Motorcycling around Batanes: North Batan

The first time I traveled solo to Batanes, I rented a motorcycle to visit all the attractions in a day. That motorcycle ride around South Batan remains one of the most memorable rides I have ever done in the country. The distance may not have been that long, but in terms of coastal roads and just pure awesomeness of the landscape, Batanes is pretty hard to beat.

motorcycle batanes lighthouse travelup

I got to experience the beauty of Batanes again a few months later when I returned with Art. This time, we decided to explore by mountain bikes. We allotted our combined baggage allowance for him to bring his bike, while I rented one from there to save costs. Despite the steep ascents and uphills, it’s possible to bike around the whole Batan island in a day. The experience is actually more rewarding and the views become even more special because of the effort it takes. You can also take your bike to the hills with some pretty amazing views. If you are a mountain biker, Batanes is definitely one of the most awesome bucket-list worthy bike destinations in the Philippines.

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Before I backpacked solo to Itbayat Island while Art biked around Sabtang Island, we spent a lazy day together, just for pure relaxation. I got to visit some sights I had missed during my first visit that are usually included in the North Batan Tour and we spent the rest of the day just chilling out at the beach. At the time, only vintage commuter bicycles were available for rent, which I learned from experience are very difficult to use on steep roads of Batanes, so we rented a motorcycle to cover more ground.batanes motorcycling road travelup

The town proper of Basco itself is very compact and walkable. You can easily walk from the airport to your homestay or inn. There’s a church, a plaza and a few eateries. From the Basco port, you can see Naidi Hills.

batanes basco port

Basco Lighthouse in Naidi Hills is the town’s major landmark. From here, you can get a beautiful view of rolling hills and liveng, the Batanes complex of hedgerows spread out over the hills. Locals plant small trees, tall grass like talahib, bamboo, shrubs and/or corn in order to protect crops against grazing animals, from the wind and soil erosion or to serve as boundaries between farming lands.

batanes basco lighthouse commuter bicycle travelup

Another popular spot north of Basco is Vayang Rolling Hills. The view from the lighthouse gives you an unobstructed view of the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). The view of verdant rolling hills, the sea in the distance, and cows grazing on the slopes epitomizes Batanes.

batanes vayang rolling hills farmer cow

There are two major boulder beaches in Batanes. The previous night, we visited Chadpipan Boulder Beach, which can be seen from rolling hills. It’s a pretty steep downhill to get there (especially if you’re on a commuter bicycle), but it’s a beautiful place to watch the sunset. There are also Burial Grounds and Japanese Tunnels hidden in the hills near the beach.

batanes chadpipan boulder beach from above batanes chadpipan boulder beach sunset

On the opposite side of the island nearer the airport is Valugan Boulder Beach, which is also lined with boulders of igneous rocks said to have been spewed by Mt. Iraya long ago when it was still geologically active. The waves are quite strong in both beaches, so swimming isn’t really recommended, but both are really scenic. This beach is best for sunrise shoots.

batanes valugan boulder beach

Tukon Hill is one of the major stops in the North Batan Tour. This hill which is reachable by a steep paved road contains a number of sites of interest and stunning views.

batanes view from tukon hills

For those with cash to burn, Fundacion Pacita is the place to stay in Batanes. Formerly the home studio of renowned artist Pacita Abad, the place is now a nature lodge that offers the best accommodations in Batanes. The Abads are the most prominent and the most powerful family in Batanes. The place is a landmark, with rooms and suites showcasing traditional Ivatan art. However, staying here is a bit expensive for backpackers and budget travelers.batanes fundacion pacita from afar

Day-trippers are welcome to visit Fundacion Pacita if they want to look around. Unfortunately, it was closed to visitors for a private function during our visit. With its gorgeous views and isolated location, this place is best for honeymooners or couples who want relative privacy.

batanes fundacion pacita motorcycle store onions

Nearby is the PAG-ASA weather station, where you can get a 360-degree view of the beautiful landscape. From here, you can see Mt. Iraya, the cliffs by the beach, and the rolling hills. From afar the station kind of looks like a giant golf ball, waiting to be tossed into the greens.

batanes pag-asa weather station

Built in the traditional design of Ivatan stone houses, Tukon Chapel is a charming chapel on a hill near Fundacion Pacita. The walls are made of boulders pieced together, with three crosses adorning the facade with its carved wooden doors and a trellis of vines. Inside the chapel, there are hand-painted images of the province’s patron saints and large stained glass windows that offer views of the sea outside. The chapel is the stuff of dream weddings!

batanes tukon chapel facade

batanes tukon chapel windowsAfter revisiting some other spots in South Batan including Tayid Lighthouse in Mahatao and the Diura Fishing Village, we decided to just chill out at the beach. batanes mahatao lighthouse motorcycle

From my last visit, I remembered stopping by a beautiful white sand beach in between Mahatao and Ivana and wanting to stop for a swim or picnic.

batanes maydangeb beach ivana white sand

The White Beach in Maydangeb, Ivana offered a peaceful respite from the heat. It was low tide when we visited this time, but there were some empty hammocks hanging up in trees calling out to us. We ended up just taking it easy during the hottest part of the day. I think I’ll make it a point to bring a hammock whenever I ride, because siestas with the ocean breeze under the shade of trees are a valid part of the travel experience. We bought a few cold drinks and snacks from a vendor and just sat back and relaxed with this view before heading back to Basco for the day.

batanes maydangeb beach ivana lowtidebatanes maydangeb beach ivana hammock

While Art decided to take a powernap at our guesthouse (Nanay Cita’s Homestay c/o Marfel’s Lodge), I headed back out to Basco Lighthouse just to catch the sunset.motorcycle batanes vayang rolling hills

I just love this narrow road leading to Basco Lighthouse with towering cliffs on either side. From here, you get a perfect view of the rolling hills, Mt. Iraya and the open sea. It was a perfect way to cap a day of riding.

batanes basco lighthouse sunset

The great thing about having a motorbike is the mobility. After picking up Art, we headed to Casa Napoli, a home-grown restaurant that’s famous for their pizza and pasta dishes. Their restaurant beside Bernardo’s Hostel in Chanarian (near the national road) is a bit far from the town proper if you have walk (tricycle fare costs P50 one way), but is just a quick motorcycle ride away.

batanes casa napoli pizza

13 thoughts on “Motorcycling around Batanes: North Batan

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  2. Hi Kara, your cover of Batanes was so tempting and wonderful last year im already dreaming of Batanes the problem with me is that I cannot go alone malungkot if ever I wanted to go theres plenty to ask for companion kaya lang for sure ako ang taya. hay naku I hope I can see some guys interested so I can join them or they don’t want to tag along a strong 60 + lady.Hoping for hopes hahahahaha.

    • Hi Tesy, the first time I went to Batanes, I traveled alone and just joined group tours there. Batanes is a great destination for solo travelers, so I encourage you to visit even if you’re alone. You can get in touch with BISUMI Tours and join them in one of their van tours where you can make new friends without having to shoulder the expenses of your companions 🙂 Hope this helps.

    • Hi Cathy, will try to edit this with more info, but just came again from Batanes, and will make a more updated Travel Guide with useful stuff: where to stay, eat, costs, etc. Please stay tuned 🙂

    • Hi Marife. Motorcycle rental in Batanes ranges from P500-1000/day depending on the number of hours you use it, type of motorbike and the general condition of the motorbike. Those that are new or well-maintained will cost you more. More motorcycling tips on my post in South Batan here.

      • Do you remember if they have fully automatic scooters for rent? I rented a few in northern thailand and el nido. Would not want to learn clutch on those roads.

        • Hi. During my visit, there were no official rental shops for motorcycles. You have to borrow from locals. The most common motorcycles available in Batanes are manual and semi-automatic, but some locals have automatic scooters too. The problem is finding a unit someone will be willing to rent out for a day, because this is often their transport for daily use. Yeah, I don’t recommend learning clutch here because of the cliffsides and steep roads. Bicycles are also available for rent.

          • ok, salamant. I will learn to ride prior or get a mountain bike. I have been to corregidor, how much bigger is north and south batanes compared if youve also been to corregidor?

          • Corregidor is pretty small and you can bike around the whole island in 3-4 hours. For North and South Batan, it is possible to mountain bike around the island for one whole day, but I would suggest that you do North and South separately to really enjoy the ride because you’ll be stopping a lot to enjoy the view. You can read more mountain biking tips in my husband’s blog here.

  3. Hi Kara! Which months of the year were you able to visit Batanes? Is it “crowded” during April? 🙂 Visiting this April and I’m excited! I just fear na baka madami tao and won’t get to enjoy that much.

    • Hi Milli, I’ve been to Batanes end of January, around March and late May. Thankfully there are limited flights, so that sort of controls the number of visitors. It never felt crowded during my 3 visits there.

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