Biker’s Guide to Corregidor

Corregidor, an island at the entrance of Manila Bay, mostly attracts history buffs. Known as “The Rock” because of its rocky landscape and the heavy fortifications, this historic island is a great destination for bikers as well. Traversing the island’s well-paved roads and jungle trails on board a bicycle and getting to visit the different ruins and landmarks offers a totally different experience from the usual day trip tour on board a tranvia.

corregidor island philippines biking ruins near cine corregidor

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Travel Guide: Corregidor

Corregidor is one of the most important historic and tourist sites in the Philippines. This island located at the entrance of Manila Bay in the southwestern part of Luzon played an important role during the invasion and liberation of the Philippines from Japanese forces during World War II. Because of its historic value and close proximity to Metro Manila, visiting Corregidor is a good option for foreign or local tourists who want to go on a day trip or stay overnight.

corregidor island philippines ruins

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Corregidor on Foot

Old Manila Walks recently launched The Corregidor Walking Tour, dubbed “Of Bombs, Big Guns & Lost Gold.” The walking tour, which is concentrated on the “historic core” if the island, provides a broader, more contextual, insightful and critical understanding of World War II in the country. Throughout the tour, Ivan Man Dy, the founder and lead guide of Old Manila Walks, shared interesting stories of military strategies, enemy invasion, lost treasures and conspiracy theories on WWII. This was actually my third time on the historic island, after taking the traditional bus tour and the Adventure Challenge and overall, I found the whole experience to be a great workout for both body and mind! Below are a few photo highlights & some useful info for those who want to try it out themselves.

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Travel Tips for a Zombie Outbreak

Where would you go if a Zombie Apocalypse hit the country?

This question has been plaguing (plague, get it?) me ever since I got hooked on zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, REC and video games like Left4Dead. The second season of The Walking Dead is also set to air in a couple of weeks (Woohoo)! If you’re familiar with these movies, games and shows, you’ll know that if you don’t have a defense and escape plan yet, you’ll probably end up a zombie snack very quickly.

Travel Up asked fellow zombiephiles for some travel tips in case an outbreak did hit the country. Here are their suggestions of where to go and what vehicle to use to make an escape, with valuable insights from the book “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead” by Max Brooks (who also authored World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War). Both books are must-reads and offer practical advice for surviving zombie attacks, which may just save your life in the near future. Continue reading