Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo

Updated August 2016

A set of statues made alternatively of stone and candlewax dotted the gardens. In the middle of the green lawn was an antique four poster bed laid out with crisp white sheets. Several beautiful silver art pieces work showed women cradling babies beneath their steel spiral wombs. Everywhere I looked there seemed to be doorways and paths waiting to reveal more hidden treasures.


Pinto Art Museum is just a 40-minute drive from where I live, yet it feels worlds away. This beautiful contemporary art space sits on a 1.2 hectare property also known as Silangan Gardens located inside a private subdivision in Antipolo, Rizal. Several art galleries can be found in the open-air Mediterranean-inspired villas, shrouded by well-manicured gardens and landscaped greens. Pinto means door in Filipino, and the museum aims to be a gateway for modern and contemporary art.01. pinto art museum antipolo doorway

08. pinto art museum antipolo statues

I’ve been wanting to check it out for the longest time after reading rave reviews and seeing drool-worthy photos from The Travelling Dork, but since Antipolo is so near, I’ve given up trips here in favor of more exotic destinations. During one drizzly weekend in December, I finally got to visit the museum and realized that I don’t have to travel far to get a taste of something new.

02. pinto art museum antipolo sculpture

Walking around Pinto Art Museum is a visual a treat. With aged doorways, windows, and quirky art pieces, every turn of the corner reveals something interesting. No wonder the place is popular with pre-nuptial sessions and pictorials, everything here is so picturesque. There are countless photographic opportunities waiting at every angle to satisfy any shutterbug’s cravings. Even if you’re just armed with a cellphone camera, you’d be hard-pressed to take a bad photo in this place. It’s that photogenic.

03. pinto art museum antipolo chapel

04. pinto art museum antipolo meditation garden window

As we walked behind a quaint chapel with stucco walls, we came across a meditation garden dedicated to the love of Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera. There was a spoken word piece being played which told the love story and failed engagement between our national hero and his erstwhile fiancee. Set to a backdrop of a musical cello and piano piece, the piece recounted how their engagement was broken by Rivera’s mother, who intervened in their affair by hiding Rizal’s letters from her daughter because she opposed the match.

05. pinto art museum antipolo statue

In keeping with the theme, the small garden also contained a garden with a desk containing letters labelled “The Undelivered Project” next to stationary and pens. A handwritten guide instructed people to empty their thoughts and write anonymous letters to the ones whom they had loved and lost. I was curious to read all the letters of heartbreak and unrequited love that lay unopened in the drawers.

06. pinto art museum antipolo chapel cat

So as not to drown in melancholia, we moved on to the art galleries, which were spread out in six buildings around the space. The gardens themselves were lovely with lots of different art installations around.

07. pinto art museum antipolo fountain

Pinto Art Museum contains a massive yet well-curated collection of modern paintings, sculptures and art installations. Gallery 1 seems to be devoted to more traditional art pieces with paintings depicting idyllic scenes from daily life in the Philippines.

09. pinto art museum antipolo paintings 10. pinto art museum antipolo

Gallery 2 had more experimental mixed media pieces with some installations similar to those I’ve seen displayed in Baguio’s BenCab Museum. Gallery 3 had some really interesting wire sculptures.

11. pinto art museum antipolo gallery 3

pinto art museum antipolo wire sculpturesGalleries 4 and 5 seemed to contain modern and abstract art pieces that I won’t pretend to understand. I’m not really an art critic, but I think most people can appreciate the interesting art pieces here.

14. pinto art museum antipolo artwork

15. pinto art museum modern art 16. pinto art museum antipolo cat

pinto art museum antipolo ducati wire sculpture artwork

Ducati. Ducati Bike and wire sculpture. Owned by Alex Lietz and wire sculpture by Alab Pagarigan. 2015

One thing I really appreciate about Pinto Art Museum is that it manages to make the artwork and all the structures cohesive with the environment. Unlike formal museums which preserve art pieces in controlled air-conditioned rooms, all the buildings here are open-air structures, which keeps everything natural.

It was refreshing to see art pieces not only hanging in the walls, but integrated in the seating areas and gardens as art installations. The same goes for all the natural elements like a tree growing out from the middle of a stairway and rocks in the middle of one of the galleries floors. I also appreciate the fact that photography for personal use is allowed here unlike some other museums.

18. pinto art museum antipolo gallery17. pinto art museum antipolo bike run painting

19. pinto art museum antipolo building

pinto art museum antipolo indoor bamboo forestForest by Antonio Leano. Installation. 2012. This indoor bamboo forest reminded us of The Wood Between the Worlds from Narnia.


The Museum of Indigenous Art, located in the lower gardens, showcases the richness of the Filipino culture. It contains functional and ritual objects, textiles, jewelry and other beautiful indigenous artwork.

pinto art museum antipolo gallery of indigenous art pinto art museum antipolo binaklat indigenous textile

NEW SECTION as of August 2016


As of July 2015, there are two areas to eat inside Pinto Art Museum. Pinto Cafe in the garden area and Cafe Tan-aw by Peppermill, a roofdeck area near the entrance. Both are operated by Peppermill Restaurant & Mixology Bar. The restaurant serves a wide range of dishes including soup, salad, appetizers, Japanese cuisine, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, main courses and desserts. The food is good, but a bit pricey, with main dishes costing anywhere from P255 (Green Chicken Curry) to P3,595 (Original Angus Tomahawk Steak). The restaurants operate at the same time as the museum from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

12. pinto art museum antipolo cafe 13. pinto art museum antipolo cafe food

pinto art museum antipolo cafe da vinci pizza

Da Vinci Pizza (shrimp, spinach cream, sundried tomato, artichoke. P395)

Pinto Art Museum is a definite must-see tourist spot that’s not that far from the metro. If you have expat / balikbayan friends or relatives visiting who only have limited time to tour around Manila, I’d rank this as one of the top places you can take them to. Allot around 3-5 hours to visit all the galleries and take photographs around the place.

RATES/ENTRANCE TICKET FEES: (*as of August 2016)

  • P200 for regular ticket
  • P180 for senior citizens and PWD with valid IDs
  • P100 for children and students with proper school IDs
  • Free for children below 3 years old
  • There’s an entrance fee of P20 for road users for non-residents of Grand Heights. You can park your vehicles on the street right across the museum.


  • P7,500 – upper garden, lower garden (outdoor only)
  • P15,000 – upper garden, lower garden, Indigenous Art Museum and the new Museum wing (outdoor only)
  • Inclusive of: 5 hours photoshoot: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm (in excess P750/hour) or 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • 5 pax (in excess P300 per head)
  • comes with preparation room with air condition
  • additional of P500 for 5 hours
  • in excess P100 per hour
  • For inquiries regarding prenuptial shoots and private events, please call 6971015 and look for Jenny Villanueva.


Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines. Pinto Art Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The museum is CLOSED on MONDAYS.

  • Contact info: (02) 6971015
  • Email:
  • Facebook page: Pinto Art Museum.


Pinto Art Museum is located inside Grand Heights, a private subdivision in Antipolo, Rizal. We find it easier to get here from Ortigas Avenue Extension to avoid the traffic congestion of Sumulong Highway and Antipolo town proper.

By car / private vehicle:

  1. From Quezon City, go to Aurora Boulevard and take the route going to Marikina. Drive along Marcos Highway heading to Antipolo.
  2. Turn right on Felix Avenue (the corner with Robinson’s Metro East & Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall).
  3. Turn left when you reach Ortigas Avenue Extension.
  4. Turn left at the rotunda leading to either Antipolo or Taytay Diversion Road.
  5. Follow the Ortigas Avenue Extension road which will eventually become L. Sumulong Memorial Circle.
  6. There will be a small sign on the right side of the road pointing to Grand Heights and Pinto Art Museum.

By public transportation (coming from Cubao):

  1. Take the LRT Line 2 and get off at the Santolan Station
  2. Take a jeepney or FX bound for Antipolo (look for jeepneys bound for Antipolo-Simbahan-Junction or Antipolo-Shopwise), Tanay (Tanay-Antipolo), or Teresa.
  3. Get off at Ynares Center.
  4. Ride a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you at Grand Heights Subdivision (some drivers are not familiar with Pinto Art Museum).

By public transportation (coming From Ortigas area):

  1. Ride a jeep/FX going to Antipolo (there is a jeepney terminal at the Greenfield District area and an FX terminal at SM Megamall Parking area). Estimated fare is P45.
  2. Once you reach the Ynares Center, take a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to Grand Heights Subdivision. Estimated fare for trike is P40.
  3. At the guard house, tell them you’re going to the museum.

20. pinto art museum antipolo gallery door


  • Pinto Art Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • The museum is CLOSED on MONDAYS.
  • They are open during holidays (as long as it’s not a Monday.)
  • Guided Tour Schedule: 09:00 am – 11:00 am; 12:00 nn – 02:00 pm; 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm; 04:30 pm – 06:00 pm
  • No food or pets are allowed.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the museum.
  • No flash photography.
  • *NEW RULE*: NO Changing clothes allowed inside the museum.
  • Children can visit Pinto Art Museum as long as they are accompanied by an adult inside the premises at all times.
  • Pinto Art Museum reserves the right to remove from the premises persons deemed unruly by management.


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  1. Hi Kara. Ang tagal tagal ko ng gusto puntahan itong Pinto Art Museum. May alam ka bang way galing ng UP Diliman? Ang alam ko kasi sa Katipunan, may mga jeep na pa-Antipolo. Also, gaano kalayo mula Ynares to Pinto Art Museum? Tingin mo safe ito for solo travel? Salamat!

    • Hi Ingrid, I had my own transpo when I visited, but this commuting guide to Antipolo might help you. Am assuming the jeeps that come from Cubao pass by Aurora Blvd. near Katipunan. The tricycle ride from Ynares to Pinto Art Museum should be less than 10 minutes. You can also walk if you prefer (about 15 minutes). I haven’t had any problems in the past traveling to Antipolo alone. Marami pang mas delikadong area sa Metro Manila. Have fun! 🙂

  2. Yay! I’m living in Antipolo for 6 years now pero last year ko lang napuntahan ang Pinto Art! 🙂

    The place is a superb for artsy people! Maghanda ng maraming pegs kung bet mo magphotoshoot-photoshoot-an. Haha! 😀

  3. Wow. hehe. hello po. tanong ko lang po. ano po yung nakalagay sa catalog nung sa may ducati motor po? pwede po patingin? maraming salamat po

    • Hi Teddy. Didn’t see the Ducati artwork the first time we visited, but saw it yesterday. Here are the details: Ducati – Bike and wire sculpture. Owned by Alex Lietz and wire sculpture by Alab Pagarigan. 2015

  4. It looks so beautiful! To think that this is inside a subdivision. The gate structure, too, makes it very interesting. I was looking for some reviews of the place and with your pics, I’d have to say, that place seems to be worth a visit. Thanks for posting!

  5. magkano po ang fare from sm megamall to the museum? and, kapag po ba sumakay kami sa fx, sa musuem na po kami bababa or may sasakyan po ulit kami? thanks for the help. 🙂

    • Hi Angela, we had our own transpo so di ako siguardo, pero baka sa labas ng guardhouse ng Grand Heights meron. Pwede niyo rin lakarin paakyat pabalik ng main street. Medyo malapit lang naman.

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  7. Hi Kara,
    We are planning kind of OOTD photos so we need to change clothes twice or thrice and take photos around the museum. You think it’s possible and being held by the management?

    When is the best time to go there with less people? Thanks!

    • Hi Ryan. The management doesn’t allow visitors to change clothes. I guess a lot of people had the same idea, since their new rules specifically states no changing clothes. They charge pretty high for official photoshoots like pre-nups from P7,500 – P15,000 so I suggest you stick with just one OOTD for your visit 🙂 A weekday (Tuesday or Wednesday around 10am) would be the best time to go without people.

  8. Hi Ms Kara!

    question lng po kung may info kayo about photoshoot na between friends lng, say 2 photogs and 1 model friend, may tripod, flash and reflector na dala, and sa outdoor area lng po ng museum ung shoot, may fee pa rin po kaya? TIA!

    • It’s better if you contact the management directly to inquire. I included their contact info in this post. They might think it’s a professional shoot if you bring in all that gear and charge you the high photo shoot rates.

  9. Hi, interested ako!! Tanong lang allowed ba ang cameras and may limit ba nang photos?? Hahaha.. One last thing the entrance fee?? Ilang hours?? Thanks!! As long as this will reply by the owner we will going!! Thanks 🙂 God Bless 🙂

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  12. Hi, Thank you for this blog. Ive always wanted to travel or go somewhere alone. But i cant think of a good place and medyo takot pa ako magtravel talaga ng mag-isa. I think going to Pinto Art Museum is a good start. Naexcite ako bigla. 🙂

  13. I’m planning a trip with my family to Pinto Art Museum, and the information on your site is very helpful. Thank you!

  14. hi! this blog is very interesting and helpful as it is really detailed. one of my goals for this year is to take trips or travel solo on a budget, same as the other fella, what hinders me is fear of uncertainty. what other destinations have you travelled so far or can recommend for first time solo travellers on a budget? 🙂 thanks

    • Hi Yzah. If outside Manila, I’d recommend Bohol, Batanes, Siquijor and Camiguin as great destinations for solo travelers. If you haven’t tried traveling alone yet, then Pinto Art Museum and Antipolo is a good start. Maybe try a day trip alone somewhere near like Tagaytay or Bataan, then go from there. Here’s a good list of 10 destinations ideal for solo travel. Good luck! 🙂

  15. Thank you so much for this post! My friend and I are planning to go there next week (bago magpasukan). Kaso yun nga hindi namin alam kung paano pumunta. Thank you for the information! Sana di kami mawala pagpunta dun. HAHA 😀

  16. Hi you mentioned about the photoshoot? you mean if i have an slr cam then when there magbabayad kami? like casual shoot lang?

    • For casual shoots during your visit, it’s ok. I brought an SLR camera. They charge you higher if you’re bringing in other equipment and changing clothes inside for pre-nup or editorial shoots.

  17. Hi! OMG i wanna go there! can i take pictures? for fun only, something to post on my IG, kasi nakalagay photo shoot may prices. hehe maybe i didnt get the right point lol

    • Hi Hannah, yes photography is allowed for personal use and IG. The photo shoot prices apply to those doing pre-nup or editorial shoots with lots of equipment and lights. Just don’t change clothes inside and you’ll be fine 🙂

  18. Hi, Kara, would you know if they allow DSLR cameras inside the museum, without fee? Planning to visit tomorrow. Thanks.

  19. Can we take a picture there using our phone for personal used? Ang ganda kasi kaya gusto sana namin ng remembrance

  20. Hi! You got a nice blog here. I love the photos. We hope to visit the place this coming weekend….:-) Thanks for this. Cheers to more travel!

  21. Hi Ms. Kara,

    ask ko lang po kasi kung magpprenup shoot po kami dun na hindi namin sasabihin, mahahalata po kaya nila? simpleng dslr lang naman yung dala eh. kaya magmumukha lang na picture2x lang kasi no budget din po para dun dahil ang mahal po ng bayad eh.

    Hoping for your immediate response. Thanks. God bless!


    • Hi Nicole, I suggest you just dress casually and don’t change clothes inside. If you’re just bringing an SLR, you can always pretend it’s a casual shoot. Diskarte niyo na lang na wag mahalata. I’m sure other people have had the same idea.

  22. Hi! Tanong ko lang po, around how much yung estimated fare papuntang Pinto from Cubao LRT station? 🙂 Thank you po!

  23. Hi Ms. Kara, ask ko lang po. 2 hours lang po pwede mag ikot ? atsaka meron po talaga mag tour guide? or pwede po kami mag ikot ng kami2x lang at walang tour guide? atsaka meron po bang restricted area dun o lahat po pwede puntahan?thanks. God bless!


    • Hi Nicole. Kaya naman 2 hours unless you spend a lot of time taking photos. You can go around yourself, no need for a tour guide. No restricted areas that I know of.

  24. My boyfriend and I plans to visit pinto next week. We have our own transpo, gano po kaya ktgl ang iddrive nmin coming from diliman qc ?. I also read ur replys that it’s best to visit in the morning.. Para lang hindi kami maaga or late na msyado pumunta … BTW ur blog and pic helps me a looot .. Thanks . ??

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  26. Me and my boyfriend wants to go there. But usually pag may pinupuntahan kami gusto namin hindi masyadong crowded. May I know what is the best day/time to go there? 🙂

  27. Hi! I just wanna ask if pwede bang magdala ng tripod + dslr? For personal use lang ung photo para meron kaming pic ni bf together at hindi na makaabala pa ng ibang tao. 🙂

    • Um, why would you ask that? Parang may balak kayong dalhin. No food, no pets and no changing clothes allowed inside the museum. Please follow the rules and regulations of the for the benefit of all visitors. FYI: The management reserves the right to remove unruly visitors from the premises.

  28. Wala na po bang ibang babayaran bukod sa entrance fee??plan po kc namin na dyan ng mga students ko for their”contemporary art”subject..thanks baka kc bglang may bayaran eh..hehe

    • Hi Bernadeth, we didn’t avail of the guided tour, so I don’t know if there’s a separate fee for that. We just paid the entrance fee and spent for food at the cafe. Para mas tipid, kain na lang kayo before or after somewhere else kasi mahal yung restaurant for students.

  29. meron bang guide pabalik ng manila galing Pinto art Museum? mahina po kac ako sa travel e pero gusto ko pmnta jan. thank you! 🙂

  30. hi can a have a littlet bit info about pinto museum? dis wik kc tour namen jan. info lng to share sa mga sakay ko. about opening dates, c0nstruction and the owner po.


  31. Hello po. Pano po kaya kung pabalik po ng manila or pasay ganun din po ba yung mga sasakyan? thank you po 🙂

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  33. Hi Ms. Kara,

    Hope you are well!

    If were going to take a Jeepney or FX bound for Antipolo from Santolan Station, do you happen to now how much it would cost?

    or if were going to ride a tricycle and ask the driver to drop us at Grand Heights Subdivision?

    Thanks much

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  36. Hello po Ms. Kara, bakit po sabi ng kaklase ko pinagpalit po sila ng damit nung nakasleveless sila tapos short. Bawal po ba? Plano po kasi namin

    • Hi Magg. I’m not aware if there’s any Dress Code there, but since it’s a museum, it’s better if you wear something decent. Wala naman ako naging problems when we visited pero baka may new rules. Mas alam siguro ng kaklase mo since kakagaling lang nila dun. Please inquire directly with Pinto Art Museum directly though. You can contact them on Facebook.

  37. Hi Mam! Ask ko lang po kung may idea kayo kung may jeep or something from antipolo going to taytay? Me and my bestfriend are planning to go Pinto then after lunch we’re going to shop in Taytay Tiangge. Thank you very much for this blog post and hoping for your response! 🙂

    • Hello, sorry I am not that familiar with the jeepney stops and routes in Antipolo since we usually drive going to Rizal, but I believe from the rotunda at Tikling, you can ride a jeep going to Taytay.

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