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Mabuhay Motorcycle Tours is a company that offers big bikes and scooters for rent and guided motorcycle tours in the Philippines. I previously wrote about their services in Northern Luzon and found out that they had branched out to Manila, Baguio and Bohol from their main branch based in Alaminos, Pangasinan. During my recent trip to Bohol, I got a chance to stay in their guesthouse and use any motorcycle for 2 days.

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The guesthouse is located in Basdacu, Loon about an hour away from Tagbilaran City going towards Tubigon port. It just opened earlier in 2016 and is not yet finished, but they’re accepting guests already. The beachfront property is located in an uncommercialized part of Bohol, with a very different from vibe from Panglao and Tagbilaran.

The guesthouse might not be the best choice for Filipino families and groups who want to be near the center of action with easy access to group package tours and restaurants. However, according to the branch manager, foreigners prefer basing here because it’s quiet and more affordable compared to other hotels

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The place is ideal for those who want to do long-term stays in Bohol on a budget and divers with their own equipment who want access to uncrowded dive spots. There are no overpriced tour operators and selfie-stick crowds in the area to be sure. It’s also ideal for those who want to be relatively nearer the Tubigon port (which has cheaper ferries going to Cebu compared to the ferries based in Tagbilaran).


They currently have 3 rooms (good for 2 people each). The rooms are clean with aircon, TV, large bed and private bath and option to use the the guest kitchen.
mabuhay motorcycle tours bohol roomThere’s a small balcony with a bench facing the beach where you can just chill out and write. The WiFi was pretty good and fast in the rooms nearer the kitchen, but weak in the last room near the balcony.

mabuhay motorcycle tours bohol balconyDINING

There are not a lot of establishments to eat nearby though a restaurant/bar is in the works on the ground floor of the guesthouse itself. Guests are free to use the kitchenette to cook. There’s a refrigerator, complete utensils and a stove for cooking. There are markets in town and a sari-sari store nearby to buy supplies. You can also ask assistance from the staff to buy cheap cooked food (less than P50) from nearby eateries.

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Mabuhay Motorcycle Tours is offering a Stay & Ride promo in Bohol, which includes the bike and the accommodation, helmet, third party insurance, unlimited km while rental period and rain gear (if requested) for $36.00 per day (roughly P1,600+). Gasoline is not included. Requirements: Guests must be minimum 18 years with a valid driving license (National or international; Valid Visa / Passport. Guided tours are available upon request. However, I suggest you go around on your own, as Bohol is very easy to navigate.

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Mabuhay Motorcycle Tours currently has 2 motorbike units available for guests to use. A Yamaha XTZ 125 and a Haoujue HJ 150-9. Both motorbikes are 5 gear manual motorbikes with electronic starter and kick starter. Bikes are regularly maintained (US/EU standard), insured and LTO registered. All bikes are for rent on daily, weekly, monthly or long time basis. The bikes cost $18.00 (roughly P800) to rent per day.

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Unfortunately, they didn’t have any automatic scooters available and the units were a bit high and kind of heavy for me to drive. While the motorbikes are suitable for taller guys and foreigners, I’m more comfortable driving automatic and semi-automatic scooters. The branch is fairly new, but I believe they’re planning to get an automatic scooter in the future to cater to female guests. The manager offered to provide a guide and suggested I ride pillion to go around, but I really don’t like touring that way so I ended up renting from a different operator for the duration of my stay in Bohol.

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  • From Tagbilaran, ride a bus bound for Tubigon.
  • Get off at the Holy Spirit Chapel in Basdacu, Loon.
  • The guesthouse is a house with a green roof across the street facing the beach. There’s no signage at the moment, so make sure to coordinate with the owners on Facebook for specific instructions. Secure parking available.


For inquiries and bookings, contact Mabuhay Motorcycle Tours Philippines Inc. directly.

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