Gear Review: Spyder Reboot Motorcycle Helmet

One of the most important safety gear to have if you’re a motorcycle rider is a protective motorcycle helmet. Wearing a high-quality helmet can spell the difference between leveling up on your road trip and “game over.”

Because of the passage of the Motorcycle Helmet Act at the start of the year, all riders are now required to wear helmets that have passed the standards of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and have ICC stickers. There are a handful of brands that are certified, including Spyder, a major sporting brand in the
country that specializes in high-performance athletic gear. Spyder helmets bear the marks of excellence and safety, so they’re a very good investment.

They promise safety above all, but they don’t scrimp on convenience, functionality and style either.

Spyder has some really awesome designed helmets including the geeky cool Team Unite series that I’ve been lusting over. Wearing any of the models [Phoenix Unite: White/Blue/Red, Recon Unite: Red/Gold and Xcelerate 2.0] will make anyone feel like a bad-ass superhero. They also have a special edition Bushido design under the Recon line that will make you want to unleash your inner road warrior.

I really loved all of those helmets. Unfortunately, the ones I tried at a Spyder stall in a mall were way too big for me 🙁 They’re also full-faced helmets, and I prefer using open faced ones since it doesn’t get as hot in city traffic. I’m also afraid that if I had a helmet as cool as those, someone would eventually steal it.

One of Spyder’s latest helmet lines to come out is called Reboot, one of three open-faced helmet lines (the others are Tyro and Sage). Based on looks alone, Reboot is a sleek helmet that can be used for errands around town, casual city rides, and leisurely day trips out of town. The design is somewhat flashy, which is a good thing in helmets, because it adds to your visibility on the road. Here are a few of the features that make the helmet stand out:


1) Designed for safety

It’s no secret that many motorcycle accidents in the country come from riders not wearing helmets or wearing substandard ones. Spyder helmets were designed with safety in mind, and come with an ABS Composite Shell. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is an advanced high impact polymer and fast becoming the preferred material for helmets, because of its ability to withstand impact. The material is less rigid than fiberglass, giving it better shock absorption qualities.

2) Made from high quality materials

The Spyder Reboot helmet also comes with a Dual Density EPS liner, a soft but firm layer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) that rests just beneath the fabric inner liner. This layer absorbs most of the energy in a crash and also provides channels to direct airflow inside the helmet.

3) Scratch resistant visor

The visor is Polycarbonate Scratch resistant, making it thinner and lighter than traditional plastic helmet lenses. The visors also offer 100 percent ultraviolet (UV) protection and are up to ten times more impact-resistant than regular plastic lenses.

4) Removable inner lining

The lining of the helmet is completely removable and washable, and is said to dry faster than other polyester liners. The lining is made of an ultra-absorbent, quick-dry inner liners wicks moisture away from your head and into the interior of the helmet, where the ventilation system at the back of the helmet blows it dry.

5) Rapid release buckles

The helmet comes equipped with rapid-release buckles that can quickly and easily be fastened and unfastened with one hand. This quick release retention system eliminates the need to re-adjust the strap every time the helmet is worn. My problem with the buckle is that it kind of grated against my skin. This was remedied by wearing headware as a dustmask which covered my chin and the part where the strap goes on.


Anyone can see that this is one cool looking helmet. The graphic lightning bolt pattern makes it look really tough and gives riders an added stat boost of +10 astig points just by wearing it alone. It sure beats the boring plain black helmet that I purchased in Caloocan last year just to fulfill the ICC sticker requirement, and is definitely way, way cooler than the cheapo half-shell type helmet with cartoon characters and flowers on the side that I had to cover with stickers. (True story)

The Spyder Reboot helmet comes in a set of cool colors that may remind you of a certain superhero team that transforms to fight giant robots and kaijus. Of the color choices, I immediately gravitated towards the Black/Red helmet, since they’re my favorite colors. Plus, the helmet matches my scooter Chocobo. Sweet!


The helmet size I got isn’t really a perfect fit. I got M, when I really think I should be using an S, but the size wasn’t available. It felt a bit loose during my solo test ride to Sierra Madre and back a couple of weeks ago. Again, headware came to the rescue. I folded one over, stuffed it inside and readjusted the straps so it
fits better.

It seems to fit my husband (OutsideSlacker) more. He keeps stealing it anyway (as well as my scooter, since his motorcycle needs to undergo a major overhaul). At least we both can use it.

So, who do you think wore it better?

PRICE: The Spyder Reboot helmet costs P1,795.00

WHERE TO BUY IT: Spyder helmets are available in Spyder branches and outlets in malls nationwide. To search for your nearest dealer or store branch, select your area/city here: Some helmet models are also available for online purchase through Zalora.

HELMET CARE: Check out this article on 10 Useful tips in taking care of your Spyder Helmet.

For more information on Spyder products, visit the following:

15 thoughts on “Gear Review: Spyder Reboot Motorcycle Helmet

  1. I’m not on a motorbike but, I use a Spyder cycling helmet (grey camouflage TRAX) when I ride my mountain bike. It’s very light and has great ventilation. Great comfort and safety features replicated across all their lines.

    I wish they have these same designs for their MTB audience.

    • Hope Spyder comes up with more geeky designs for the MTB audience as well. Aside from helmets, bikers seem to be willing to shell out a lot for jerseys. Hoping for superhero/old school inspired designs in the future.

  2. spyder was my lid-of-choice when I upgraded bike to kymco’s kpipe 125cc last february. I have the all-black spyder recon. I didn’t know of the “unite” series. might check them out soon.

    btw, great site you have here.
    Take care, ride safely, God bless.

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  5. Love the Spyder Helmets and a proud owner of two of them. However my visors on both of my helmets have become scratched and I was concern about my safety on using them.
    So I placed an order in one of the Spyder Outlet stores on February 4,2016 and was inform by text message on March 2, 2016 that the two visors that I ordered the Unite Series Xcelrate with scratch resistant mirror visors was not available at that time and will inform me of its availability. I tried contacting the Spyder Outlet by text and get no reply. As of now May 6, 2016 I have not heard anything from Spyder. Spyder advertises their good sevices on ordering accessories but as a long time customer I tend to believe different.

  6. I have a Spyder Hex, which I like very much, I was hoping to find out a little better how well Spyder helmets are made. An ICC sticker really means nothing if you look what helmets that are on the road today and they have the ICC sticker, some are just the cheapest helmets made and would not pass any safety tests at all.

    As for Sypder service, it pretty much is nonexistent, you can even ask the clerks in the store and they will tell you the same. I did get a new visor for my HEX and it took a little over 5 months for them to ship it to the store for pickup. I also shipped my helmet back to them after I first bought it because the drop down visor broke, and they replaced the push button with a slide, this took about 2 months to be shipped to Manila and then shipped back, which I paid for.

    Does anyone know the real quality compared to say any Japanese helmets, or LS2 or actually any other brand, there is really no real information about these helmets at all.

    • Hi Kil. Sorry, I don’t have experience with that kind of helmet. It’s best if you ask the salespeople at Spyder stores in any of their branches. If the helmet is similar to Spyder Dash, there are photo instructions here.

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