KRB Off-Road Track in Antipolo

After my Basic Off-Road 101 Training Session in MX Messiah Fairgrounds in Rizal, Coach Mel of Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Off-Road Training Camp (MAYOTC) offered to show the students that day the KRB Off-Road Track in Antipolo City. The 36-hectare natural park offers a more technical course and controlled environment for training. It’s usually reserved for advanced classes where students have to ride through rolling terrain, do jumps, clear logs and rocks.

A few of us took our own motorcycles and drove to the venue passing a shortcut through Antipolo hilltop while the others followed by vans and pick-ups. I’ve never passed this route before, but one section offers a pretty good view of Puting Bato, a rock formation visible from the highway on the route going towards Marilaque, a popular weekend riding destination. By motorcycles, it took us less than an hour to get there from Taytay, Rizal on a Sunday afternoon.

You wouldn’t expect there to be a track right along the highway just 45 mins from Metro Manila. As soon as I entered, I immediately liked the vibe at KRB. For one, the space was full of trees and greenery and was mostly shaded, unlike the Mad Max desert vibe in MX Messiah Fairgrounds.

KRB MX Speedway

Also known as KRB MX Speedway, the track area has been the playground of brothers Krismafel Rhine and Kristoffer Roe Bautista, motocross champions and racers (hence the initials KRB). Their father Romy is a former motocross executive rider and a veteran trail rider who’s well-known in the riding industry. Previously a private training ground for friends and family, they’ve opened up their space to the public in partnership with the MAYOTC.

As a sneak peek and practical application of what we learned in the Off-Roading 101 lesson, the guys let me try out the dirt course. I got to use a smaller Rusi dirt bike, which was a better fit for my height where I could plant both feet on the ground. The trail was barely visible through the thick grass, which made the ride more fun.

I got to practice throttle control and braking going through the uphill and downhill portions of the dirt trail while enjoying the natural terrain and view of the rock formations and mountains nearby. It was a short but sweet ride that left me wanting more time on dirt roads and mud. It also got me a bit more confident to ride on my own to certain destinations that I’ve been avoiding. (We rode to Daraitan the weekend after).

For those interested in signing up for advanced off-road training courses, here’s some basic info to help you out.


Here’s a wide look at the terrain where you get to learn different trail, motocross and dirt bike techniques.

Drone video courtesy of Marvin Geronimo of No Barriers, Just Horizons.


KRB Off-Road Track is ideal for those who have gone through the basic off-roading sessions in Mel Aquino Yamaha Off-road Training Camp. They accept all types of students and have trained adults with zero riding experience who just want to learn.

Aside from adults, they also train kids of all ages, some as young as 4 to 5 years old! The training camp offers a controlled environment for kids and teenagers to learn motorcycle safety riding with certified coaches and riding instructors.

The track is also open to Motocross riders and mountain bikers who want to practice using their own dirt bikes.


For advanced training sessions, all riders must be equipped in the proper riding gear. The minimum is long sleeved shirts and jeans and a helmet, but it’s much better if you gear up in proper motocross jackets, riding boots, gloves, elbow pads, kneepads for safety. You can use your own safety gear, but KRB also has some equipment you can borrow.


  • Balaclava or Headware/scarf to wear under the helmet
  • Facetowel; alcohol, wet wipes
  • Drinking water
  • Energy bars or light snacks
  • Extra clothes and shoes to change into after your session because you’ll probably get very muddy.


During my first visit to KRB, we were treated to a boodle fight dinner. Seriously, one of the major highlights of the off-road course was the grilled pusit. I want to sign up for another session just to get the Level 2 food reward. You can also eat at Mang Romy’s carinderia and buy snacks and softdrinks from the sari-sari store right beside KRB along the road.

Meals are usually included in the training fee since the session will go on until after lunch. It’s important to reserve slots for advanced classes, so that the team can prepare all the equipment and order food beforehand.


  • The advanced training course costs P3,500 per session, inclusive of the use and gas for the motorcycle unit, services of certified riding instructors, use of safety gear and lunch.
  • KRB has several motorbike units for rent powered by Yamaha from PW50s for kids to the larger full size Yamaha XTZ bikes for adults. Rentals cost P1,500 a day for those who want to just practice on their own.
  • As of 2017, trail fees for those with their own bikes suitable for the terrain:
    • P100 for small bikes
    • P250 for production bikes (250 cc – 450 cc)
    • P500 for big bikes.

They’ve also expanded with a separate track and enduro park for ATVs and 4x4s, which is separate from the track used my motorbikes and mountain bikes.

Learn, Trail, Camp

Since I first visted KRB, they’ve held several “Learn, Trail, and Camp” sessions, where students camp and ride the whole weekend for off-road riding clinics (the fee of Php 4,500 included 4 meals, tent, level 2 training, camping fee, track fee & certificate). More features are being added including trails lined with rubber tires, slalom courses and even an area with rocks and boulders for advanced lessons. Last time I visited, there was a solar-powered container van office powered by Bikerbox, Inc. being set up on the grounds.

Photo grabbed from their Facebook page.

So if you want to upgrade your off-road skills, be sure to check out KRB Off-Road Track in Antipolo!


HOW TO GET THERE (by private vehicle):

  • Follow the route going to Marcos Highway and Marilaque, passing Masinag and Cogeo but before Boso-Boso.
  • Slow down when you see the Puting Bato rock formation and look out for an RC Cola Plant.
  • Entrance to KRB Off-Road Track is on the left side of the road right before Mang Romy’s Carinderia.


KRB Off-Road Track is located in 1627 Puting Bato, Brgy. Inarawan, Antipolo City. Book your schedules at 0929-4020345, 0918-6399314 or visit them on Facebook:

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