Biker’s Guide to Corregidor

Corregidor, an island at the entrance of Manila Bay, mostly attracts history buffs. Known as “The Rock” because of its rocky landscape and the heavy fortifications, this historic island is a great destination for bikers as well. Traversing the island’s well-paved roads and jungle trails on board a bicycle and getting to visit the different ruins and landmarks offers a totally different experience from the usual day trip tour on board a tranvia.

corregidor island philippines biking ruins near cine corregidor

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Scenes from a Zombie Bike Ride

Old military trucks and vehicles lined the path of the muddy trail under a canopy of trees, rusted beyond repair. Overgrown moss and cordyceps-like plants sprouted from the back of one vehicle covered in decaying leaves.

In an abandoned building, only the rafters from the roof remained, the rest of it crumbling into pieces on the floor. Rusty nails, gear and a machete just lay on the floor beside planks of wood and steel pipes.

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5 Places to Mountain Bike near Manila

I haven’t quite been bitten by the biking bug as much as the travel bug. Though I enjoy taking leisurely rides around UP, biking for 5 hours uphill, in the rain, or through muddy trails is really not my thing. I (conveniently) haven’t been able to join a lot of rides which are scheduled during weekends due to other trips. However, I do see the need to get more into fitness activities like biking, and it can be a great way to travel and explore different places as well.

Earlier this year, I got to try trail biking for the first time in La Mesa Nature Reserve. It was a brutal yet fun experience that took us through 22 km of rocky and root-lined dirt trails, crazy downhill descents and steep uphill trails. And that was the easy route. Continue reading