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One of my favorite travel accessories has got to be multi-purpose headwear, the seamless tube that can be worn in all sorts of ways. This really comes in handy for all sorts of outdoor adventures and travel in general. Aside from wiping sweat and keeping hair out of the face when I use it as a bandana, it’s also useful as a facemask for motorcycling. When folded up, it can be a blindfold for sleeping in buses and planes. I’ve also used it to cover my camera when it suddenly rains.

HeadWare is a  local brand that is pretty affordable and makes the products out of good material. The fabric is more breathable than the cheaper knock-offs you can buy at bazaars and it actually keeps you cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather. Unlike the cheaper headwear, the print designs don’t fade when washing and the fabric itself doesn’t get stretched out of shape.

Last December, I saw a teaser on HeadWare ‘s FB page saying that “something MARVELous is happening to Headware”, and one by one, they revealed some really cool Marvel-themed designs that I just had to have. These Limited edition babies are only available in selected stores and from what I heard, some designs are getting quickly sold out. I ended up buying four of the 20 available designs.

1) Spiderman Mask

The design featuring Spidey’s mask has been one of the most popular designs of the series according to HeadWare staff. Spidey’s signature red and black web costume is noticeable even when bunched up, while the eyes are unmistakable. I’m planning to use this on my next long bus ride so I can sleep in peace without anyone bothering me. Plus, wearing this will boost your spider-senses by at least 20%.

2) Marvel Comics – Collage

Every geek will love this design that features a collage of comic book covers including Fantastic Four, X-Men, Captain America, The Amazing Spider Man and the Hulk. This is my favorite design of the series because of the retro comic book vibe and just overall cool factor. I plan to wear this to watch the upcoming Avengers movie!

3) Icons

This classy design in white and two shades of blue features different logos of prominent Marvel teams and characters including X-Men, Fantastic 4, Punisher, Spiderman, Silver Surfer and a few others I can’t name. (If you know what the nuclear logo and other icons I missed represent, please let me know!) I picked this one since it’s a little more subtle compared to the more graphic designs that may attract younger kids. (Note: I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that these designs are perfectly fine for adults.)

4) Tiled

This colorful mosaic features faces of of Marvel characters on different color blocks  including Wolverine (yellow), the Thing (orange), the Hulk (green), Spiderman, Daredevil and Juggernaut (red), etc. Even from afar, it’s bright and eye-catching, though you appreciate it more once you see the details up close.

Check out Headware’s FB page for the list of stores where you can buy these cool travel accessories. There are 20 Limited edition Marvel designs which cost P490 each while regular HeadWare cost P390. The number of regular designs are just so overwhelming. Some other notable designs I wanted to buy include patterns mimicking banig, tnalak and alibata and
a few featuring artwork of local artists including WeeWillDoodle. You’ll probably want to frame these instead of using them. For more info on HeadWare, visit

10 thoughts on “Geeky Cool Travel Accessory

    • Hi Headware. Thanks for coming up with the Marvel-themed designs. Love them! Hopefully you can also come up with retro video game (8-bit graphics) and other similar designs. Would love to buy those too 😉

  1. Aaargh! I want the Spiderman and Tiled ones!!! <3

    Just last week I was in Starbucks 6750 and I overheard some guys talking about HeadWare and I think they work for the company because they were discussing about licensing Marvel and another brand which I wont say here out of respect for them cause it might still be top secret.

    I love HeadWare! I wear it even inside the house for…. wala lang. Hahaha.

    • Hey Robx. Really love the Marvel designs. Saw the feature Melo did with your pics using HeadWare. As usual, fierce 😀 I agree that it’s a cool fashion statement, aside from being really useful. Pwede rin pala siyang towel if you have no other option. 😉

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