Red Planet Hotel Amorsolo, Makati

For someone who lives in Quezon City, going anywhere in Makati feels like a major hassle. I used to work in the area and hated the commute so much that I resigned and eventually became a freelancer who works from home. Now, I usually avoid going here unless absolutely necessary. 

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Junction Hostel & Co-Working Space in Makati

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to get that “backpacker travel” experience. While researching for an article assignment on different hostels in the city recently, I got to stay in Junction Hostel, one of the newer hostels in Makati City. Since I didn’t have to worry about going home too late, the staycation was a perfect time to go on an urban adventure to nearby bars and restos. As a long time Quezon City resident, Makati is pretty much foreign territory to me. Exploring the city’s vibrant night life actually kind of felt like being in a backpacker district in Bangkok or Vietnam.

junction hostels makati 01 lobby

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Staycation in Alcoves Makati

The intense thunderstorm last October 1 seemed to come from nowhere. I had just come from a media trip in Malacanang where the weather had been very hot and sunny. As we were heading to our drop-off point, sheets of rain came pouring down from the sky. When I finally hailed a cab, radio broadcasters were announcing that many Northbound roads were not passable, with some areas in EDSA already waist-deep. Tired commuters were interviewed on air, recounting how they had to wade through floods because vehicles were at a standstill.

01. alcoves hotel makati 4BR penthouse living room

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Backpacker Haven in Manila: MNL Boutique Hostel

With its comfortable rooms, convenient location and hip vibe, MNL Boutique Hostel is an ideal place for backpackers to spend a night or two in Manila.


The hostel is centrally located near Makati’s tourist center, right behind a mall, with banks, convenience stores, embassies and easy modes of transportation just around the corner. But what sets it apart is its fun vibe that just oozes with character and its mission to let travelers experience local Pinoy culture and hospitality at its best.

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