5 Places to Visit in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung is the capital of West Java in Indonesia. Located 768 meters (2,520 ft) above sea level, roughly 140 kilometers south east of Jakarta, Bandung has generally cooler temperatures throughout the year compared to other Indonesian cities. Bandung lies on a river basin surrounded by volcanic mountains, offering stunning natural landscapes. Known for its stunning geological sights, Dutch Colonial architecture, and culinary delights, this rising tourist destination has captured the attention of local and international tourists in recent years.


Kawah Putih from the bottom, Bandung Regency by Crisco 1492

While most international tourists are familiar with Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia, Bandung has a lot to offer. Book a cheap flight to Bandung and check out these top tourist draws.

Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih or White Crater is a striking crater lake and tourist spot set in a volcanic crater. Located about 50 km south or 2 hours away from Bandung City, this popular tourist spot in West Java in Indonesia offers an otherworldly view of a sulphuric lake. The lake lies 2,430 meters above sea level, making the temperature more cooler than the rest of Indonesia.

The lake is known to change color, with hues ranging from blue to whitish green, or brown. The surrounding landscape around the lake, including the sand and rocks have been also leached with whitish color because of the lake’s acidity, which has resulted in an otherwordly landscape. In recent years, Kawah Putih and the surrounding area (where various resort facilities like hot springs are located) have become a popular spot for Bandung locals especially during weekends and holidays.

Patenggang Lake

Patenggang Lake or Situ Patenggang is a lake surrounded by tea plantations about 50 kilometres (31 miles). It is located in the area of natural tourist attractions in Ciwidey to the south of the city. The lake is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, and boasts of an exotic landscape. It has become an popular spot for nature trippers, picnics, lakeside and boat tours.

Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban perahu is an active volcano, situated 30 km north of the city of Bandung going towards the direction of Lembang. It is the only crater in Indonesia that you can drive up to its very rim. Mount Tangkuban Perahu has a distinctive shape, and looks like an “overturned boat”. The huge crater is an astonishing view and you can walk around and explore this for around two hours. Here you will be greeted by sulfur fumes which the crater continues to emit although the volcano is not active.

Villa Isola

Are you into architecture and heritage sights? Pay a visit to Villa Isola or Bumi Siliwangi, an art-deco building in the northern part of Bandung. Originally built as a private house by Dutch architect Wolff Schoemaker for the Dutch media tycoon Dominique Willem Berretty (founder of the Aneta press-agency in the Dutch East Indies) in 1933, the building was transformed into a hotel after his death. Villa Isola now serves as the headmastership office of the University of Education Indonesia.

Cihampelas Street

For those who like to shop for clothes, make sure to drop by Cihampelas Street, also known as Jeans Street. This bustling bargain-hunters paradise is known for its cheap garments, local fashionwear, unbranded items and textiles. The street is also known for its kitschy Hollywood-style ambiance. Shops are adorned with huge statues of heroes from the Silver Screen. Movie icons like Rambo, Spiderman, Batman, Tarzan and The Terminator invite tourists to shop in Superhero Factory Outlets and pose with the statues.

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