shoes with bulkier soles. I think the color I picked really stands out in photos.

I also used the sneakers during our visit to the Macau Tower during Skywalking and Bungy Jumping activities. The traction was good even outdoors. It wasn’t slippery at all to walk on the tower’s outdoor rim and the shoes provided good support.


Maz Brasil Philippines sneakers are ideal for travelers always on the go because they’re very comfortable to walk around in, they’re lightweight, flexible and easy to clean. They’re great to wear at the airport, during city tours and the urban jungle. They add a more vibrant, colorful and fun touch to the usual monochromatic look for photos.

Maz Brasil Sneakers aim to give people the freedom to express themselves, stand out, be different and have fun doing it. Their tagline “refuse to be ordinary” celebrates individuality and self-expression. I really like the fact that the sneakers have the same designs and colors for both guys and girls. If you’re a girl who prefers colors which are traditionally seen as more masculine, you have options. Or if you’re a guy who wants to wear pink or gold shoes, then go for it!


Maz Brasil Philippines sneakers cost P4,200 – P4,400/pair (depending on the design).


Maz Brasil sneakers are available on

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