Baguio by Big Bike: Ride Along Motorcycle Tours

For riders, travel is usually more about the journey than the destination. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you go. Just hitting the open road, soaking in the beautiful scenery as you drive off into the sunset is an epic adventure in itself.

Whenever I travel to a different province, I try to rent a motorcycle. Usually, it’s just whatever run-down model I can get my hands on. I’ve ridden solo in many beautiful island destinations like Batanes, Bohol, Siargao, Siquijor and Cebu. On my own faithful Yamaha Mio Fino, the farthest I’ve driven is from Manila to Bicol.

But it’s not everyday that you get to ride on the expressway up to Baguio on a Harley Davidson. Oh yeah, baby! Achievement unlocked! Seriously, just sitting on this bike gives you instant 1000+ Astig Points.

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Dinosaur Hunting in Baguio

A lot of images come to mind when you think of Baguio. Pine trees, strawberries, boating in Burnham Park. Dinosaurs… Dinosaurs?

dinosaur island baguio road

Yes. We found ourselves face to face with these prehistoric monsters in Dinosaurs Island. The unique attraction is situated in a valley between forested mountains in the town of Badiwan, Tuba, Benguet, about 15 minutes from Baguio City.

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Ili-Likha Artist Village in Baguio

From above, the broken tiles decorating the stairway resembled a rainbow. Old wine bottles jutted out from the cement wall in an odd pattern. Right behind a computer workspace, the sunlight streamed through a wall revealing quirky cutouts and glints of colored glass. Everywhere I looked there was something vibrant, colorful and interesting.

baguio ililikha artist village 01 stairs

I mentally tried to digest everything as I went trigger-happy shooting every beautiful detail I could. There was a lot to take in. Continue reading

The Tasting Room at Baguio Craft Brewery

What’s that? Beer brewed in Baguio City inspired by the five realms of Ifugao Mythology? Shut up and take my money!

Xavierbier, which launched their flagship line in 2014, is one of the newest microbreweries to hit the craft beer scene. Their line of Mythic beers represent five realms: Pugaw (Earthworld), an India Pale Ale; Kabunyan (Skyworld), a Wheat Beer; Dalom (Underworld), a Brown Ale; Lagud (Easternworld), a strawberry beer; and Daya (Westernworld), a German Lager.

baguio craft brewery xavierbier  the tasting room (2)

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Holiday Haven in Baguio: Azalea Residences

No matter how many places in the Philippines I’ve been to, there’s really something about Baguio that’s just special. I will always have fond childhood memories of eating fresh strawberries, picking up pine cones, horseback rides, and sitting by a fireplace with hot chocolate during family summer trips to the City of Pines. Later on, work-related trips or trips with friends meant scouring the markets for awesomely cool designer jackets and boots, videoke sessions, food tripping along Session Road, and even playing airsoft!

azalea residences baguio 01

Despite all the changes the city has gone through, Baguio remains one of the most popular tourist destinations year-round for families and friends. It always feels comfortable and easy to come back here yet there’s always something new to look forward to. Over the weekend, I got to visit old favorites and discover fun new things to do in the Summer Capital.

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Hotel-Hopping in the North (Take 2)

The year is about to end and I still haven’t finished writing about Lakbay Norte 3, the 8-day media tour of the Northern Philippines. Aside from all the activities, the restaurants we ate in and hotels we stayed in played a huge part in making the trip so great. In the tradition of my hotel-hopping post for Lakbay Norte 2 (which kick-started my whole key collection), here’s a quick rundown of the different hotels we stayed in during the trip for LN3.

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Real Life Counterstriking in Baguio

The bullets whizzed above my head and tore into the shrubs and tree branches as I slowly raised my head from the tangle of grass to seek out the rest of my companions. I knew the situation was dire, but I had no inkling it was practically hopeless.

I realized I was on my own, the last person standing (or rather crawling) from our team of 10 who set out to test our airsoft mettle against Baguio’s veterans of the game. Continue reading

"Hassle-to-bring-Home" Pinoy Pasalubong

Updated September 2014

I was at my desk at work when Arvin, an officemate, arrived carrying a long bulky item wrapped in brown cardboard and masking tape.

Ay naku, galing akong Baguio nung long weekend. So syempre may nagpabili ng walis.” (I just came from Baguio during the long weekend, so of course someone asked me to buy a broom).

This scenario got me thinking of items that are really such a hassle to take home as pasalubong (souvenirs), but we still buy for the sake of friends and family when we travel.


baguio brooms

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