The Weirdest Food You Can Eat in NYC

If you’ve ever planned or been to New York City, then you are probably aware of the fact that the city is one of the most amazing cities in the world. The city has so much to offer and it seems you can never run out of things to do or explore there. When you arrive in NYC for the first time, you will feel the city’s energy and vibe which will motivate you to explore the Big Apple to tiniest details.

It’s easy to get lost in the city, but the thing is that you will never feel lost there and that’s the time when the real adventure starts. NYC is located on the east coast of the USA spread along 5 boroughs while accommodating more than 8 million people. It has the same population as some medium-sized countries, can you imagine that? After taking your selfies at the Statue of Liberty, sightseeing at the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center or going on Central Park Tour around the city, you’re sure to work up an appetite. You may already hear that you shouldn’t be surprised by people, events or even food choices in NYC. Let’s face it, you will encounter many weird, but fascinating things in the city. 

In this article, traveling partners and founders of, Agness and Cez, would love to share the weirdest food you can find and eat only in NYC. Are you ready to get blown away with food combinations NYC has to offer?

#1 Live Octopus

Live octopus is definitely a dish that you can’t find on lot places around the world. In NYC, you can find this exciting dish at Sik Gaek restaurant that has two locations in the city. However, live octopus isn’t for everyone because the weirdest thing about this delicacy is that the name is describing the dish in a literal way. The octopus will still squirm in your plate and you’re supposed to eat it that way. People who tried this dish have different opinions on it and some said it’s too chewy while others claimed it’s their favorite dish. The catch with this dish is that it comes served with different sides, sauces and vegetables giving the dish a refreshing taste. If you’re brave enough to experiment with this fascinating dish, be sure that you call the restaurant and make an order in advance as it’s not the common dish people eat.

#2 Pizza on Pizza

For the lovers of Italian cuisine, especially their junk food specialty pizza, there is one weird version you can find in NYC – pizza on pizza. Maybe it doesn’t sound like something too odd, but let’s be honest, how many times you eat a pizza that is topped with other pizza slices? People in NYC are living fast lives as the city seems so busy all the times and it’s easy just to grab a pizza to go to feed your cravings. If you find yourself in the description above, then you should probably give pizza on pizza a try. The owner of the restaurant that makes double pizzas told that he thought about the best pizza topping, but eventually he got an idea that it would definitely be another pizza. Many places around the city offer double pizza with a variety of toppings you can choose. This weird version of pizza instantly became an attraction among New Yorkers and travelers around the world. Try a slice or two and you will be blown away!

#3 Sushi Burger

Imagine this on a burger

You’re probably aware of the fact that the Americans have huge problems with obesity with approximately 30% of their population struggling. They are the nation who’re consuming the most fast food in the world and burgers of all kinds are common food to eat. However, in NYC, believe us or not, you can find one of the healthiest version of burger in the world – a sushi burger. It’s a totally healthy version of the popular burger that will provide you with needed macronutrients that will enhance your energy levels, so you will definitely have a better exploration experience. Sushi combined with different vegetables is placed between two rice buns providing people with unforgettable taste. You can find this interesting, but weird dish at Redeye Grill place, but be sure to order it in advance. An interesting fact is that a sushi burger is one of the best-selling burgers in NYC, placed on the second place after a standard cheeseburger.

#4 Ramen Burger

When it comes to food list and insider tips in NYC, the list won’t be complete if there are not at least two burger meals included. Ramen burger is the healthier version of regular burger where ramen replaces the beef or other meat. The delicacy originates from Japan and uses noodles, a mix of vegetables and different toppings for extraordinary taste. The most interesting thing about this burger is that the buns are actually made from noodles, which makes this burger really weird, but healthy at the same time. This burger became an attraction in NYC and many people are consuming it on a daily basis while not noticing anything weird about it. However, if you’re a foreigner who visited NYC for the first time in hope to try some of the most bizarre food, then you should definitely go with Ramen burger.

#5 Sushi Burrito

What do you think of mixing sushi in burrito?

Burrito wraps become very popular on-the-go food in the last ten years, especially in a busy city like NYC. You will see people walking around in hurry while enjoying last bites of their burrito. Many places sell extraordinary wraps around the city and you may think having a burrito isn’t weird at all. What do you think about having a sushi burrito? A sushi burrito is an odd dish you can find in the city. For people who’re literally addicted to street-food, this healthy version of burrito will definitely surprise them. A fascinating fact is that the actual wrap isn’t made from flour base, but the seaweed wraps the sushi and mixture of different vegetables for enhanced taste.

What’s the weirdest food you tried in NYC? Feel free to share it and recommend some weird food.

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