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I’m a big fan of point and click room escape games online and horror video games with puzzle solving elements like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. But there’s really something different when you get to play these in real life. You can’t just pause the game to check for walkthroughs if you get stumped. The time element and pressure feels so much more real. It’s up to you and your companions to figure out everything. breakout philippines door travelup

Breakout Philippines is one of the first real life room escape games in the country, where you get a chance to plan as a team, solve puzzles and escape from locked rooms in just 45 minutes. The concept comes from the same team behind Outbreak Manila, which popularized zombie themed fun runs in the metro.


As of September 2015, Breakout Philippines has 8 rooms in 2 branches. Each scenario has a unique backstory and vibe, cool props and puzzles, but essentially, you need to figure out a way to escape the rooms.

I’ve only tried two of the rooms so far: Adarna’s Lair and Room 13, but am really excited to check out the other rooms in their newly opened Katipunan branch soon. Here’s a look at the different scenarios you can try out. breakout philippines dare to enter door

Adarna’s Lair/Outbreak Manila: Adarna’s Lair puts you in the shoes of a detective searching a crazed doctor’s lair while trying to uncover the origins of a virus during the initial spreading of the Zombie Outbreak in Manila. Maximum team size: 6 players. Difficulty: 5/5

The Prison Room: In The Prison Room, you take on the role of a police officer who is locked up in jail after being wrongfully framed. You wake up as a prison riot is ensuing and must escape out of your cell within the time allotted. Maximum team size: 5 players. Difficulty: 4/5breakout philippines poster adarna's lair prison room

Limbo: You and your friends run the risk of getting stuck in the subconscious after the latest social experiment by a group of researchers goes haywire. Minimum team size: 2 players. Difficulty: 4.5/5

The Heist: You play master art-thieves on a mission to steal a priceless piece of art from a maximum security museum. Maximum team size: 6 players. Difficulty: 3.5/5

Room 13: You and your friends get trapped inside a creepy hotel in the middle of nowhere and must find a way to escape. If you’re familiar with movies like Psycho (think Bates Motel), Identity or Saw, you’ll be familiar with the premise. Maximum team size: 8 players. Difficulty: 3/5.breakout philippines escape room basics

Detention: After being caught sleeping in class, you and your friends are punished with detention. Upon entering the classroom, the door shuts behind you and you can’t get out. Maximum team size: 6 players. Difficulty: 4/5.

The Walking Dead: Taking elements from the FOX TV series The Walking Dead, you and your friends must escape from inside a room with a lurking walker. Maximum team size: 6 players. Difficulty: 3.5/5

Clown House: You and your friends get trapped in a carnival-like clown house after being challenged by a sinister clown. Maximum team size: 7 players. Difficulty: 4/5breakout philippines waiver

I can’t give an specifics on the rooms I’ve tried because that would spoil the fun, but to get a better idea of what’s in store for you, check out their official teaser video below.


Breakout is best experienced with friends, relatives or colleagues who want to try something different together. It’s great for special occasions, bonding or team-building. Since it’s the rainy season and it’s hard to make travel plans, real life escape game rooms such as these are fun adventurous alternatives you can all enjoy indoors!

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If you’re a fan of video games with point-and-click or puzzle solving elements, this is also a great way to test if your gaming skills translate to real life.


  • The fees are smaller the larger your group is. It’s also more fun if you come in a bigger group, so try to reach the recommended maximum team size.
  • P600/pax for 1-2 persons
  • P500/pax for 3-4 persons
  • P400/pax for 5 or more.
  • NOTE: There’s a promo rate of P300/head if you book on weekdays from Monday to Thursday
  • If your group is less than the maximum number of persons per room, you can opt to combine with other groups to try and get as much help as you can.

breakout philippines fees


  • Breakout Philippines is now open everyday to the general public. Book online to ensure your group’s slot.
  • They are also open for corporate bookings and special parties.
  • Your group should arrive at the reception area at least 15 minutes earlier than the time slot you have chosen.
  • Photography is not allowed inside the actual rooms though you can take photos in the lobby area. You need to check in all cameras and cellphones at the reception area.
  • You can’t use brute force to open doors or locked items.
  • Everything you need is already inside the rooms. You just have to find them.
  • Don’t ruin the fun for others by disclosing the solution to the puzzles online.

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Breakout Philippines now has two locations in Mandaluyong and Quezon City:

MANDALUYONG: Paragon Plaza Building, Ground floor Reliance St., corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila 1550, Philippines. To view on google maps, click HERE. There is basement parking available in the building.

QUEZON CITY: Katipunan Avenue, 315 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1105, Philippines. To view on google maps, click HERE. Parking is limited.

For more information on Breakout Philippines, check out the following links.

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