Food Trip: Binondo

As the World’s oldest Chinatown (established in 1594), Binondo in Manila is a well-known cultural and foodie haven. Here, you can find lots of authentic hole-in-the-wall establishments serving everything from flashy Cantonese-themed lauriat meals to homey Hokkien-style Tsinoy cooking. However, there are over 100+ restaurants in the area, so it can be quite overwhelming to decide where to eat.

binondo welcome arch

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Binondo Food Trip with Ford

Binondo is a vibrant district in Manila and is the world’s oldest Chinatown. This historic Chinese quarter is known for its affordable eats, heritage sights and rich culture. While the place itself is very interesting, getting to and from here and finding a space to park is usually not that pleasant when you have to drive. The traffic in general and congested alleys makes Binondo one of the most difficult places in Manila to drive a car. If I have to go here, I’d rather commute or take a motorcycle instead. But a few days before Chinese New Year, I found myself driving through Binondo’s streets and actually enjoying it.

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Manila by Motorcycle

Mention Manila and the most common image that comes to mind is heavy traffic, smoke-belching jeepneys, swerving buses and congested streets. Our country’s capital city hardly seems like an ideal place to visit, and even more so by motorcycle.

But if you give Manila a chance, it may just surprise you. On a Sunday morning ride, when the traffic was relatively light, I found it extremely satisfying to be able to zip along Roxas Blvd. and visit various tourist spots and cultural and historic landmarks. Though I wasn’t expecting it to be a great ride, I have to say, Manila does have a unique charm. Here are  just a few scenic spots you can easily ride to and a rough guide of what you can do there. Continue reading